Muslim Extremism Too Common – Obama Too Soft

by Jack

Yesterday saw 14 dead and 21 wounded at the hands of Muslim extremists wielding semi-auto rifles and pipe bombs. Predictably, President Obama reacted by using this attack as another opportunity to lobby for more gun-control. He cited the need for stricter background checks and more laws for gun shows. Hillary Clinton went a step further, calling for lawsuits against firearm manufacturers! But, none of their proposals would have prevented yesterday’s tragedy. That attack had absolutely nothing to do with background checks or gun show loop holes, but it had everything to do with Muslim-extremism, two words Obama won’t even utter in the same sentence. jihadijohn

Using lawyers to bankrupt firearms manufacturers may fit perfectly into the far left’s goal of taking all firearms away from all citizens, but it does nothing to solve the problem of Muslim extremism and violence. The fact that Hillary Clinton could even think this way makes her dangerous. She’s willing to say and do almost anything to get elected, even if it means undermining our Constitution. This country can’t take another 4 years of Obama’s liberal policies under a President Clinton.

Obama wants to change the narrative away from “Muslim terrorism” to fit his gun-grabbing agenda, just like Hillary. He wants to make it virtually impossible to own firearms, by anyone. As impractical and absurd as this may be, it is an idea that plays well with the far left who want guns out of America!

As FBI investigators dig into the history of this latest “jihadist” couple in SoCal, it becomes clear how dangerous they were. We know they rented a home in Redlands where they spent many late night hours in the garage. . . building pipe-bombs. They had a close connection to ISIS too, but they were not on any terrorist watch list. Fayed Farook, was a US citizen and obviously he could legally buy firearms (and did). Those who knew him said he held extremist views, and this appears to be true given his contact in ISIS.

A neighbor lady thought the couple acted odd, working late nights in their blacked out garage, but she didn’t tell law enforcement because she didn’t want to be accused of racial profiling. The Homeland ad, “If you see something, say something” didn’t override her fear of being branded by our PC crowd. So, once again people died because we live in denial that there are bad people who desperately want kill us.

Clearly the attack by this jihadist couple was a long time in the making. They acquired combat clothing, they bought a large amount of ammunition, they had lots of parts to build pipe-bombs, they bought firearms, etc. This was absolutely premeditated and an act of terrorism. However, keep in mind that if these Muslim killers were so determined to cause mass murder, as they eventually did, their pipe-bombs could have done the same job, maybe even killing more than the guns. Imagine what two or three powerful pipe-bombs could do to people in a confined space? The point here is, if there is a will to kill – then there will be a way, i.e., car-bombs, biologicals, arson, train wrecking, there is no end of ways to kill in mass numbers. Obama doesn’t want to deal with this reality and instead he is obsessed with this long range goal of eventually disarming all law abiding American citizens.

The problem Obama faces is almost too scary to contemplate: There is currently a very strong “will” by Muslim fanatics to kill us! That is the core issue Obama can’t or won’t deal with, but he should! Instead, he takes on the softer targets, like gun-owners, background checks and gun shows all of which have zero to do with our national security. Obama’s misguided attempt to shift the focus away from Muslim extremists and on to guns has angered many millions of Americans who are now behind Donald Trump who echoes their frustrations!

Obama and liberals are all treading on dangerous ground when they push too hard against the 2nd Amendment. People across America are getting fedup with their crazy politics and if it continues, both Obama and the liberals are going to face a serious backlash in November. To some extent the Muslim community in general is about to face their own backlash unless the violence stops. We’re headed for a showdown with 3 competing ideologies, democracy, radical Islam, and gun-grabbing, freedom robbing socialist liberals.

How much can this country take before we explode?

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12 Responses to Muslim Extremism Too Common – Obama Too Soft

  1. Pie Guevara says:

    Washington Post Headline —
    After Paris and California attacks, U.S. Muslims feel intense backlash

    Yeah, so intense that American Muslims are being slaughtered wholesale in California.

    Conservatives have many faults. Liberals have but two. Everything they say and everything they do.

  2. Peggy says:

    Oh Look – Obama’s Lying About Gun Violence In America Again! Must Be Thursday.:

    “Remember how Obama proclaimed from his glorious pedestal of preachy liberal gloriousness that mass shootings only ever happen in America and the rest of the world doesn’t have to deal with this stuff (while his aforementioned pedestal was currently occupying a space in Paris, which had just experienced one of the worst instances of gun violence in that city since World War II)?

    The Washington Post took it upon themselves to fact check Obama’s claims that America has these disproportionate rates of gun violence and found out – we actually don’t have that high of gun murders. In fact, taking into account our population compared to the populations of other countries, we really DON’T have that much per capita gun violence. From the article –

    John R. Lott Jr., gun rights analyst who has tracked mass shooting rates in the United States and European countries, said Obama’s references to “frequency” are problematic and inaccurate:”


  3. Libby says:

    Well, we can certainly see that you’re ready to explode, not thinking about this at all, just splattering the stereotypes, as usual.

    I grant that facts on which to base judgments are slow in coming, but we are getting intimations that one or both of them worked at that facility.

    Let me refresh your memory with the phrase “going postal”. Why was it, do you suppose, that the religion of our postal shooters was not an issue?

    • Post Scripts says:

      After all this time I am still amazed at how wrong you can get what I write. Other people seem to understand me, but you never do or maybe you don’t want to address what I am saying?

      Okay, first I’m expressing an opinion here (the article), but we’ve provided supportive statistical data in the past and you dismissed that just as quickly or skipped by it. So I am wondering what you want from me?

      In my defense I’m not proposing any “stereotype” here. I’m addressing a real phenomena: Islamic extremism that is a war with anyone that is not Islamic and sometimes at war with those who are of the wrong Islamic faction. You never acknowledge this. But, just like your prez Obama, you move away from dealing with the subject of greatest concern to national security. This time you shift off to work place violence. That is a non-starter, lets stay on terrorism okay? Why? Because work place violence or school shootings are self-limiting when the shooters die or are apprehended. Terrorism leverages off each act of violence in order to foment more violence, more destruction and more chaos. We can handle criminal homicide, but terrorism is a relatively new situation which we are ill prepared for. But, we need to address it honestly and a very frank conversation about where we’re headed.

      Islam is both a political movement and a religion. It employs very gentle persuasion to extreme violence in order to recruit membership. But, you can’t bring yourself to talking about this harsh reality anymore than you can acknowledge the deprivation of basic human rights under Islam or even the barbaric sentences under Sharia law! Why? Will it make the USA look better by comparison and you can’t stand that?

      Once again you go off in the wrong direction, avoiding the subject of Islamic terrorism and searching for something that fits what you prefer to believe, something easier. I can try to help you understand other points of view, but try as I may I don’t think I will ever be able to reach you.

    • Tina says:

      He worked at a Health and Human Services office. The party for that office was held in the building where He and his crew struck, a community space loaned or rented out by the developmentally disabled group that occupies or owns the facility.

      We haven’t seen a picture or profile of her, other than that she posted allegiance to ISIS online. As far as we know the only “work” she did was making bombs in her garage.

      “Why was it, do you suppose, that the religion of our postal shooters was not an issue?”

      If you have to ask you are brain dead. But let’s look at the hypocrisy in your little accusation. You and your lefty pals have no problem profiling Christians and condemning the religion. Some of you have no problem taking sides against the Jews and aligning with the terrorists organization Hamas against them. Progressives support Black Lives Matter who profile and target police officers. There is something duplicitous and wrong in your thinking and it’s so obvious to everyone but YOU!

  4. Harold says:

    Going Postal is s term coined in the 1990’s meaning too lash out violently and at random, often in a blind rage. Term taken from the 1990’s incidents of workplace violence involving US Postal System workers.

    Nothing in the way of religion was involved, basically it started over revised employment structures and a stress filled work environment. Some 40 people were randomly murdered at different Postal offices, for reasons pertaining to work environment.

    Islamic jihadist terrorism, as it should be address as today by Obama is fueled by recruiting and then teaching the hated of the western culture, which is a totally different problem However it is not isolated to just one facet, it targets our entire country, and if Liberals do not start to recognize their exposure is as great as anyone of us, and start to demand some effective steps from their elected against these jihadist , then it’s my opinion, their as much to fault as the recruited who carry out the murders.

    The country is way too lazy in self-reliance today, much of it stems from a very liberal “Government will provide” mentally (misguided as the Jihadist hatred) which as Jack pointed out causes people not to report what they see, like neighbors acting strangely.

    People we need to speak up!, we are at war with facet of religious ideology that is a hate filled zealous group, and as proven in recent events it doesn’t take more than a couple of them to inflict mass carnage. They are just getting started and even if Obama can’t or won’t realize the danger to the U.S. we need too!

    It need not be labeled a witch hunt, report it let the authorize investigate. <aybe you'll save someone life, even your own.

    Today more than 1990 it is better to be wrong and offer a apology, then attend a funeral and know you helped cause it.

  5. J. Soden says:

    It’s almost funny. Seems like every time Obumble pounds the podium lately, he demonstrates that he is a complete fool. His clueless performance at the Climate Hoax Conference almost topped “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” and his rhetoric on the San Bernardino attack borders on insanity.

    Can’t quite figure out if he’s just dumb as a post, or if Valerie Jarret is keeping him from seeing the news.

  6. Peggy says:

    Loretta Lynch discloses the San Bernardino Christmas party massacre an opportunity to change gun control laws.

    Loretta Lynch, “We’re at the point where these issues have come together really like never before in law enforcement thought and in our nation’s history and it gives us a wonderful opportunity and a wonderful moment to really make significant change.”

  7. J. Soden says:

    When election time rolls around next year, just remember your ABC’s:
    Anybody But Clinton

  8. Tina says:

    This administration started out by allowing guns to be walked into Mexico and into the hands of the cartels. They planned to use the scam to push for gun control. The old, “Its too easy to buy guns” ploy. But it blew up in their faces when people started getting killed with the guns they walked into Mexico, including American border patrol agent, Brian Terry. An authentic reporter (Sheryl Attkisson) was soon onto their game and it exploded in their faces.

    Since then this administration has shamelessly used incidents of violence and terror to push the gun control agenda regardless the facts in each case. It seems they are bent on finishing up their miserable eight years the same way they began.

    Trouble is, the American people are on to them now. Gun sales over the last few years are a testament to our attachment and fondness for Second Amendment rights and our aversion to symbolic solutions.

    Any proposal for restrictions on our freedoms that has to be deceitfully sold to the public is a proposal that screams tyranny. Guns and gun purchases are not the problem. More restrictive gun laws are not the solution.

    • Peggy says:

      Lynch’s statement of, “… wonderful opportunity and a wonderful moment..” is appalling. We didn’t know the names of the 14 who died yet and she’s out there not letting an opportunity to change our gun control laws be missed. They’re like a pack of ambulance chasing lawyers.

      With everything that’s going on I keep remembering Van Jones speech on “Top down, bottom up and inside out” as the means to create utter chaos and confusion. The top leaders stir up the population to cause a rising up pitting individuals and groups against each other. This administration has orchestrated chaos from border to border by creating division amongst race, religion, rich vs poor, climate, political views as not seen since the 1960s if ever before.

      We are no longer able to have a civil conversation with those who are different than us in any way. We’ve become a society of winner take all, you have to lose so I can win and have more or all of what I want and live the way I want at others expense. Laws be damned because justice is not longer blind. The rich and the powerful get off and the poor and the weak pay.

      Yesterday I bought a SW 642 38 so I can slip it into my purse when I get my conceal carry permit. While I was doing all of the paper work two more women came in to buy a gun for protection. We all were there for the same reasons. We will protect ourselves and our loved ones against an oppressive government and those who try to harm us.

  9. Pie Guevara says:

    It is called evil, but is it any more evil than left wing Islam apologists?

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