Chico’s Homeless Population Grows

by Jack

Right after WW2 the “greatest generation” was in their prime.  The nation was prosperous and strong .    The able bodied and sound of mind were expect to work, and it was just as natural to expect those who chose not to work to miss a few meals until they figured it out.   Nobody starved, there were still soup kitchens, but it was this generally accepted expectation that people should get a job and contribute to society. 

Fast forward to 2017.  Times have changed and those who are able and do not chose to work and have no plans how they are  ever going to contribute to society are supported by government and charities.  Expectations for these people are almost non-existent, instead we have all sorts of safety nets and programs that provide free healthcare, food, shelter and clothing, whenever they ask.

For the most part this is done without the consent or approval of, those who do work and pay hefty income taxes.   Heck, there are whole industries that have sprung up just to take care of these people who don’t want to work and treat every day like another opportunity to party, hangout and get high.

The question I have to ask is, are we as a nation better off for all these safety nets and low expectations?  Are we a happier, healthier, stronger and more prosperous nation now?  Because all I see are more people, younger people, choosing to take to the streets and cause trouble, only to become a costly burden to us in their future years.

Like many California cities, Chico has a soaring homeless population, but then we also have a soaring liberal population…A coincidence?  At any given hour, we have hundreds of seedy beggars standing around the mall exits with a sign looking for dollars or milling around downtown.  In the city parks they take over the benches and picnic tables.  On our street corners they are looking for more handouts.  They have cell phones for doing drug deals, prostitution or just to chat.  But, mostly these bums are just low grade criminals just waiting for an opportunity to rip something off.

These slackers have no trouble scoring drugs or booze and the trash they leave behind….well, we haul off tons of it just to keep Bidwell Park from smelling like a sewer.

They sleep on the sidewalks,  in front of City Hall on the lawn.  They wash their clothes in the City fountain and hang out in Plaza Park waiting until the next free meal is available, which often delivered to them.  But, sometimes they must walk 3 blocks to the Jesus Center to get it.   The point is, nobody goes hungry these days.    Regrettably, nobody seems to expect these able bodied to work for their meals either!  We’ve taken away all the good incentives and replaced them with widespread apathy or active enabling by their co-dependent liberals.

Of course crime is up.  We’ve got all sorts of thefts, fighting, stabbings, bike thefts, shoplifting, drunkenness, you name it, all these crimes and more have surged along with the homeless population.

Safeway and Right-Aide are typical of the stores where the transients like to shoplift.  Both stores have a similar policy that says employees who observe a theft can’t detain the shoplifter.  All they can do is report it to the police.  But, by the time the cops arrive the shoplifter is long gone.

So, the word is out…Chico is loaded with free stuff and easy targets for theft.  No wonder they are flocking to Chico.  These out of state freeloaders steal thousands of dollars of merchandise any given week and trash the town in the process.   They get away with their misdeeds most of the time too.  It’s outrageous, but this is what the liberals have done for us.

What is the police department doing about it?  Not much, our Chief really isn’t all that interested.   He leans to the liberal side.  The Chico Police Department did a very successful bike sting operation for a few days and nothing since.

Currently, citizens are more or less, left to fend for themselves against this crime wave.

Thousand bums that have chosen Chico as a great place to panhandle, steal and hang out and we’ve got the crime stats to prove it.   Isn’t this just dandy?

PS   I wonder why the police don’t place undercover officers in the stores being hit the hardest.   Wait, I think I know, because the Chief says, it’s not their problem.   The stores should hire their own security because this kind of cop work is beneath them.
Besides, if the cops start arresting all these worthless bums it would clog the county jail and the court system.

Remember we just finished passing a bunch of laws to release non-violent offenders because of prison overcrowding.  Yes, we did that stupid thing to ourselves and crimes of theft and burglary spiked almost to the day that these soft-on-crime laws went into effect.

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17 Responses to Chico’s Homeless Population Grows

  1. Libby says:

    Jack, it’s not all “them”. Some of it’s “you”.

    Until you are ready to look that in the face, nothing will change.

    How did these people come to be addicts? I’m telling you, if we had had single-payer, universal coverage these last 20 years (damn Hillary … but mostly Bill), we would not be up to our armpits in morphine addicts. But no, you are all FOR PROFIT … and so we are, and, frankly, screw you.

    Why is it that there is no productive, profitable work for them to do?

    Jack, I’m wondering … can you get yourself into the head of a person having no possessions … no infrastructure at all. A roll of paper towels and bottle of 70% keeps you tidy. Breakfast at the Jesus Center, and you are good for the day. Why should you submit yourself to some soul-crushing tyranny … that doesn’t even make rent?

    Tina, you were a great payer of non-living wages. Both of you need to leave off prejudice, and think FOR REAL.

    Does your own economic activity make the society you want?

    No, it does not.

    • J. Soden says:

      So how many homeless have you taken into YOUR home, Libby?

    • Libby says:

      Oh, dear … the “screw you” really was uncalled for. I apologize.

      “… frankly, this is in no small part your own doing” was really more the thing.

      But, oh … I get that testy over the lack of imagination around here.

    • Tina says:

      You and your Utopian dreams. Single Payer my Aunt Fannie!

      We GET the condition of the person on the street, Libby. We are not heartless as you always decide in knee-jerk fashiin.

      We also GET that coddling and enabling practices without expectations of improvement, have been around for a long time and the problem has only gotten worse. The programs that work the best hold people accountable…and, as it happens, rely on faith based solutions.

      Any recovering addict will tell you that no program or medical system of help will affect an addicts behavior at all unless he chooses to do something one day at a time himself. It’s the same with any kind problem requiring therapy. There has to be accountability…for any human being in any circumstance of life.

      (The mentally ill are another story)

      Your criticism of me and my company is extremely hateful and based in absolute ignorance of fact.

      But what’s worse is your opinion of people. You look down on these people as sure as I’m sitting here. You’ve already decided there’s no hope for them, that they are all incapable of cleaning up and learning a trade. Your only solution is to force others to provide for them, put up with them, expect nothing from them. You won’t even consider alternatives to soup kitchens and shelters for those who are capable and may need a kick in the butt as much as they need a hand up. You have your own set of prejudices and bigoted attitudes that keep you trapped in a closed mind with only one solution…your beloved communism and phony sympathy.

      Well S*%#W that! I say detox them, throw them in boot camp, teach them some life skills and a trade before you continue to coddle them and tolerate their incivility and indecency.

      What the heck is a living wage other than a slogan designed for propaganda purposes? You can’t define it. When you try you lose jobs and hours for entry level workers and still haven’t created a “living wage.” You use the term “living wage” to work up poor people with little experience (easily fooled) for (revolution). And who do you fight? The very people who are willing to put their own money at risk to offer others a start in life (a job) and the dignity of learning and choosing and caring for themselves as they climb the ladder of prosperity and success.

      You make me sick!

      • Libby says:

        Tina, you contradict yourself, repeatedly.

        And, you refuse to address the question: does your economic activity make the society you want?

        You know, if there were a “universal minimum wage” you could have all the employees you want, and who want to be there, for whatever you could afford to pay them.

        ”Tis Utopian, but it is also quite possible … it’s just that you have no imagination.

    • Joe says:

      Yeah Libs, all this homelessness must be Jack’s fault…

      Why is it that there is no productive, profitable work for them to do?

      Profit??? I thought that was a dirty word to you.

      • Post Scripts says:

        Joe do you suppose our liberals think that Chico is a great place to find a job and that’s the reason all these homeless burnouts are descending on us? lol Well news flash to liberals… the bums are not here to find work! That’s too crazy, because there’s none to find! So, whats the next reason they come here from out of state? Here’s my theory: It’s because they’ve been run off from the last town and they have heard we’re a generous liberal town! We’ve got nice weather, a great park and a whole bunch of local citizens that are too stupid and gullible to recognize that we’re being taken for a ride and they are abusing our charity.

    • Joe says:

      Why is it that there is no productive, profitable work for them to do?

      How about Moonbeam putting them to work laying track on his crazy bullet train to nowhere? Maybe you could put that in the Old Brown Buzzard’s ear the next time you squawk at him

  2. Peggy says:

    The difference between when you and I were young is local churches and neighbors helped families and individuals who needed help not some nameless faceless department across the country in DC.

    For the most part individuals had pride in themselves and wanted to provide for their family members and to walk their city streets with their heads up. Today it’s not uncommon to see individuals showing off their tattoos, piercings, corn rows, buying lobster with their food stamps while bragging it was all paid for with their welfare checks. Taking care of ones family has been replaced with being taken care of by their gov’t.

    They’ve been allowed to stay children forever instead of being forced to grow up to take care of themselves first and eventually their families and their communities. The gov’t has become their mommy and daddy allowing them to not go out a face that big bad world out there.

    My remarks do not apply to those who are mentally ill and physically unable to work, or to those needing a short-time hand up assistance. I strongly believe that a civilized society is required to help those who can NOT help themselves. They are children, the disabled and the elderly who don’t have family members. All others are not entitled to gov’t help.

    Libs would love a world full of children the gov’t could control with their housing, food, spiritual and health needs.

    Almost 250 years ago King George tried to be that parent to a bunch of rowdy teenagers across the Atlantic who decided it was time to grow up and become adults. He lost then and the democrats will lose too, because children always grow up eventually. They get tired of being told what, when and how to live THEIR lives.

  3. RHT447 says:

    From elsewhere on the web—

    “Without belaboring the issue, I learned that there were five ‘fugitives’ from California trying to rent every house that came on the market in AZ. It’s insane. Apparently the sales market is equally nuts. Rentals are on the market for one day and people bid up the price. I offered to pay $3.3K+ per month on a house not worth that and to pay the whole year up front. Even that wasn’t sufficient. So I’ll rent in SoCal near the kids until the house is done and Emilie can stay in CA near her friends.”

    From here—

  4. Joe says:

    But, mostly these bums are just low grade criminals just waiting for an opportunity to rip something off.

    Sounds like Democrats to me…as they are just waiting for another opportunity to rip-off the taxpayers…

  5. Joe says:

    Yeah, the cops are pretty much useless and the politicians not only don’t do anything to resolve the situation, they do things to perpetuate it….so what are the victims to do?

    I will tell you what. We need some vigilante justice. Catch a few of these thieves in the act then beat them to a bloody pulp, to an inch of their lives. If that happened often enough sooner or later word would get out amongst the thugs and your crime problems would be solved.

  6. Jihadi Joe says:

    Perhaps Chico should consider encouraging the importation of Muslims instead of our own low-life freeloaders, thugs and thieves.

    Sweden’s Islamic rape epidemic: Almost half of the victims are children

  7. Tina says:

    Great article by Victor Davis Hason posted at IBD, “Will California Ever Thrive Again? ” supports many of your positions Jack, including this one!

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