England Will Build Wall in Calais To Stop Flow of Refugees

Posted by Tina

The British have had enough of “we are the world” thinking and are taking step to preserve their sovereignty and their economy. First it was the exit from the EU known as Brexit. Now there’s news that they will build a very tall wall that’s difficult to breach:

(CNN)Construction will begin soon on a “big new wall” in the French port city of Calais to prevent refugees and migrants from entering Britain, the UK has announced.

The four-meter (13 foot) high wall is part of a £17 million ($23 million) deal struck between Britain and France earlier this year to try to block migrants from crossing the English Channel.
“We’ve done the fence. Now we’re doing a wall,” British Immigration Minister Robert Goodwill announced at a government hearing on Tuesday.

It is the latest attempt to enhance border security in Calais, home to a controversial makeshift camp known as “The Jungle,” where thousands of displaced people live in squalid conditions.

America will do likewise soon.

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4 Responses to England Will Build Wall in Calais To Stop Flow of Refugees

  1. Post Scripts says:

    England has a moat and now they need a wall…and what do we have? A revolving door with no lock on it.

  2. Dewster says:

    Maybe the UK and USA should stop creating Refugees.

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