Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is Concerned About Public Safety?

Posted by Tina

The left’s selective approach to standards and moral and civic responsibility can be perplexing. Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago is a great example. Emanuel’s response to the Trump administration’s crack down on sanctuary cities, and the criminals and gangs they shelter, is a case in point:

According to Emanuel, stopping Chicago’s sanctuary policies would actually be a threat to public safety. Sanctuary city policies allow police to release illegal immigrants who have been accused of a crime even if ICE has issued a detainer against the immigrant.

“Our police department is built on the principles of community policing,” Emanuel said during a Monday interview on CNN. “We don’t want officers just patrolling the neighborhood but to be part of that neighborhood. … By forcing the police department to choose between the values of the city and the philosophy of the police department…I think it’s a false choice and it actually undermines our public safety agenda…”

His public safety agenda? How well is that agenda working out for the law abiding citizens of his city? The Chicago Tribune reported in February that homocides in Chicago were already higher than the previous year:

Homicides are now outpacing last year in Chicago after the city experienced its deadliest day so far this year, according to data kept by the Tribune. Seven people were shot to death on Wednesday, five of them killed over two hours, including a woman who was eight months pregnant and had already picked out a name for her baby. … Statistics from the Chicago Police Department are lower because it does not include shootings on city expressways, police-involved shootings and incidents police consider non-criminal, like justified shootings. But even the department’s numbers show this year is starting off as violently as last year. The department reported 379 shooting incidents this year, compared to 365 this time last year. It counted 91 homicides as of Wednesday night, compared to 93 the year before.

In April 0f 2016 Trey Gowdy spoke about the number of criminals that have illegally crossed our borders and are residing in our country:

“Today there are over 350,000 known criminal aliens in the United States who are not detained by ICE, 350,000,” Gowdy, the chairman of the Immigration and Border Security Subcommittee, said opening a hearing examining the victims of illegal immigrant crime. … Gowdy noted that, according to ICE, between October 2011 and December 2014, ICE released criminal aliens over 100,000 times. “According to ICE those released have been convicted of more than 10,000 assaults, more than 800 sexual assaults, more than 400 homicide-related offenses, and more than 300 kidnappings.”

Sanctuary cities offer undocumented criminals a safe haven. Even when local officers arrest them for crimes they are not turned over to ICE as federal law requires. By what legal and moral standards does the Mayor defend his “agenda” if it includes criminals from facing federal prosecution and deportation? An extremely loose legal and moral code, likely born of perceived political advantage, and propped up by a culture that refuses to make distinctions between criminals and law abiding people whether foreign or citizen. Ultimately such wobbly standards devolve into hapless and haphazard approaches to maintaining civility and order. The citizens of Chicago are the victims of such irresponsible governing whether they now it or not.

The city of Chicago is suing the Trump administration for threatening to withhold funding for non-compliance of federal immigration laws. According to Judge Napolitano the suit will be thrown out since a lawsuit can only be filed after funds are withheld and not when there is simply a threat of withheld funds. Who knows, they might just find themselves an activist judge who allows the suit to go forward, it wouldn’t be the first time. At the very least they can produce a wasteful pain in the butt case for the taxpayer and it’s overworked court system. Rahm Emanuel’s selective enforcement policies work against the safety of the citizens of Chicago.

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5 Responses to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is Concerned About Public Safety?

  1. Tina says:

    Related: The Washington Examiner reports that Obama era regulation that lowered the vetting bar and immigration law to allow one million youths to illegally enter the US:

    In its rush to welcome over one million illegal immigrant youths from Latin America, the Obama administration turned a blind eye to criminal acts and eased rules governing legal entry, according to newly uncovered documents.

    Emails, budgets and training manuals provided to the Immigration Reform Law Institute show, for example, that the controversial Obama program to defer deportation allowed them to stay if they held several documents, such as Social Security numbers and federal tax return checks, that are illegal for non-citizens to have.

    What’s more, the rules for winning Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, required that those seeking it had to prove they were in the country illegally as of June 15, 2012, cementing their status as illegal and subject to deportation.

    The DACA program is coming in focus this fall as President Trump and Congress determine if it should continue as pro-immigration advocates want or be curtailed or even killed as critics and candidate Trump demanded.

    Among the key issues involved are how many of the 1.267 million DACA recipients won their deportation deferrals under the Obama-era rules that allowed them to provide illegal documents such as fraudulent or stolen Social Security numbers for background checks.

    According to the documents provided under a Freedom of Information Act filing to IRLI — and shown to Secrets — U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services required legal documents from the illegals to prove that they had been in the United States.

    They included: Money order receipts for cash sent in our out of the country; passport entries; birth certificates of children born in the U.S.; dated bank transactions; U.S. Social Security card; automobile licenses; non-U.S. authorized cards issued by Mexican consulates; deeds or mortgages; tax receipts; W-2s; federal tax returns.

    The papers also showed that the agency had to devote hundreds of staffers, at a cost of some $42 million, just to handle the administration’s immigration push.

  2. J. Soden says:

    The Mayor of the Murder Capital of the World is gonna sue. Whoopee.

    Beleaguered Chicago residents will be so proud that Rahm is wasting their taxes on nothing but a publicity stunt.
    Anybody else think that Rahm has his eye on the white house down the road and this is way to get attention?

    • Tina says:

      Democrats are desperate for a candidate.

      In December Emanuel offerred a single digit retort to a consultant who asked him about a run for the WH. (Seems the Chicago attitude closely resembles that of New Yorkers!)

  3. Tina says:

    Heard last night that the Obama’s budget deal included language that protects funds to sanctuary cities. There’s a chance that Sessions can’t withhold funding as long as we’re operating under his budget. That will end if Republicans don’t blow it, again, come October.

  4. Tina says:

    The Chicago Tribune highlights a DUI murder by an illegal and the duplicity of Emanuel who was once aligned with Trump (and Hillary and Bill) on immigration:

    “Chicago will not be blackmailed into changing our values, and we are and will remain a welcoming city,” Emanuel said.

    Our Chicago values?

    Hearing the mayor talk, so forcefully, you almost forget that he was stridently opposed to illegal immigration. And under Presidents Bill Clinton and Obama, he demanded repeated and high-profile federal immigration raids and deportations and crackdowns at workplaces across America.

    But now he’s Mayor Zorro.

    What’s amusing is that some are so blinded by their hatred of Trump, and so oblivious to how Chicago politics really work, that they’re actually applauding Emanuel for standing up to alleged Trump bullying.

    Rahm must smirk at such useful idiocy. It all plays into his hands. He’s hurt himself with African-Americans, so he drops his sanctuary city card again and again, cozying up to Latinos as he seeks re-election.

    “Under Clinton and Obama, Rahm was against all this,” said Brian McCann. “Now he’s a sanctuary cities proponent. The rule of law is always compromised by power politics. That’s all this is: power politics for Rahm and Preckwinkle. And public safety be damned.”

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