Chico’s Bum Population

by Jack

The Mayor sent me a nice email letter yesterday summarizing the state of the city. So, I took this opportunity to send him one back detailing how I see the state of the homeless that has the city council wringing their hands in frustration.

I hope Sean reads it, because I pretty much said what I have been saying here for months, you know, about taking a no non-sense stand against the mini-crime wave the bums have brought to Chico.

Obviously our Chief doesn’t have the will to do it. He’s still hoping the bums will play nice if we treat them with respect and courtesy. Hey, I’m all for that too, only it doesn’t work! That approach is laughed at. So, it’s time to rethink their plan and about the only thing the police departments has not done yet is get tough and start busting the bums for every violation they happen to see. It’s no more than I would expect if I were the one breaking the law.

The chief said a long time ago he does not want to get into the business of focused enforcement on the homeless. He lamented how terrible that would be to pick on the homeless and how being poor isn’t a crime. Well, I strongly disagree, because he’s talking about one group of people and I am talking about another…the one he doesn’t want to acknowledge exists. Need I say it, I think his take is just a bunch of liberal malarky?

Nobody…. was ever suggesting mistreating bums or throwing them on the next train out of town or anything like that! My thought and the thoughts of many of my fellow citizens is, hey, just do your job. You’ve got a penal code book and a city code book…use them! You know like real cops do. Let me spell it out: Bust those shoplifters, get creative and catch those bike thieves. Makes sweeps at night and arrest those Bidwell park campers, the ones that are trashing the park and polluting the very stream that our kids swim in at 1 Mile! And when you catch these miscreants, put them in the slammer! That’s what ultra-liberal San Francisco does! Sure, they are very permissive about a lot of things, but the one thing they will not allow, where they absolutely draw the line, is bums taking over their Golden Gate Park! That’s a big no-no, so they have said no sleeping/camping in the GG park and they mean it!

Why don’t we drawn the line here on something? Sadly, the police depart, and let me make this clear, the average beat cop is willing, but he is not able to protect our downtown business people as they would like. This means they are not doing much of anything with the illegal dumping, littering in the park or the polluting of Chico Creek. I have a long list of offenses that our bums are solely responsible for and there just isn’t any enforcement going on to fix it and it all goes back to one guy at the top. We need and want enforcers of the law, not touchy feel street diplomats; besides we tried that and of course it didn’t work.

I believe there is not enough money in the whole county, maybe the whole State, to chaperone, to counsel, to coddle, to feed, clothe and shelter this hard core of “I won’t work” bums that are here now! My part thought…I’m just hoping the many thousands of bums in other cities never hear what a soft touch we are, because that’s like putting out the welcome mat to petty criminals. If Annie B could see what has happened to her town she would be rolling in her grave.

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14 Responses to Chico’s Bum Population

  1. Harold says:

    Also it would not surprise me one bit to learn the identity of the person throwing rocks at passing cars on highway 99 (13 now as reported) is a transient bum as well.

    I don’t think the Mayor or the Police Chief would be surprised either…..

  2. J. Soden says:

    If the Chief does not want to enforce the law and protect the tax-paying residents and businesses, then the City of Chico needs a new Chief.

  3. Libby says:

    Jack, you gotta get some new pictures if you want us to think the situation is really getting worse. Like I said, I spent some time in that sadly paved downtown plaza, and it was remarkably free of vagrants, and smelled perfectly pleasant.

    Whereas, I spent some time at a bus stop down here yesterday, and you don’t want to know what it smelled like.

    You never did answer my challenge a few weeks ago. You really want to try and put yourself into a vagrant’s head … just for a bit. All the Buddhists will tell you … you’ll feel better.

    • Harold says:

      Libby writes; ‘You never did answer my challenge a few weeks ago’ sigh!

      And you as also never answered J.Soden’s question about how you help the homeless in your area or how many you may have taken into your residence.

      Your likely answer might be zero, I could be wrong, but I doubt it!

      A core reason it smells to high heaven in your area, is related to a ideology of handouts instead of a hand up, handouts are the root of the problem which continues to support these bums lifestyle and will until you liberals quit supporting them (using todays limited tax dollars, and new fees) with out any real reason for them to apply less dependence on others. wasted tax dollars is the only result that ideology creates.

      Maybe its time for you and your ilk to get out and clean it up yourselves and do more than bitch and complain or create surveys to count the growing numbers of able bodied bums that beg for a more in a socialist supported lifestyle, your mostly hypocrites and that’s the source of real odor in your world.

      While your acting so high and mighty asking Jack what he is doing, (and he trying to help the city recognize the growing problem) how about you tell us what you have done recently (or if ever) to help reduce this growing population (especially those who choose this life style by choice, and I am not talking about those with mental health issues )

      Jack has clearly exposed those capable of supporting themselves in many prior posts, and he has shown that number to increase in Chico due to poor decisions by a (former) Liberal city counsels majority.

      The old expression of” if you build it they will come”, holds true about bums, and much like feeding stray cats, once you help feed , and they defecate in your garden, you possible might realize your mistake.

  4. Post Scripts says:

    Hi Libby, actually I tried to do just what you suggested. I went out on the street, did some interviews, sat with the guys in the park and I had nice chats too. I learned a lot about this issue from both sides. I wish everyone could have that insight, including our Chief of Police. I’ll admit the paved over park we called Plaza Park is fairly clean, but the occupants sure aren’t. I think the city is doing a fine job of picking up the trash, but what to do about the human trash that litters the lawns and benches?

  5. Post Scripts says:

    P. S. I love that picture! It sums up a thousand words! lol

  6. Jim says:

    The city underfunds the police dept. We need more officers! However the city has been giving raises to management, hiring useless staff like an airport manager, more staff in the city planning dept., bicycle overpass at 20th St. they are even discussing subsidizing an airline to service Chico.

    The citizens want public safety as the first priority, and they should cut back on all other city staff and put police and fire first.

  7. Tina says:

    We made this mess over decades through bad parenting, poor education, low expectations, making too many excuses for bad behavior and encouraging (celebrating?) sloth and slovenly habits…not to mention dissing the idea of the intact family, commitment to spouse and family, and incredibly selfish, need (addiction) for instant gratification.

    We’ve tried to make up for this with the bandage of social services, which, as Harold pointed out, only encourages poor choices and bad habits. More of the same will not get to the heart of the matter, notwithstanding those who actually take advantage of the help and work to improve their lot. Now there’s a statistic I’d like to have. How many people in a given year manage to accept help from a shelter and go on to get a job and a restored life? And what is it about those programs that works?

    Efforts are being made at the federal level toward a growing economy and encouraging people through greater expectations and training programs, but there is only so much the fed can do. Long term it really must begin with individuals and families.

  8. Jihadi Joe says:

    I support your stance. As one of it’s victims, this crime wave is not “mini” to me.

    Just be thankful Chico is not importing a flood of those wonderful Muslim refugees and imitating Europe’s painful errors as well.

  9. Truth To Power says:

    What would Jesus have done?

    Try solving the problem of disparity in this country instead of complaining about the symptom.

    • Jihadi Joe says:

      WOW! DOUBLE WOW!! Invoking Jesus in a pathetic attempt to shut down and dismiss a reasonable and rational conversation. Ann Coulter has your number, Dork To Coward.

      What would Allah’s Prophet Muhammad have said? EH?

      Tell us Dork To Coward, how would YOU solve disparity? EH? That is a sincere question. I really want to know. I am eager to hear your solution.

      From the Get A Damn Clue department: Those wonderful mainstream “moderate” majority of Muslims! Operations manager for Islamic Relief praises killing of Jews.

  10. Drive By Conservative says:

    (Editors warning-graphic image follows)

    Coming soon to downtown Chico.

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