So You Think Trump Is Unpopular? Think Again!

Trump rally composit-conservative-treehousePosted by Tina

An article at the Breitbart inspired Conservative Treehouse caught my attention tonight due to the title alone, “Over 1.5 Million People Have Personally Attended a Donald Trump Rally…”.

But it was the pictures that gave the title that wow factor.

Trump IS a work horse:

Donald Trump is averaging a massive campaign rally every 46 hours, for over a year straight

"The Celebrity Apprentice" Season FinaleAnd once elected he will work just as hard to Make America Great Again for Everyone!

More commentary at Gateway Pundit

Remember how the media gushed when Obama attracted such crowds? Are they gushing now or doing everything they can to discourage you from voting for Trump?

Click on over to The Conservative Treehouse, Last Refuge, to get the full impact of the pictures. (The source for the photo used above)

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4 Responses to So You Think Trump Is Unpopular? Think Again!

  1. J. Soden says:

    You’ll notice that most shots from the moron media coverage never show the crowds. If they did, the contrast between the massive crowds attending a Trump speech would make $hrilLIARY’s audience resemble a vacant lot.

  2. Tina says:

    🙂 …or any retailers parking lotthese days!

    They do show very tight shots at Hillary rallies in news coverage. But in addition there are so few rallies. She seems to have plenty of time for the Hollywood and Wall Street elites at fundraising parties, otherwise lots of rest periods.

  3. Post Scripts says:

    Trump can pack em in, no doubt about that. These crowds represent Donald’s core. They remind me of the Tea Party demonstrations. They are well behaved, clean, older folks mostly, the kind we used to call middle America. I hope Trump does well in his first debate, it’s absolutely imperative.

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