A Tale of Two Presidents

by Jack

In the wake of a military coup attempt in Turkey, President Barack Hussein Obama has offered his support and endorsement to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. President Erdogan has been moving his country towards an Islamic style government for years. This has caused him to known as one of the most divisive, if not repressive leaders in the history of modern Turkey. Simply said, Erdogan is a danger to civil rights and democracy, according to his many detractors.

President Erdogan has ruled Turkey for 13 years with ever increasing intolerance for dissent. He harshly silences anyone who opposes him. The dissenters might range from a 16-year-old arrested for insulting the president to a former Miss Turkey who got into trouble for sharing a poem critical of the Turkish president. So far, only the Turkish military have put the brakes on and restrained Erdogan from moving further into fanaticism, as he seeks to impose Islamic law.

A military coup attempt that began a few days ago was quickly repulsed. It seemed doomed to fail from the beginning, which has many wondering if this was not a false flag event, designed to allow President Erdogan broad powers over the press and to begin a purge of his military and law enforcement. Erdogan calls the failed coup a “gift from God” and that means repression to follow.

Already about 5,000 military officers, police and judges have been rounded up for what Erdogan promises will be harsh a punishment.

Despite this drift towards an Isamic government, his ruthless purges, his attacks on civil rights and attempts at ethnic cleansing (Kurds), he has the full support of President Obama? This is crazy. He (Obama) seems oddly enamored with Erdogan and has publically condemned Turkey’s military when they pressed for democratic and secular reforms.

In early 2011, President Obama made a similar stupid move when he rushed to endorse the Muslim Brotherhood during Egypt’s desperate uprising for secular reform. Later the Muslim Brotherhood movement would be violently ousted from political power and labeled a terrorist organization. Yet, it was President Obama who called them the “good guys?” I don’t understand his thinking – it just makes no sense.barack-obama-13

President Barack Hussein Obama has made many disastrous foreign policy blunders in Libya, Sudan, Chad, Congo, Syria, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Russia and the Ukraine. His jaw dropping blunders have shown weakness when strength was required. They have shown a lack of resolve when the proper path was steadfastness. One wonders, could he have done any worse? Not according to our allies. They have found America under Obama to be unreliable and impotent. As a result, we’ve lost respect and that translates to placing American lives at greater risk, both at home and abroad from radical Islamic terrorism.

Obama has, through number of tactical and strategic blunders, empowered America’s enemies, and so much so that one might conclude he did it deliberately!

For example, as our first black President Obama had an extraordinary opportunity to advance race relations and make sweeping changes to bond Americans. Instead he has us more divided than at any time in the last 40 years.

Obama has single handedly caused a great void in global leadership that has been eagerly exploited radical Muslim terrorists and that has made the world a much more dangerous place. In the latter example he is much like President Erdogan. While Obama embarks on a crusade to grab guns and weaken the 2nd amendment, his counterpart in Turkey is rounding up dissidents and silencing the free press. Erdogan and Obama can’t be out of office too soon. . . in my opinion!

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7 Responses to A Tale of Two Presidents

  1. J. Soden says:

    Obumble loudly supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and we know how THAT turned out. Getting so that whatever Obumble is in favor of, the rest of us should go the opposite way.
    And the more that comes out about the “coup” attempt, the more it smells like it was staged in order to clean out the “dissidents.”

  2. Tina says:

    “He (Obama) seems oddly enamored with Erdogan and has publically condemned Turkey’s military when they pressed for democratic and secular reforms.”

    As I wrote in comments elsewhere the Turkish military has taken a solemn oath to defend their secular constitution and have faithfully done so since just after WWI. It’s pretty clear who the good guys are unless your a leftist who believes in central control and eventually one world order.

    Obama/Clinton were also on the wrong side in the aftermath of the Honduran attempted coup in 2009!

    Last year, Salon also published a detailed story about the Clinton-Davis connection in Honduras. That Salon story linked to a 2009 article about Davis from journalist Roberto Lovato, who said the following to Latino USA: “Beginning with the link some of us found between coup plotters and Lanny Davis, the public record is more than clear about the definitive link between Clinton and the coup in Honduras.”

    Lovato shared a 2014 video in Spanish, where Cáceres made specific reference to Clinton’s Hard Choices comments about Honduras. In an interview from Buenos Aires, Cáceres said that the 2009 policy decisions by Secretary Clinton and the United States only led to more repression, militarization, increased migration and political corruption in her country.

    Guess what country has been dangerously sending it’s unaccompanied children to the US?

    Wherever these two have gone disaster followed.

    Hillary Clinton should NEVER be president of the United States…NEVER!

  3. RHT447 says:

    “…one might conclude he did it deliberately! ”

    Might? Seriously, how can there be any doubt?

  4. Peggy says:

    Obama’s #1 advisor Valarie Jarrett, Hillary’s #1 advisor Huma Abedin and Kerry’s son in law all have family members with Muslim Brotherhood ties in Iran.

    Isn’t it strange that American foreign policy including the Iranian nuclear deal tilted heavily toward the Muslim Brotherhood during Obama’s terms? I think not.

    Obama has been a proponent of the Islamic faith while condemning the Christian faith since he’s been in office.

    I’m sure the Hagia Sophia’s, where both the Christian and Islamic faiths could hold services and celebration services, days are numbered


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