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When the Quarantine is Worse than the Disease – You Fight Back

by Jack PROTEST SCHEDULED FOR TONIGHT – CITY OF CHICO Thanks to the tyrannical behavior of the governor of this state, a protest will be held at the Chico City Council Chambers tonight at exactly 10:01 pm.   This is one … Continue reading

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2020 Election Results for Chico, CA

by Jack The unofficial vote count says that. . . Rep. Doug LaMalfa-R, won re-election by a solid 10% margin, which is about the same point spread as his previous election.  This marks LaMalfa’s 5th term in Congress. Sean Morgan,  … Continue reading

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Update on CA Homelessness – It Keeps Getting Worse

by Jack California’s homeless population last year was almost 130,000, that number represents over 30% of the nation’s total.   California has more than its share of homeless because of it’s fair weather, abundant charity, social services, and soft-on-crime policies.  A vast … Continue reading

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Grand Plan for Homeless Flocking to Chico – Sure It’s Expensive!

by Rob Berry, Esq. Tomorrow night, the City Council will consider the long awaited, and nearly secret plan to spend $2.4 Million dollars on homeless services. This proposed expenditure includes $700,000 on the BMX BMX project, including paying for the … Continue reading

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Arsonist Arrested in Chico

by Jack As if the people of Chico have not suffered enough.  First at the hands of homeless bums, then from liberals on the City Council, then from COVIDS, then more bums, then the wild fires, draught, air pollution and … Continue reading

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Defund the Police!

by Jack The Minneapolis city council thinks it would be wise to defund their police department in the wake of the George Floyd death.  The gang of four on the Chico city council think’s so too. Hmmm, lets see, should … Continue reading

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They’re Here in Chico

by Jack A modest, but enthusiastic crowd of anti-police protesters gather on the sidewalk next to the City Council Chambers in downtown Chico.  There were probably 60% girls between 15 and 25 with a slightly older mix of males and … Continue reading

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posted by Jack The Redding Police Department is letting the community know they are aware of a violent sex offender known as ‘Pirate’ who is back on the streets of Redding. Daniel Selovich, who legally changed his name to Pirate … Continue reading

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Rare Opportunity – B17 and B25 Rides

There will be flight tickets sold too.  I will update this post with how to purchase tickets for a ride.  Only a limited number will be sold, so you should book early.    The last time we were offering rides … Continue reading

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20 Million Rats Taking Over Lost Angeles – They’re Moving North Too

by Jack “Rats! They fought the dogs and killed the cats, And bit the babies in the cradles, And ate the cheeses out of the vats, And licked the soup from the cooks’ own ladle’s, Split open the kegs of … Continue reading

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