State Department Report on Hillary Emails Out – Gawker Piles On

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The State Department has released findings in it’s investigation of the Hillary email scandal. The report is bad news for Hillary. An AP story aired by ABC News indicates disregard for the nations security:

The 78-page analysis, a copy of which was obtained by The Associated Press, says Clinton ignored clear directives. She never sought approval to conduct government business over private email, and never demonstrated the server or the Blackberry she used while in office “met minimum information security requirements.”

Twice in 2010, information management staff at the State Department raised concerns that Clinton’s email practices failed to meet federal records-keeping requirements. The staff’s director responded that Clinton’s personal email system had been reviewed and approved by legal staff, “and that the matter was not to be discussed any further.”

The audit found no evidence of a legal staff review or approval. It said any such request would have been denied by senior information officers because of security risks.

The inspector general’s inquiry was prompted by revelations of Clinton’s email use, a subject that has dogged her presidential campaign.

An attempt was made to soften the seriousness of her actions by noting that other secretaries had used private email. None of those, however, were accused of sending sensitive material in private emails or delberately using a private server. Clinton’s practices were singled out as, “more serious than her predecessors.”:

“By Secretary Clinton’s tenure, the department’s guidance was considerably more detailed and more sophisticated,” the report concluded. “Secretary Clinton’s cybersecurity practices accordingly must be evaluated in light of these more comprehensive directives.”

The State Department audit noted several incidents that contradict statements made by Hillary and her apologists:

The audit said a Clinton aide had to shut down the server on Jan. 9, 2011, because he believed “someone was trying to hack us.” Later that day, he said: “We were attacked again so I shut (the server) down for a few min.”

The next day, a senior official told two of Clinton’s top aides not to email their boss “anything sensitive,” saying she could “explain more in person.”

On CBS’ “Face the Nation” this month, Clinton said, “I’ve made it clear that I’m more than ready to talk to anybody, anytime. And I’ve encouraged all of (my staff) to be very forthcoming.”

The audit said three of her closest State Department aides — Mills, Abedin and policy chief Jake Sullivan — declined interview requests.

Cheryl Mills and deputy chief of staff Huma Abedin have recently been questioned by the FBI as they enter the final stage in their investigation. As if the careless use of a private server wasn’t enough on Hillary’s plate, the FBI email investigation has expanded to include the Clinton Foundation. And if that isn’t enough, Gawker discovered a “sordid, transactional relationship between Hillary Clinton and the press” in her emails:

The emails were obtained by Gawker as part of a large Freedom of Information Act request it made back in 2012. They show a 2009 exchange between Marc Ambinder, then-politics editor of The Atlantic, and Philippe Reines, a close assistant and adviser to Clinton during her days as Secretary of State.

Ambinder asked Reines for an advance copy of a speech Clinton was scheduled to give at the Council on Foreign Relations. Rather than simply say yes or no, Reines cut a deal with Ambinder, turning over the speech provided Ambinder agreed to three conditions:

1) You in your own voice describe [the speech] as “muscular”

2) You note that a look at the CFR seating plan shows that all the envoys — from [Richard] Holbrooke to [George] Mitchell to [Dennis] Ross — will be arrayed in front of her, which in your own clever way you can say certainly not a coincidence and meant to convey something

3) You don’t say you were blackmailed!

Ambinder agrees in the exchange, and his subsequent article shows that he followed Reines’ demands to the letter. Clinton’s speech is dubbed “muscular” in the second sentence, and the suggestive arrangement of Holbrooke, Mitchell, and Ross is noted immediately afterward. Ambinder never reveals that he was fulfilling demands made by Reines. In essence, in return for a scoop, Ambinder allowed Clinton’s team to dictate part of his coverage.

It’s going to be a long hot summer for the Democrat front runner.

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10 Responses to State Department Report on Hillary Emails Out – Gawker Piles On

  1. Dewster says:

    At best Clinton was careless and, at worst, a deliberate attempt to conduct her affairs in complete secrecy, avoiding the strictures of for the Freedom of Information Act.

    NSA Whistlebloer William Binney (36 yrs NSA) whom I have great Respect for Said:

    “The email issue with Secretary Clinton is one of the most severe compromises of security I have ever known. After all, if the Chinese, Russians and other hackers can penetrate the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) servers and take the records of over 21 million U.S. citizens that over the years have applied for security clearances, then penetrating Hillary Clinton’s private server would be a piece of cake. Such penetration would yield insight into decision making at the highest level of the US government, including what might be revealed in emails with the President.

    “This is worse that the compromise of predominantly lower-level data by Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning and gives insight into planning at the highest levels in Washington – something that even all the torrent of data exposed by Edward Snowden could not provide. Reports that Clinton instructed subordinates to delete the security classification line on sensitive reports and email them to her, suggests a total disregard for the need to protect classified information and arrogance in deeming herself above lawful regulations governing the handling such data.

    “We might as well have had an in-place mole at the highest level of our government. The FBI/Department of Justice would have already indicted lesser officials for less. Certainly, Clinton is receiving special treatment. It is a safe guess that FBI investigators are seething over their inability, so far, to pursue the case against Hillary with the vigor it merits.

    “The case of Gen. David Petraeus comes immediately to mind. There was mucho seething at the FBI, when Petraeus gave his mistress classified documents of extreme sensitivity, lied about it to FBI investigators, and was let off with a slap on the wrist.”

    They let GW off, maybe they will get Hillary but who knows. This is how the elite roll. They live with different rules. I believe HRC has committed Felonies already proven.

    I hope she is held accountable. I want every politician Rep or Dem to be held accountable.

  2. Tina says:

    Thanks for sharing Dewey. It would be good if you would acknowledge the source link for this information. Some of us would like to be able to reference it when we pass it on to friends.

    The FBI is taking special care to ensure everything is in order. The case gets bigger the more they dig. The fact that they are interviewing people now indicates their ducks are assembled, it’s just a matter of lining them up now. All hell will break loose if the Justice Department chooses not to prosecute the case. DC will leak like a sieve.

    I’ll ignore the GW comment except to say the implied comparison is way off base.

  3. Peggy says:

    Heard also today it’s a guarantee that the information obtained by the IG. the Attorney General’s office and the Benghazi committee are being given to the FBI for their investigation.

    “And if that isn’t enough.” The topic of who was Vincent Foster and how did he die, almost forgotten scandal has resurfaced. I didn’t remember the whole story so went looking and found this very detailed and long report.

    Yes, it’s going to be a very long and hot summer for Hillary and the DNC. They better start making nice with Bernie and Warren IMO. Several audio, video and documents worth viewing and listening to.

    The Death of Vincent Foster:

    “Evidence Of A Cover-up

    This is the story that nobody dares touch. This is the story that ended my career in Hollywood back in 1994.

    Despite having reported the discovery of Dr. Haut’s signed report confirming the existence of a second wound to Vincent Foster’s neck, radio host Rush Limbaugh to this very day refers to Vincent Foster’s death as a suicide.

    Even Matt Drudge, when presented with the FBI records proving that the FBI fraudulently manufactured Lisa Foster’s recognition of the gun found at Fort Marcy Park, refused to get involved, opting instead for a story accusing Sidney Blumenthal of domestic violence (for which Drudge was then sued and made famous). ”

    • Chris says:

      Good lord, Peggy. Is it not obvious to you that that website is not a reliable source? Look at the topics covered–it’s full of 9/11 conspiracy theories, stories about “false flags,” sinister “bankers,” and all sorts of other nuttery. And you link to them for Vince Foster conspiracy theorism?

      You’re better than that.

      • Libby says:

        She did seem to be improving, and now this.

        Trumpitis? Trumposis? It’s a disease, and it’s catching.

      • Peggy says:

        I checked out the 9/11 and other articles and didn’t agree with them. But, I also spent hours reading and opening most of the documents and pictures before deciding that most of his findings were valid, at least to consider.

        Since many others over the decades have come up with the same conclusions as this author I decided to share it. You may not agree with him or my decision, which is your right, but you and Libby are not entitled to attack me because you don’t agree.

        Did either of you spend more than a few minutes reading it? Did you read the reports and view the pictures?

        If so, please explain how a man can walk across the grass, but have no trace of grass on his shoes, no gun powder or blood on the hand he used to shoot himself with, a gun that didn’t have his finger prints on them and was still lying in his hand by his side. A 38 would have recoiled out of his hand and had his finger prints on it from holding it and holding it tightly because of the weight, and would have been covered with blood, saliva and even brain and teeth matter, but it didn’t.

        Read ALL of the information in the article and then get back to me. Otherwise, move on. I have no time to play your silly games.

        • Chris says:

          Peggy, it is not a “silly game” to point out when a source has no credibility. It is a silly game to cite such a source.

          “Since many others over the decades have come up with the same conclusions as this author”

          No one of credibility has done so.

          Vince Foster’s own sister has condemned this conspiracy theory and said that it has added to her family’s suffering. Does that mean anything to you?

          Trump gave an incoherent response after being confronted about spreading this deplorable conspiracy theory:

          ““The question was asked about Vince Foster and it was asked of me. What do you think of Vince Foster? I really know nothing about the Vince Foster situation. Haven’t known anything about it. And somebody asked me the question the other day. I said that. A lot of people are skeptical of what happened and how he died. I know nothing about it. I don’t think it’s something that frankly unless some evidence to the contrary of what I’ve seen comes up, I don’t think it’s something that should really be part of the campaign but again if you people reveal something to me, I’ll answer it the appropriate way.”

          Got that? Trump “doesn’t know anything about Vince Foster,” but he decided to talk about him anyway, because that’s his entire MO; he doesn’t know anything about anything, and yet he has so much to say. He doesn’t think it should be part of the campaign, but he made it part of the campaign. He’s an idiot, and only idiots engage in Vince Foster conspiracy theorism.

          Don’t be an idiot.

  4. Tina says:

    Peggy your link took me to a page about the reporter changing his affiliation but not to the story. Is there an alternate link?

    There was something fishy about Fosters death, if nothing more than Hillary’s staff raiding his files immediately…what was she unwilling for investigators to find in his files?

  5. Peggy says:

    The authors name is Michael Rivero his webpage is

    Try this link to a radio show he did with an investigative reporter about his findings and article.

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