San Bernardino was a Man-Caused Disaster

by Jack

janet-napolitanoDo you remember a few years back when Janet Napolitano, then the head of Homeland, ordered her employees to use the phrase Man-caused disaster d instead of terrorism? She said she was trying to take the politics out of it? Thus she avoided saying the “T” word, as if would go away if she ignored it. But, terrorism isn’t going away, and by its very definition it is political. So, I have no idea what Napolitano thought she was accomplishing?

After Napolitano left as security Chief her successor, Jeh Johnson, says that it’s “critical” to call such Islamic terror attacks “violent extremism” to “build trust” and “cooperation” with Muslims. Johnson was pressed by the moderator, who asked, “Isn’t government denying the fundamental religious component of this kind of extremism by not using the word Islamic?” “I could not disagree more,” Johnson replied, stating that Islam “is about peace.”

By early 2015 Obama was refusing to say the words “Islamic-terrorism” together because he didn’t want to offend the Muslim community or dignify the terrorists known as ISIS, which Obama prefers to call ISIL. What’s the difference? Apparently not much. When Obama uses the acronym ISIL he is saying the “Islamic State in the Levant.” So there it is, I-S means, “Islamic State.” He’s calling the terrorists “Islamic” whether he wants to admit it or not.

But, when the president calls an act of obvious terrorism “work place violence,” I really have to question his motives and I wonder if we are not taking this political correctness way too far? The Ft. Hood shooting was a clear act of terrorism, not work place violence, we all know that! The shootings in Bernardino wasn’t called anything until today, despite the fact that the French held a candlelight walk to honor those slain in San Bernardino “terrorist attack,” 24 hours earlier.terrorists

After the French had labeled it a terrorist attack the White House was boxed in, they had to acknowledge that San Bernardino was an act of terrorism, especially after it was made public that one of the two shooters had pledged allegiance to ISIS on Facebook! It’s pretty hard to put a spin on that one, but that didn’t stop the White House from delaying it right up to the bitter end when the facts were finally leaked out and he had to admit this was indeed a terrorist attack.

Today while make a press release, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, vowed to prosecute those who use ‘Anti-Muslim’ speech that ‘edges toward violence’! Ah, now if only she would prosecute those who use Muslim extremist speech that edges toward violence with the same vigor perhaps the US would be a safer place? Oh, and she also said if any Muslim children are bullied at school her office and the Dept. of Education would intervene. She was quite concerned about the welfare of America’s Muslims, but she didn’t seem that concerned about those who were just murdered or about the rest of us. Well, what can you expect…she’s just another Obama appointee.

Obama loses credibility every time there is a Muslim terrorist attack, because it’s a clear sign that his policies are a failure. He doesn’t like that and he would rather put a spin on what we know to be blatant terrorism. Obama must think the rest of America is as stupid and gullible as those who put him in office… what an insult!

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4 Responses to San Bernardino was a Man-Caused Disaster

  1. Pie Guevara says:

    Yes, I do remember. I also remember who Obama has gathered around him.

  2. Tina says:

    If Obama were a leader we would stand in unison to fight this scourge on the world and we would be clear about who the enemy is.

    Obama loses credibility every time he opens his mouth because he isn’t a leader; he is an activist trained to take sides and denigrate the side he’s chosen to stand against. In this case he stands against Americans who he imagines are generally bigoted and can’t tell the difference between a family living in peace and terrorists that suddenly expose their evil selves by committing a heinous act.

  3. J. Soden says:

    Obumble has become nothing more than a bobblehead wind-up doll. Push the button and he spouts “gun control, gun control, gun control.”
    And, given Loretta’s recent testimony before Clowngress, does DOJ now stand for Defenders of Jihad?

    I’m still waiting for the results of the “investigation” of DOJ’s Fast & Furious – begun 7 years ago.
    Loretta?????? Loretta????

  4. Steve says:

    Does anyone remember when President Clinton and staff wouldn’t use the word “genocide” when referring to what was happening in Rwanda? Even liberals later criticized them for this. There is a fixation with American liberals on controlling what language is used in almost any situation. Hence political correctness. The problem is that there is a terrible dishonesty in not calling things what they truly are, and the fact that the deception has such a political motive behind it causes great disrespect for those who employ it both at home and abroad. It’s certainly a greater cause of foreign dislike for us than global warming.

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