Correspondence Dinner “Strange”

Posted by Tina

The annual correspondence Dinner was held in Washington over the weekend. It was like no other in modern history. The President didn’t attend. Instead he held a huge rally in Pennsylvania to a crowd of 10 thousand. Reportedly he wasn’t the only one to skip this years dinner. a number of celebrities and comedians chose to stay away. Those that did attend enjoyed an evening of Trump bashing but responded most vigorously to remarks made by the president of the Correspondents Association, Jeff Mason of Reuters:

“We are not fake news. We are not failing news organizations. And we are not the enemy of the American people.”

When it’s been shown otherwise, again and again, something is wrong. They can repeat this same refrain and cheer it to the skies but it doesn’t change the fact that they have shown themselves to be an arm of the political left. Any organization that receives a mountain of feed back had better be willing to take it seriously and self-evaluate honestly. Currently the media is held as a contemptible body with ratings at the lowest level ever.

As Trump told them he doesn’t expect them to be non-critical but he does expect them to responsibly get the story right and keep their politics out of it. If they want to do commentary from a political point of view they should change jobs, declare their affiliations, and leave the reporting to others.

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6 Responses to Correspondence Dinner “Strange”

  1. Chris says:

    I think Trump’s decision to break tradition and not attend showed poor leadership and a thin skin. After infamously refusing to laugh at himself at the last correspondent’s dinner, Trump could have used this as an opportunity to show he can be self-effacing. But instead he chose to whine.

    That said, I didn’t find Hasan Minhaj as funny here as he usually is on The Daily Show. He sort of flitted around from joke to joke, and his delivery was a little too stagey. He also made a few jokes that even I found unfair to the Trump administration, like saying Spicer engaged in Holocaust denial.

  2. J. Soden says:

    You would certainly expect the fake news outlets to deny they are fake. And when they’re shown to be false, the subject is always changed.
    TheDonald definitely didn’t miss anything by not attending. Those who did attend used their knives on each other.
    Here’s hoping that’s a new tradition for the next 7 years – and then Ivanka can not attend either . . . . . .

    • TruthToPower says:

      fake news outlets? All MSM twists the truth.

      All of them from Fox, CNN< to NBC.

      This is a setup so when any corruption truth comes out the DNC and/Or GOP can call it fake news,

      Both parties are corporations working for their donors.

      We have the DNC busted. The lawsuit's purpose was to get on record their agenda.

      read the transcripts……….. read the DNC lawsuit transcript.

      These 2 parties are one big farce.

  3. Tina says:

    Trump did not “whine.” He refused to attend a hostile function in which he would become the punching bag for a pack of media pugilists pretending they are jabbing in jest…all in good fun old bean. This dinner ceased, a decade or so ago, to be an opportunity to show the world that though we Americans often disagree we are united as Americans. Radical left Democrats and their media are joined with the globalists against America and any nation that values freedom and therefore it’s sovereignty.

    He also chose to give the media a scathing evaluation at his rally. The media, of course, called his speech “venomous,” which shows their arrogance knows no bounds. THEY can be critical and partisan, THEY can attempt to hold the power to manipulate thought in America, and THEY can target republicans leadership personally but by God they are above suspicion and doubt. Disgusting!

    Trump was smart to avoid that dinner and instead use a microphone he controlled to speak over the collective heads of the media and directly to the American people. The left media has been found out…it is a partisan hammer used to promote the left and destroy the right. There is no reason to participate with them.

  4. TruthToPower says:


    MSM is crap, PR firms for the 2 corrupt Parties,

    But to say trump get’s the story right?

    LOL Where shall we start?

    The man is a sham…..

    No one wanted a Bush or a Clinton



    There is no way anyone can say the man is qualified at this point

  5. Libby says:

    Tina, Trump’s 100-day speech was stranger. How can a man stand there, looking at an arena with lots of available seating, and claim that overflow crowds are outside? All the “treacherous” media has to do is quote the man … to make him look like an idiot, a liar, or demented. The media shouldn’t quote him? They should report what … you believe … he means, even though he has said no such thing?

    Does that sound reasonable to you?

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