Attacker Beaten by Angry Pro-Trump Crowd

by Jack

Huntington Beach, CA:  It was supposed to be just a good ol’ patriotic rally to celebrate a newly elected president.   It’s how we once behaved many decades ago when most of us liked America and our leaders and we were not afraid to show a little patriotism.

The gathering of several hundred locals from surfers to school teachers, was one of many other similar gatherings spread across the US, all designed to show support for President Trump’s agenda and America.

Then another group showed up, numbering about a dozen, and they were determined to disrupt the event by any means necessary, as it was in the Berkeley riot. They wore black clothing and masks, but despite their hateful insults at the pro-Trump people, they were more or less tolerated.  But, all that changed when one them used pepper spray on the lady who organized this event and that was the wrong thing to do!  That’s when things turned a little violent.  Remember this is pro-America, pro-Trump rally and these people don’t tolerate those who attack women….it makes them very angry.

Some of the young men standing beside the lady organizer rushed the would-be assailant, dropping him onto the sand where they began wildly punching and kicking him.   The terrified masked man struggled desperately to his feet and began to run for his life.   He was last seen sprinting down Pacific Coast Highway apparently to seek sanctuary from a surprised CHP officer who was there to direct traffic.  The other black clad protester quickly faded from view and then it was over.   Americans – 1.   Haters – 0.

UPDATE:  Charges were not filed against the attacker as justice had already been served.

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6 Responses to Attacker Beaten by Angry Pro-Trump Crowd

  1. Pie Guevara says:

    Nice to see left wing radicals get their violence shoved back in their faces. If this were to become a trend, it might make these vile thugs think twice.

  2. J. Soden says:

    Well done, Trump supporters!

  3. Bryan H. says:

    This is happening too often. I am ashamed.

    • Post Scripts says:

      It’s long overdue that bratty, punks determined to deny free speech to conservatives get their clocks cleaned. I am proud this attacker got punched, he deserved it. What would you have done, let him attack the lady? lol

      • Bryan H. says:

        I was talking about the pepper-spraying leftist punks. The Trump supporters seem to have reacted with appropriate force.

      • Tina says:

        Jack you’re right. This won’t stop until the appropriate return of force occurs and is acknowledged as appropriate.


        The importance of a fathers hand early in a child’s development is sooooooo evident in this example. The un-importance of fathers (men) and the discipline they represent is a theme that has been taken up by all of society and is rife in the schools. Kids are overly indulged and not taught that bad behave will have uncomfortable consequences. The more female soft approach is wildly overdone!

        Also, when men were free to be men, manners, in particular with respect to women was expected and stringently enforced by men with their sons.

        Then an arrogant narcissistic generation decided to let it all hang out and we’ve gone downhill ever since.

        Too many kids these days grow up without the influence of their fathers. The article is from December 2014 and shows that 41% of children are born to single mothers…for black children the percentage rises to 72% and Hispanics, 54%. White kids rised by single moms sits at 36%.

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