Chico City Council Candidates – Loaded with Liberals!

by Jack

I just read the candidate forms for Chico City Council.  Here’s my first impression after reading their candidate forms and statements.   I was not impressed with Jeffery Glatz, he had no statement and he redacted his phone number and home address?  That’s weird. If he doesn’t want to be open about his residence and opinions eh, do we need him?

Next, Mercedes Macias, she’s involved with Theater on Ridge and has done some quasi-government related environmental committee work. She lost my vote when she said, “Together we will facilitate interagency support networks…blah, blah, blah. ” That is pure liberal speak and it sends shivers right through my pocket book when I hear it.

The infamous Karl Ory is trying for council. . . again? Oh, no! Give us a break.  If you don’t know who he is you probably don’t know who Bob Mulholland is either. Two words for both guys…bad news.

Moving right along, we have candidate Loretta Ann Torres. Don’t know her, but her statements says she’s a widow and has some practical business experience. She sounds okay and I am ready to hear more as she avails herself to us.  No further opinion.

We’ve got two liberal incumbents running, Tami Ritter and Ann Schwab. Neither had a clue what to do about bringing business in and moving the bums out. Both have been weak council members and have contributed little of any value to the City. So, why re-elect them?

Randal Stone is another liberal incumbent in the running, but unlike the two above, he’s a bit more active.  He is at least willing listen to both sides. He’s neither good nor bad, but we could do worse, and we have.

Lisa Duarte is a new face coming in with an old liberal line on spending. In her candidate statement she whines about the current fiscally responsible council we all love and adore and she would like a change.   She makes no mention of the near bankrupt City we had a few years ago, so maybe she missed why we have this council?  I get the feeling that operating in the black is not one of her priorities. Lisa, I hate to break this to you, but we’re still suffering economic pain from the last liberal council, so I seriously doubt your call for more spending will resonate with voters. But, nice try.

Candidate Sean Morgan is another incumbent and he’s a good one! Despite teaching at Chico State he remains a fiscal conservative. He’s been fair, honest and he’s one of the most reasonable of all the candidates this year.  It would be a great loss to the people of Chico if Sean Morgan didn’t get re-elected.  Jovanni Tricerri is a fiscal conservative candidate with a business background.  He comes highly recommended by our current Mayor.  That’s good enough for me, he’s got my vote!

Lastly we have Jon Scott. He sounds fine to me so far. He says in his candidate form that he is our “no BS candidate.” You have to read his statement to fully appreciate that!

To read all the candidate statements click here.


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21 Responses to Chico City Council Candidates – Loaded with Liberals!

  1. Libby says:

    “If he doesn’t want to be open about his residence and opinions eh, we don’t need him.”

    Maybe he heard about Ann’s troubles. You are an ostensibly public figure. How about you publish your address and number?

    Way too many of the citizens ARE nut-bunnies.

  2. Libby says:

    So then, what do you think it means when more liberals than conservatives step up?

    • Harold says:

      During the tenure of the last Conservite Council, the bankruptcy issues created by the Liberals were addressed and resolved and Chico is now on a more solvent track.

      So in answer to you question Libby, it can only mean the Liberals smell money solvency again. They cant create a balanced City budget so they depend on the fiscally responsible Conservatives to solve their wasteful habits, then wait until there money again, and attempt to get their hands on the purse strings again.

      Anyway they can!

  3. Tina says:

    The need to control is stronger in progressives. It’s not about serving the community; it’s about driving outcomes that are in line with their agenda. They aren’t called activist for nothing.

    Progressives are unteachable. The dogma is rock solid and sacrosanct. It’s a shame too because some of their ideas, if grounded in common sense and sound economics, might have a chance of producing positive things.

    • Libby says:

      Hey ! … if you could be depended upon to keep the plastic bags off the roadsides and out of the ocean … but you cannot … and there it is.

      I mean, you may be content to live in a sty … but you is outnumbered.

      • Libby says:

        … outnumbered, for the moment, that is.

      • Harold says:

        There what Is ?, Libby launches another quarrelsome retort using a minor issue here in Chico, and by the way,those loose bags are mostly the cause of aimless bums polluting the country side and streams, and who brought here by Liberals who can’t figure out how to deal the problems they create.

        Your Liberal shortsightedness is liken to being hoisted by your own petard of lack of foresight and the possible long range effects . (Chico’s annul clean up creates over 4 – 40 yard bins of trash just from Comanche Creek encampments alone from these Bums!)

        NO Libby, Tina is right again, it is the desire to control, and the lack of restrain from passing useless ordinates’ that only contribute to a city debt, and because of those feel good Liberal policies we can’t afford to repair our own infrastructure or keep a decent police force because of….. Your Liberal party, and that’s who is building the sty and has done a excellent job of it by employing “Wasteful spending on Liberal Windmills!”

      • Tina says:

        Man are you bigoted!

        But that’s a liberal for you… “‘It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so”

      • vanderleun says:

        Libby, Pound sand with both hands, you little squirmer.

    • Peggy says:

      Progressives are unteachable because they’ve been taught what to think and not how to think. Schools have changed to teaching to test standards by using multiple choice answers instead of writing their answer to justify their conclusion.

      Using Thomas Jefferson’s statement of questioning the existence of God young adults today adamantly believe it’s in our Constitution, when the fact is he wrote it in a letter to his nephew Peter, whose father had died, on how to pursue his studies by doing his own research by going to original sources before coming to a conclusion.

      Since Jefferson was a Democrat history had to be rewritten to meet with today’s Democrat’s platform that the Founders weren’t religious and our Constitution wasn’t written with biblical beliefs. God in our schools, businesses and in the public square had to be removed. What better way than to force students to memorize false information by not requiring them to do their own research.

      If students were instead required to read Jefferson’s letters in whole instead of having a few out of context words drummed into their heads I guarantee voters today would not be voting for progressive liberals who tell them lies like Obama and Pelosi have to pass their destructive bills into laws that are destroying our country.

      • Jesse says:

        I am not making a statement here to totally oppose your point. However, our country was indeed created to separate church and state. Implying that God was removed from schools in order misinform and teach is absurd. It was the other way around. Also, who is anyone to say that the God you speak of is the God to be taught of in school. This is a very narrow, illogical, unfounded and archaic point of view. This sort of retort is what actually gives conservatives a really bad name in the modern era. If y’all are to carry your viewpoints into the future, such blasphemy and religious based opinions must be saved for spirituality that is left at home and in the church.

        • Max says:

          Well said, Jesse. Peggy’s comments are completely misinformed and give a topsy-turvy view of American education.

          She writes:

          “Schools have changed to teaching to test standards by using multiple choice answers instead of writing their answer to justify their conclusion.”

          The exact opposite is true. Common Core–that thing Trump promises to do away with, even though the president would have no power to do so–emphasizes writing to justify a conclusion. This is not hard to find out; all Common Core standards are online.

          “Using Thomas Jefferson’s statement of questioning the existence of God young adults today adamantly believe it’s in our Constitution,”

          This statement is offered without any evidence at all. Young adults believe that Thomas Jefferson’s statement questioning the existence of God is in the Constitution? Which young adults?

          “Since Jefferson was a Democrat history had to be rewritten to meet with today’s Democrat’s platform that the Founders weren’t religious and our Constitution wasn’t written with biblical beliefs.”

          Not only is this not even true–the Democratic party did not exist until 1828–it doesn’t even logically follow. At all. Why would teachers think history needed to be rewritten to line the Democratic platform of 200 years ago with today’s Democratic platform? Believe it or not, history teachers today do teach how the parties have changed since our nation’s founding.

          I am sick of seeing people who know nothing about education and history, and who can’t even form a logical argument, go on and on about how corrupt our education system is. Just because it failed you doesn’t mean it fails everyone else.

  4. Jim says:

    Both Tami Ritter and Ann Schwab are just plain whacky. They’ve got to go. I’m not delighted with some of the stuff Randal Stone has done, however he is smart and really cares. As you said, we can do worse and have.

  5. Post Scripts says:

    What liberal wants to run a broke city? But, a city with a cash reserve and a freshly balanced budget, now thats a different story. Spending money is what libs do best and there is your attraction Libs. They smell the money! Personally I would be fine with keeping the status quo in the council – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  6. Mark Sorensen says:


    Great Post. I wholeheartedly agree with the title!

    First, the most positive and most important item is a correction!

    Jovanni Tricerri is also running.

    Next to Sean Morgan, Jovanni is far, far, far above the rest in terms of ability. Jovanni would be fantastic!

    Agree with your paragraphs 1 through 3. Oh boy, paragraph 3 is severely understated. “Bad News” is just plain-ole inadequate to describe the toxic level.

    I would also write paragraph 6 very differently.

    Why so few quality people running?

    I’ve talked with a few who thought about running. If done correctly and fully, truly doing the job and fulfilling the duties of a Council Member is a very large dedication of time and physical and mental energy and abilities, and is often underestimated, or simply never delivered . Truly doing the job requires more time and mental attention than some want to give at their particular places in life at this time.

  7. Post Scripts says:

    Thank you Mr. Mayor for your comments. I agree with you 100%, serving on the City Council is a demanding job and my hats off to you for doing it so well. I can’t say this often enough, we’re so lucky to have you, Reanette, Andrew and Sean! Kudos to you all.

  8. Chris Nicodemus says:

    After years of watching our city devolve into a debt ridden, transient infested, liberal

    led shadow of what it should be I began getting involved in city politics and policies. After attending quite a few Council meetings and keeping up with local news and current events I couldn’t believe the direction that

    the liberal majority was gleefully leading our town toward. I kept hearing from our liberal “friends” that everything was fine and dandy, very little talk about our financial reality, and our major priority was to ban those damned plastic bags. I heard that Chico should be doing more to help the transients, or as our liberal counterparts prefer, homeless. I heard that we, taxpayers of course, needed to do more to help.
    One of the things I really did not understand was how tough the libs got when fighting the Wal Mart expansion. You know, the place that those with less go to stretch their tight budgets. They fought that tooth and nail and felt really good about themselves when the final vote came in and denied the request. There must have been some high fives in the chamber , behind closed doors, after that meeting. Well done, I’m sure you were very proud of yourselves. After years of spending and denial, a harsh reality hit this city with a loud thud. Yeah, we were not only broke but millions in debt. Chicoans finally faced reality and voted in a Council majority of Conservatives and they have led this city back, not without a lot of pain in loss of services including law enforcement at a time we need it most. We cannot go back to the liberal tax and spend policies that got us there in the first place so I am voting for the side that brought us back from the brink of bankruptcy and I encourage all Chicoans to do the same.

  9. jeff says:

    hey jack – sorry just saw this blog fyi – i did give my statement to the city clerk, so not sure what happened with that. check out my website at or news and review already mentioned where i live and i was not crazy about that, the neighborhood is fine. after you review my site – you may understand more by thoughts on the issue facing Chico

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