Jack Lee Art – Air Tanker 14

Posted by Jack

Because of what I was watching at the airport these last few weeks I thought this painting was timely.

It is a P2v Neptune, twin engine radial with auxiliary jet engines during climb outs. That’s a jet engine hanging under the left wing.  A lot of P2’s were surplused out in the 80’s and converted to air tankers for firefighting.   It’s a solid airframe and it already had bomb-bay doors which made it a fairly easy conversion.  They are now being taken out of service for good, just too old and too many landings…

Neptune to the rescue


UPDATE: I was at the airport today and would you believe it, there was air tanker 14 just like in the painting. This is weird, 14 is a plane that just went into retirement, the pilot just went into retirement and the painting was of course done by me in retirement. I had not seen the air tanker until today.

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  1. Pie Guevara says:

    Another painting by Jack I wouldn’t mind owning if I had the room to display it. I suggest you do a series and find a place to have them displayed at the airport museum.

    Required reading —

    Anyone who likes seeing such a celebrated leftist being skewered by his own words and arguments will enjoy much of this book hugely, but its overall effect is actually very sobering. What is it about Western intellectual culture, and American academic culture in particular, that has led so many potentially talented people to turn into such blind and hate-filled critics? There is no answer in this book, but it sure makes you wonder.

    A disgraceful career

  2. Joe says:

    Nice painting.

    They are now being taken out of service for good, just too old and too many landingsā€¦

    Sounds just like me.

  3. Post Scripts says:

    PS I gave my painting to the pilot of number14. He’s spent 40 years flying, mostly firefighting, seemed only right to give him the painting marking his last flight in a P2.

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