Can We Agree That All Lives Matter? NO?!

by Jack

After thousands of years of trial and error at a cost of countless lives, you might think that human beings could agree on the most basic and fundamental point of our existence…the God given right to life or said the secular way the God given right to life.   But, we can’t even do that can we?  And in this technological age where the press of a button could vaporized a million lives in a blinding, white hot  flash, that’s a chilling and disturbing thought.

In our recent time, we’ve witnessed educated people, even doctors,  waging a war of terror, placing bombs on buses, trains, planes and anywhere the masses gather too inflict the most damage possible… barbaric.

These people may be educated, but in terms of compassion they are imbeciles.  And nowhere else will you find more imbeciles than in the Muslim religion.  Whole countries have been co-opted by this religion as exemplified by their imbecilic and ruthless leaders.   Obviously Islam is not just [a] religion, it is a movement that can be weaponized.

Islam is a complex dichotomy of peace and reverence.  It can be a method of governance, and a way of life.  It can also be a complete and through indoctrination program that demands their members surrender their free will and never ask questions.  Suborning free will – lack of questioning, that’s a real bad combination and its one that doesn’t meld into a free, democratic society.

Right now thousands of refugees from war torn Syria and Iraq are seeking shelter in Europe, but these Western countries are reluctant to take them, if they are Muslim and for one common reason, they don’t want to take the risk!

Closing thought:  Even if militant Islam reformed tomorrow, its unlikely we would run out of reasons to kill each other, but it would be one heck of a good start!


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13 Responses to Can We Agree That All Lives Matter? NO?!

  1. Tina says:

    Islam is portrayed as a religion of peace and reverence. I have no doubt that many Muslims practice their religion in just this way. However, in practice at the leadership level, too many advocate for radical behaviors and ideas. The laws that oppress, mutilate and unjustly punish women, the laws that call for barbaric treatment of citizens with or without a fair trial, the religious leaders that call for violence and are left unchallenged or held accountable do not reflect peace or reverence.

    Tyrannical leaders and governments have come and gone through the centuries and the people either rose up to defeat them or succumbed to oppression and misery. I would rather fight to win that fall from lack of interest or will to be on the side of peace and reverence for life.

    Thanks Jack…very timely article.

  2. Peggy says:

    The answer to the problem lies in the “educated people.” They’re not. They’ve been taught what to think not how to think. Since our generation students have gone through a system that discouraged critical thinking and encouraged parroting the beliefs of those in front of the class room.

    We are now reaping what had been sowed after three generations have gone through their K to university transformation. With the Baby Boomer generation retiring the torch is being passed to their replacements, Generation X. Bill Ayers failed on the streets in the 60s, but must be proud of what he and his followers accomplished from the front of their classrooms the past twenty years.

    Black Power – A Done Deal:
    By Fred Reed
    October 30, 2014

  3. Peggy says:

    Must see video of Admiral “Ace” Lyon speak on the Islam religion.

    Admiral (Ret) James Lyons on Islam as a threat doctrine:
    Feb. 2015

  4. Tina says:

    Democrats protested Donald Trump today dressed in KKK uniforms, because of his stance on illegal immigration!

    What were they thinking?

    Gateway Pundit provides a little history of clan activity:

    On September 28, 1868, a mob of Democrats massacred nearly 300 African-American Republicans in Opelousas, Louisiana. The savagery began when racist Democrats attacked a newspaper editor, a white Republican and schoolteacher for ex-slaves. Several African-Americans rushed to the assistance of their friend, and in response, Democrats went on a “Negro hunt,” killing every African-American (all of whom were Republicans) in the area they could find.

    Democrats in hoods slaughtered hundreds of Republicans and blacks across the country.

    This history lesson originated at the website, Grand Old Partisan.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Modern Democrats wearing white hoods imagine that. And whats more pathetic is they don’t even make the connection to their own history.

      • Peggy says:

        They didn’t make the connection because they were never taught, “their own history.” The Democrats in control of the text books and teaching history classes scrubbed the truth and told students the Democrats freed the slave and the Republicans were the ones under the hoods killing blacks and keeping them segregated.

    • Chris says:

      Tina, that’s horrifying. I remember when PETA dressed up this way to compare animal treatment to slavery. It was wrong then, and it was wrong for this left wing group to do the same.

      (Besides which, it was unnecessary; white nationalists including David Duke have already publicly supported Trump, so there was no need for this stupid and racist stunt.)

  5. Tina says:

    Begs the question…when in our history has the Dem Party given a rats behind about blacks?

  6. Peggy says:

    Meanwhile, down in Texas the Black Panthers received a loud and clear message last year from a neighborhood when the BP tried to do a show of force walk. According to the comments below they haven’t been back as of two months ago.


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