Assimilation Matters

American assimilation

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  1. Chris says:

    Counterpoint: Learn to take a freaking joke.

    • Tina says:

      You think this is a “freaking joke?”

      I think it is dead serious. I also think you are a fool to think otherwise. This is a movement that’s been going on for a long time and is growing in strength.

      Human Events, “The Reconquista Movement: Mexico’s Plan for the American Southwest.”

      What is MEChA

      Our Civilization, “Is it Assimilation or Invasion?”

      • Chris says:

        Those are some old, weird links, Tina, and Phyllis Schlafly is an old bigot who thinks marital rape shouldn’t be a crime. I doubt there’s much of value there.

        I’m not afraid of the Reconquista movement, which doesn’t have a lot of influence, and the only people who are afraid of this seem to be the typica xenophobes.

        • Tina says:

          So you believe because these articles are old the organizations and their goals have gone away? Try this one from 2013.

          My original point was that assimilation matters. Your attempt to claim this picture was a joke was really stupid. These groups have influenced attitudes and opinions greatly. They have inspired resentment based on the invented idea that America “stole” the Southwest and is a “racist” nation. The radicals behind this movement are racist and have no intention of assimilating, in fact, like the takeover Muslim movement, their goal is to destroy America from within. This is serious, Chris, not because of race concerns, but because the radicals represent a threat to freedom and peaceful associations between racial and ethnic groups. They agitate in order to disrupt and push toward “revolution”…a cute little term for civil war and unrest, basically.

          Of course being you, it’s impossible to consider these things in terms other than what you imagine is “typica xenophobe.” You’re not only blind to events going on under your nose you are unable to think outside your race as victim indoctrination.

          You also apparently think that “marital rape” is a huge problem that only feminist activism and the big hand of government can or should resolve. Such an accusation in a marriage amounts to a “he said, she said” matter that can only be resolved by the couple, the couple in therapy, or the couple in court. When and if it happens it is a personal matter, not a national matter.

          Geez, Chris, is there anything people should resolve for themselves? Or is everything a matter for activism and agitation (And hate)?

          Phyllis Schlafly understood the term “marital rape” was coined by radica feminists as a political construct to use against men. If men were as nasty and covert as these women, a movement would emerge to highlight the many ways that women betray, berate, belittle and deny their husbands. Instead men just take the abuse and move on, usually having lost the everyday association they had with their own children and resigned to a crappy apartment and a lot less money in their pockets.

          Back to the image…using a child to hold up this sign was low.

    • bob says:

      A freaking joke? I bet you’re rolling on the floor over this one…

      VIDEO: Mob Tears Down Barricades, Demands Trump’s Beheading

      • Tina says:

        In the second video there was a man with a blue windbreaker with the hood up. This on a day warm enough for some young thing to wear a bikini. The hooded guy was wearing a backpack. When the barrier was broken down the officer seemed totally unaware of a guy with what could have been a bomb walking casually through the barrier. What orders were these men given with respect to these protesters? What have they been reduced to, threat “monitors?”

        • bob says:

          The other night I viewed some of the twitter postings and there were some photos you wouldn’t believe. Made the stuff in the page above look real tame. (I forgot how I got there, I think from Breitbart and one of the pages caused my browser to lock up. I think it was due to the fact that there were so many photos and some advertising script was running so that combination used up all the memory in my computer so I didn’t go back.) Very ominous stuff. I think the possibility we will see riots and other violence from these people is very high.

  2. bob says:

    Across the United States, designated “Welcoming Communities” have begun receiving — or soon will be recipients of — Syrian “refugees” chosen by the United Nations and supposedly vetted by U.S. agencies.

    But only months ago top officials of these same agencies stated it would be impossible to vet the enormous pool of refugee applicants for terrorist and criminal backgrounds, or even to prove that they are from Syria, considering the chaos in the Middle East and lack of documentation among the migrant. Nevertheless, while in Germany last September, Secretary of State John Kerry promised the United States would take “a minimum of 10,000 Syrian refugees,” and would bump up total annual U.S. refugee admission to 100,000 — or more.

  3. Tina says:

    Makes you wonder just how deeply the hatred for America goes, even among those who are supposed to represent her!

  4. Pie Guevara says:

    Re: “Counterpoint: Learn to take a freaking joke.”

    The horse’s ass actually thinks this is a joke? Has Chris ever heard of La Raza? Has he ever heard of Aztlan, MEChA, and La Raza? Ever see a Mexican flag and an Atzlan poster at a Trump rally protest? Ever try and get your head out of that hole in the sand?

    If there is any joke here it is that the millions of Mexicans who have fled Mexico to illegally enter the United States to leach of our social services, health care, and steal jobs WANT TO TURN THE UNITED STATES INTO MEXICO??? Some joke.

    Classic left-wing crap from Chris. He trie to diffuse, dilute and propagandize by ridicule and steps in his own excrement.

  5. Pie Guevara says:

    Re: “Counterpoint: Learn to take a freaking joke.”

    Chris should find this pretty funny too! A freaking joke! Hilarious!

    Caution, your ears and eyes will be assaulted with some pretty foul stuff.
    Anti-Trump Rioters Gone Wild [UNCENSORED]

    The pathologically puerile Chris now may now proceed to attack the messenger (INFO WARS) as extremist, racist, et cetera, like he ALWAYS does.

  6. Tina says:

    Credit where credit is due: The great “uniter” should shoulder a big chunk of responsibility for this. His associations, his policies, and his activist views have all helped to bring us to this point in history.

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