Demwits Fail President Trump

By J. Soden

The failure to repeal/replace Obumblecare lies directly at the feet of RINO Paul Ryan (shown left).

President Trump trusted him – a mistake – to come up a healthcare fix. Ryan and his insurance company buddies came up with a bill behind closed doors that was a “take it or leave it” scenario, and attempted to ram it through – similar to the Demwit debacle in 2008.

But, the Freedom Caucus – and others – balked, and the votes to pass were not there.

Questions for Ryan – what was the all-fired hurry, why the secrecy creating the bill and why were conservatives denied a place at the bill-crafting table?

And now there’s an attempt to come up with critically needed tax reform, which must originate in the House. Gonna be even harder for that since there were many sources of funding that were addressed in the withdrawn Obumblecare fix(?). Ryan’s speaker-ship was severely damaged with his healthcare fiasco. If he fails with tax reform, he’s toast as Speaker.

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29 Responses to Demwits Fail President Trump

  1. Dwster says:

    The Koch brothers vowed to set up a fund for the 2018 reelection race for GOP politicians that vote against the new American Health Care Act.

    The seven-figure fund is designed to both protect bill opponents from political harm and act as a threat to those that vote for the new health care bill.

    The Koch brothers believe that the bill does not do enough to roll back the Affordable Care Act.

    Bottom Line The GOP was in a pickle. After 8 years pf promising to repeal, turns out they never had a plan all these years.

    Reps will get primaried if they completely strip Healthcare from their constituents, or by the Koch’s if they vote yes.

    So they chicken out. I can hear them clucking aloud their pen still.

    • Tina says:

      Wrong Dewey. The Republicans had several bills to choose from:

      September 2013, FOX, “House conservatives submit bill to replace ‘ObamaCare,’ amid ‘defund’ fight” – It was endorsed by “the 175-member Republican Study Committee.”

      Orin Hatch and two others proposed the The Patient Choice, Affordability, Responsibility, and Empowerment Act in January 2014

      May 2014, The Hill, “Top Republican drafts bill to replace ObamaCare” (Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.), previously a physician)

      June 2016, The Atlantic, “Republicans Offer a Plan to Replace Obamacare”

      Originally posted May 2012, FreedomWorks supplies links to five other plans:

      Many good, debate-worthy bills have been introduced, and more bills are expected to be introduced. Here are our favorites. Each of these bills would move us toward a more patient-centered system by expanding individual freedom.

      Rep. Paul Broun’s Patient OPTION Act (H.R. 4224)

      Rep. Todd Rokita’s State Health Flexibility Act (H.R. 4160)

      Sen. Rand Paul’s Congressional Health Care for Seniors Act (S. 2196)

      Sen. Jim DeMint’s Retirement Freedom Act (S. 1317)

      Rep. Bill Huizenga’s Health Freedom for Seniors Act (H.R. 3819)

      We are also supportive of state-level preexisting-conditions pools, which help people with pre-existing medical conditions afford private health insurance without government mandates.

      The Koch brothers have no more influence regarding healthcare on republicans than Soros had over Democrats and Obamacare.

      The major differences are Republicans didn’t have a super majority to start with, they didn’t lie to the people about what the bill would do, they didn’t bribe members for votes, they didn’t walk in lock step, and they didn’t use tricks to get the CBO to give a positive scoring:

      Congressional procedure requires the CBO to “score” the budget impact of any new proposal over a ten-year economic horizon, and imposes significant obstacles to passing bills that score as increasing the deficit. The scoring system affects the structure of bills themselves, ranging from the counterproductive (Bush phasing in his tax cuts gradually, against all the best economic advice, then letting them sunset after ten years) to the baldly fraudulent (Obamacare only passed by phasing in the taxes for four years before starting the spending, then pretending that this 10-pays-for-6 scam created a sustainable budgetary impact in future years when one year’s spending would need to be paid for by one year’s taxes). The whole thing is a silly system, given that CBO scores are thus classic “Washington facts” that have power totally unrelated to whether or not they are accurate. The CBO has been wrong every time in the past it has tried to project the number of people with health insurance, including being off by 24 million people when it updated its projections after the Supreme Court struck the mandatory nature of its Medicaid expansion in 2012. But rules are rules even if they require you to declare that the sun’s not yellow, it’s chicken. The projections of who will and won’t be insured don’t actually mean anything. But the projections of deficit reduction mean a lot, whether or not they are accurate – because they give the bill the procedural green light to go forward.

      Withdrawing the bill was the only wise thing to do after operating the way Congress is supposed to act and failing to garner enough support to get the bill passed.

      There was nothing in the plan that would “strip” healthcare from constituents…but a whole lot of people, citizens of all political persuasions, have lost healthcare they liked, have healthcare they can’t use, or don’t have healthcare at all because they can’t afford it or choose to pay the fine under OBAMACARE, which is dying.

      One might also note the obstructionist position of the Democrats…in 2018 when a lot of Democrats are up for reelection in states where Obamacare is falling apart it will be duly noted that not one Democrat was willing to consider the replacement bill. Your fractured, aging Dem party is not all that either Dewey.

      CBS, “Democrats face tough Senate map in 2018”

      The 2016 elections left Democrats with not one, but two major losses: in addition to losing the White House to Donald Trump, they failed to retake the Senate from Republican control.

      At this point, 2018 doesn’t look any better for them. … And given the number of Democratic incumbents facing re-election battles in not just battleground states but deeply GOP-leaning ones, Republicans could be poised to pad their numbers in the Senate even more.

      It’s a stupid time to be gloating…but then….

      It’s much easier to pass a bill, even a very bad bill, when you’re being deceitful and using trickery. That’s what was so about Obamacare

      Disagreement and procedures and methods sunk the Republicans, possibly a blessing in disguise.

  2. Soaps says:

    Once Obama created his health care plan, it became an entitlement and can never truly go away. The whole thing started with a misnomer. Everyone is talking about “healthcare,” but it is really just having some deadbeat’s medical insurance paid for by the other guy. There is nothing really about care–no doctors, hospitals, nurses, medicine, and so on. It is just insurance paid for completely or in part by the government. Of course, that means the taxpayers– hard working, honest taxpayers, who pay for this boondoggle but never receive any benefit from it. The old fashioned idea that people should buy their own insurance with their own money or just pay directly for medical treatment is so outdated, don’t you know.

    • Dewster says:

      Seriously funny, Obama did not create the ACA,

      Deadbeats? Like those working Poor who barely make enough to pay rent and bills while their CEO’s and Investors make millions a year?

      Bottom Line Healthcare should not be a Free Market bi where profit is more important than healthcare.

      Doctors learn how to push drugs not heal.

      Healthcare should be a right and the price gauging needs to be addressed.

      Insurance is a bank for investor profits.

      Corporations poison the Food, The Air, The water, then people get Cancer and it’s their fault because profits first?

      Conservatives are anti Life.

      Medical Costs for treatment are un-affordable. I say get these old cons off medicare and let them fend for themselves. See how they feel then.

      Can you even explain Obamacare? I’ll bet not

      • Tina says:

        FASCIST! (Government control of the industry)

        DIRTY COMMIE! (From each according to his means to each according to his need)

        Lord you are stoooopid!

        “Healthcare should be a right”

        He77, Dewey, why not make everything a right? Then there’s nothing to do but sit on your ass and take take take.

        But from whom?

        “Conservatives are anti Life”

        Nothing more dead than a person that has given up the idea of taking care of his own needs while expecting others to provide for him, especially when he is perfectly capable himself to do so.

        “Medical Costs for treatment are un-affordable.”

        Medical costs began to spike dramatically when they passed medicare in 1965. Government involvement works to keep prices rising by reducing competition and imposing loads of bureaucratic costs that are passed on to the consumer. We also have to pay taxes for this so-called “right.”

        Every other “commodity” comes down in price over time. MRI machines are much more expensive than they need be.

        “I say get these old cons off medicare and let them fend for themselves.”

        Well make up your bloody mind! Universal care sounds great until you can beat up on seniors that have paid much more than the previous generation. We’ve known about the problem since the late eighties and have been trying to wake up the public ever since:

        The two primary lessons of Medicare are the chronic problem of woefully underestimating program costs and the impossibility of genuine cost control. A closer look at Medicare shows why these two problems are certain to plague a government-administered universal health-care plan.

        The cost of Medicare is a good place to begin. At its start, in 1966, Medicare cost $3 billion. The House Ways and Means Committee estimated that Medicare would cost only about $12 billion by 1990 (a figure that included an allowance for inflation). This was a supposedly “conservative” estimate. But in 1990 Medicare actually cost $107 billion.

        This is a mere bagatelle compared with “conservative” projections for the next generation. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that Medicare will cost $223 billion by 1997. Constance Homer, deputy secretary of Health and Human Services, warns that “by the year 2003, at the current rates, we will be spending more on Medicare than we do on Social Security.”

        The news gets even worse for the “out years” after that. The Health Care Finance Administration has given up making long-range projections of budget outlays of Medicare. Instead, HCFA makes calculations about the “actuarial balance” of the program—how much of the nation’s payroll will be required to pay for the program.

        The 1992 annual report of the Federal Hospital Insurance Trust Fund, which pays for the hospital-insurance portion of Medicare, warns that the Medicare program “is severely out of financial balance” and could go bust as soon as the year 2000. The report says expenditures from the hospital fund represented 1.3 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product in 1991 and will grow to 4.7 percent by 2065. To cover the cost, the Medicare payroll-tax rate will have to more than quadruple, from the current rate of 2.9 percent to 13.79 percent.

        Or the debt will begin to skyrocket…hello!…and high end earners will pay on ALL income plus an extra .9%

        I’d have been quite happy to “fend” for myself and not paid the exorbitant tax had I been given a choice.

        You aren’t asking that the poor get adequate free or subsidized healthcare.

        You’re demanding we pay for Cadillac healthcare for everyone. The result will be inadequate expensive care for all except the very wealthy.

        • Dewster says:

          Tina Healthcare clean water and food is a right.

          Commie fascists think everything should be owned by the oligarch’s and the common man is a slave to them.

          You are so full of it I can smell it from here.

          Reagan Admin and the conservative war on Humans is the reason why costs are high. medicare? You are WRONG.

          Tina you read Koch Propaganda when facts do not support them. Real facts are available

          Privatization is the reason costs are high. We still fund research then the give gives the Patent to a corporation to sell.

          You can not sit there and tell me you are unaware of the recent drug buys where they raised the prices just because they can. The Epipen? Diabetes medicine? Ect ect.

          The cost of healthcare asi Pure privatization for profits where wall street investors need to see increases for the stock to go up. Not to help people.

          CUBA a true communist country has better healthcare than we do!

          You repeat all these talking points like a good conservative soldier however REAL FACTS do not support them.

          You sit there and blame people while they sell war, poison people, and take us into authoritarian fascism. The Dems are not any better than the GOP.

          Right now a bill is in the house that will allow them to sell every move you make on the internet for profit. how long you stayed on a part of a page, what you buy, read, ect ect.

          BOTTOM LINE PRIVATIZATION AND THIS FASCISM IS NOT FUNNY… You care none about the Human Life as long as you got yours

          We pay taxes , Clean Water, Food and Healthcare is a Human right recognized by every industrialized country but the Fascist USA.

          yes Conservatives put profit before Human Life, They are Not pro Life. OWN IT.

          Also Hillary was not the only corrupt candidate. Expect trump to resign. He is up to his yin yang deep in crap.

          Putin is killing off people to hide their corruption. The People of Russia are in the streets because of corruption. They are going to prison for it. many may be Killed.

          I know many republicans and others who can admit the truth. You will take this country down and be proud of it if we let you.

          The DNC and GOP are corrupt and even they are divided parties as the fascist corruption explodes.

          Expect a False Flag soon.

          You love Putin and his dictatorship. You want it here.

    • Bryan H. says:

      I think Republicans should take on your mantra, Soaps. “If you can’t afford insurance, you’re a deadbeat” should be the message Paul Ryan and the GOP deliver loud and clear. It’s what they believe anyway. At least you have the courage to say it.

  3. Pie Guevara says:

    Instead of putting an arbitrary deadline on the bill (which doomed it to failure) Ryan could have kept working on it and addressed conservative concerns and views instead of trying to shove it down their throats. It was Ryan who ended up choking on his own tactics.

    Off Topic —

    Dave Rubin’s interview series with David Horowitz, well worth watching.
    David Horowitz on Communism, Marxism, and the Black Panther Party
    David Horowitz: Why I am No Longer a Leftist
    David Horowitz on Abortion, Islam, and Donald Trump
    David Horowitz and Dave Rubin: Communism, Trump, and Leaving the Left

  4. RHT447 says:

    Cogent discussion here, backed up by math, followed by intelligent comments.

  5. More Common Sense says:

    I’ve got a feeling everything happened just as Trump wanted it to happen.

    Speaker Ryan was far from a Trump supporter during the campaign and even after the election. I believe Trump gave Ryan just enough rope to hang himself; and he did just that. Did you notice this bill was labeled RyanCare? Pence made a point of making that happen. If Trump thought the bill was a good bill and was going to pass he wouldn’t have wanted Ryan to take the credit. It would have been TrumpCare. The fact that it wasn’t is very telling.

    Trump can still address Obamacare at a future date. What was accomplished was the weakening of Ryan, a potential obstacle to all Trump programs and policies including immigration and tax reform. All of the main stream GOP congressmen up for reelection in 2018 will have to support the next attempt at Obamacare or they will have to deal with the fact that they did not live up to their promises. It was a “lose a little to gain a lot” strategy. Remember, Trump is a master at negotiation.

    • Bryan H. says:

      LOL, some master. Trump has failed at everything he has tried to do since he was elected.

      • Post Scripts says:

        This statement by Bryan H. is factually incorrect. We’ve posted many things Trump has done on his own in a very short period of time. On the other hand Bryan has posted nothing to support his exaggeration.

        • Bryan H. says:

          What has he achieved? Both his travel bands have been neutered. Destroying Obamacare failed. He’s currently under investigation by the FBI, after using the FBI investigation against Hillary as a primary reason not to vote for her. He keeps losing members of his team because they keep lying about their ties to Russia. His approval rating is at 37%.

          Do you see these as signs of success?

    • Dewster says:

      You are partly correct, however Trump is not in charge. He just wants to say he won. Trump visits his properties and plays Golf.

      Steve bannon is the Key here. Bannon is an admitted Leninist and wants to destroy Democracy. That is the Plan. he is forming a White nationalist Workers party to which Tina has sort of supported here and there without saying it.

      The Koch brothers openly threatened conservative Politicians. They said vote NO or you will be Primaried.

      Notice these Guys avoid that little fact.

      They could not vote no or be primaried by their constituents, or vote yes and Be primaried by the Koch Freedom caucus.

      Also Little marco undermined the ACA in 2014. They will pass bills to undermine the ACA until no one can get Health Ins. fact is they want no coverage for the common man. They want to get rid of all security for the old.

      Notice they wrote an executive order that allows Coal companies to poison the drinking water again? bet that makes Tina excited.

  6. Dewster says:

    BTW Conservatives said they had a bill for years now….LOL

    They tried to craft a bill and pass it in 18 days? LOL Rookie mistake by Speaker Ayn Ryan

    Another lie exposed. I remember being called a Liar here when I said they had no Plan.

    Yuk Yuk Yuk Busted!

  7. Pie Guevara says:


    Pulled off of Drudge …

    Get ready for Calexit! Now Nigel Farage and the ‘Bad Boys of Brexit’ set their sights on splitting California in two
    Calexit – Nigel Farage in plot to BREAK UP CALIFORNIA with new referendum campaign

    From the second article —

    “Calexit” as it’s being dubbed, was first drummed up by liberals and the Hollywood elite in Los Angeles who became disgusted with US President Donald Trump and suggested they break away from the rest of America.

    However after the everyday man and woman in the state got wind of it, they got angry at the liberals, and now want the state to be divided to get away from them.

  8. J. Soden says:

    Points to consider . . . . . .
    There’s absolutely nothing to prevent the Freedom Caucus – or others – to present their own version of Obumblecare repeal/replace. Might be interesting to watch RINO Ryan’s response on that . . . .

    Demwit’s ACA required members of Clowngress and staff to participate in Obumblecare, but that little item was waived by Obumble. Gotta wonder if there would’ve been a different reaction from Clowngress if they weren’t exempt from Obumblecare . . .

    And there’s nothing wrong with putting an expiration date – let’s say 6 months from now – on Obumblecare completely, thereby giving individuals and companies (and perhaps Clowngress) time to find other health insurance if they choose to do so.

  9. Libby says:

    Poor babies. Such a wild array of delusional contrivances I never read.

    I do think Ryan either intended, or just expected, the bill to fail. I think the seven years of repeal votes in the House were nothing but spite, personal spite against Obama … chiefly for accomplishing something they know damned well has to happen, whether the greedy selfish pigs like it or not.

    So, of course, they’re not going to repeal it. To do so would etch the Republican ethos: “I’ve got mine, and the rest of you can rot” into the minds of the electorate for all eternity.

    They’ll have to fall back on their old standby, defunding. Irresponsible sh!?s. But even that may be problematic, as China is not so interested in subsidizing our 20 percent as they have been in the past … especially with this whack job in the Oval Office.

    Hey, Jack … how’s the portfolio looking? I know I shouldn’t gloat, but eight straight days of: “maybe this wasn’t such a good idea”, is just the tiniest bit gratifying.

    • Dewster says:

      Libby the White house is in major coverup mode. Will they succeed?

      Remember these guys are 100% in Trumpland. They own this and all the propaganda they are repeating.

      They name call when cornered.

      So when it all comes crashing down…….. Oh the fun!
      Sad … But their refusal to be honest is deserving

      Hey even Jeb Bush came out to tell Trump to stop lying.

    • Tina says:

      The Drama Queen fantasizes again!

      Libby brews up scary scenarios in her cauldron. She certainly isn’t observing the facts:

      …the eight day selloff has brought the Dow down by just 1.9%. The last time stocks fell for eight days in a row, the Dow declined by 6.7%. Previous instances of 8 day declines typically recorded even steeper declines.

      If this is what a selloff looks like in the Trump era, stock market bulls are going to be very happy. It’s probably best to look at this not as a selloff but as a holding pattern as investors try to assess the prospects for the economic growth policies that helped elect Donald Trump. Or perhaps investors just need a breather after the massive post-election rally that pushed stocks up to record levels.

      The Hill: “On Nov. 7, the Dow Jones Industrial Average briefly fell below 18,000 intraday. By March 2, the benchmark index had topped 21,100 — an impressive 17 percent gain.”

      CNN-Money, “Trump rally is best for new POTUS since LBJ and JFK”

      Bloomberg, “The Stock Market’s Biggest Bull Says the Trump Rally’s Just Beginning”

      You don’t have the slightest notion about what will happen, Libby, and you are such a sore loser! But I guess at this point that’s all ya got!

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