Chico Airport and the Air Museum

by Jack

Friday, 11 Aug Chico, CA  It’s been a busy day so far, C-130’s, P-2’s and other exotic fire fighting aircraft have been coming and going.  These are some beautiful, historic aircraft (former military) that have been converted over to drop water on fires.

The air museum provides a ringside seat for visitors and right now is the perfect time to come out for a visit.

The weather is nice, the activity is entertaining and in between take-offs you can get up close and personal with some incredible aircraft inside the museums enormous hanger and of course in our outside display area.

Come out and bring the kids and a camera, you never know what you might see…we’re waiting!

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2 Responses to Chico Airport and the Air Museum

  1. Harold says:

    I was there yesterday and watched a F-86f Sabre from the Korean war in the 50’s take off. , It was a cool experience as only about 12 of those F-86 War Birds still fly.
    And right after a bi-wing landed and took off right after on a touch and go.

    The Museum is ever changing and every visit brings forth new display’s to view.

    A big thanks goes out to all the volunteer docent’s who always help answers questions and keep the place running. They are restoring a Chinook helicopter right now, and it interest to view the “flying banana” up close.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Thanks Harold, appreciate the follow up comments. We need all the support and advertisement we can get because I bet that half of Chico still doesn’t know we have an air museum!

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