Are You With Me? ( uh, no…no I’m not )

by Jack

If you are a registered republican you probably just received an email from Assemblyman James Gallagher. He opens by pushing all the right buttons. . .

“North State residents cannot afford their new $5.2 billion gas and car tax. Nor can we afford even more restrictive environmental regulations courtesy of SB 32. If that’s not bad enough, now they want to make California a ‘sanctuary state’. Enough is enough! If these out-of-touch legislators are going to double-down on job killing policies, then I am going to double-down on my efforts to replace them on Election Day. But I cannot win this fight alone. I need your help! (Hey, you’ve never been alone and you’ve not done squat yet, because you can’t.)

Please join me at Almendra Winery in Durham on August 17th to help raise the funding needed to elect representatives who share our values!” James Gallagher

Sorry, but this is just more of the standard old campaign BS being spread on us mushrooms.

Look folks, we don’t have the votes or the representation in Sacramento to change a thing, unless the democrats allow us.  This is the way it is for now,  the foreseeable future and probably for our lifetime.

CA is done, its over and democrats run everything.

Let me make this absolutely clear, if every republican in CA office followed Gallagher, we would still have nothing.   The demographics belong to the democrats and not you nor the entire GOP is going to change that.   If anything it is only going to get worse.  We simply don’t have the votes to change a damn thing in Sacramento.   So, what Mr. Gallagher said sounds nice, but in fact it means nothing.

GOP legislators might just as well stay home and save the gas.

Assemblyman Gallagher, if you feel guilty about taking a fat salary for doing next to nothing, why not try donating part of it to a local charity? I would admire that, because the peoples tax money would be better served.

It’s a proven fact:  The vast majority of voters in CA don’t care about our GOP message. This is why every major office is held by a democrat.  They control the Senate and the Assembly.   The democrat representation just from Los Angeles is enough to block any GOP legislating coming from the North State. Could this picture be any more clear?

So, unless you (Assemblyman Gallagher) are for staying home and boycotting Sacramento, no, I’m not with you.  I refuse to play the game and I believe this call for campaign money is just about one person’s future, yours.

Neither you, nor the entire lot of republicans in CA are going to reverse the sanctuary state status, repeal the gas tax, protect gun rights, preserve North State water or anything else near and dear to us conservatives.   So, just tell it like it is, you might even feel better for being honest.

Jack Lee

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6 Responses to Are You With Me? ( uh, no…no I’m not )

  1. Libby says:

    “Sorry, but this is just more of the standard old campaign BS being spread on us mushrooms.”

    Interesting metaphor. Should you object to the application of that which makes you a happy, healthy, productive schroom?

  2. J. Soden says:

    Well said, Jack!

  3. Post Scripts says:

    J. S. There are a lot of republicans out here that will be offended by this biting truth. These would be the same one’s who will show up to Mr. Gallagher’s fundraiser and expect favors for their support.

    They (the deep pocket supporters) will be looking for a little help from the special interest department should he be re-elected.

    This sort of thing is just business as usual and both parties understand it and neither would want to reform it. However, I’m glad you are not one of those folks and that you have both feet firmly on the ground.

    The every day voter is but a pawn in this political power game. Right now the democrat voters think they have the upper hand, but they really don’t. It’s their leadership that does and they (fat cat legislators) will leave office quite wealthy for it.

    It all stinks, it really does and both party’s are guilty of abusing the voters. Oh well…

    But, back to the original premise, the bottom line is, why should we (GOP) pretend we’re going to change anything when we have to ask permission from the democrats first?

  4. Tina says:

    Jack you’re right. Democrats have a stronghold in this state and Republicans representing us don;t have the power to change a thing.

    California will come to bankruptcy one day in the near future and it won;t be the fat cats that suffer in it’s demise, it will be people, like Chris who has tied his future (so far) to the party of big controlling government.

    Moving out of state is becoming more attractive by the hour. Some of my family have already decided to go…why should granny stay behind? Won’t happen soon but I’m sure Libby will have plenty of time to put out a good riddance message before I go, lol.

    It’s still baffling how they can’t see they are wringing their own necks.

  5. Joe says:

    Captain Jack, so what’s the solution? Do nothing?

    There are only two options that I can see: fight like H#ll for the State of Jefferson or some other state split or move to another state.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Joe, right now there is a petition circulating to assign representation based on districts and not the population within the district. This would advantage Northern California which is mostly conservative, but don’t expect that to go over. Next, splitting the state into North and South, but at this point it would take nothing short of an armed rebellion involving hundreds of thousands of patriots and even then, I’m not so sure it would work. Then there’s a simple armed rebellion, an attack on the capitol, see previous statement. Then there’s just leave the freakin state, leave and let them sink under the weight of their own stupidity and bureaucracy. We know they can’t make it without big and small businesses and most of these are owned by conservatives. It was the solution in Ayn Rand’s novel. But, my kids are here in CA, so in effect I’m kinda stuck.

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