Terrorist Attack in Manhattan, eh, so what?

by Jack

Once again, we have mass casualties caused by a single individual engaging in an act of terrorism.  It involved a devout Muslim.  It was a male, between the ages of 17 and 40.  He was formerly from a Muslim country wrecked by Islamic extremism and violence.  It was similar in many ways to other related terrorist incidents.  But, none of that matters, because that would be profiling and that is of course pure evil!  To even notice such reoccurring descriptors would have you fired if you were in law enforcement or worse, labeled a bigot if you were an outspoken citizen.

The politically correct response is, a shoulder shrug followed, “Well, it’s too bad, eh but whattaya goin to do?”  The liberal party line goes something like this, but only when it comes to Muslims,  “You can’t stop every crazy individual who wants to kill somebody. It’s just one of those things we’re going to have to live with.” The exception would be, unless it was a white male and said killing was done with a pistol or rifle.  Then there’s no end of restrictive laws passed and people to be sued or jailed.

Yesterday in Manhattan, the weapon of choice was a truck, a copy-cat of what is taking place now in Europe.  Can’t ban trucks and can’t prevent terrorists from renting one.  So we should just give up?  Better to focus on what we can ban… guns!  

Next time (and there will be a next time) it could be an IED, poison gas, arson, biologicals, who knows? The point being, “Where there’s a will – there’s a way.”  And let’s get this part straight right now, these terrorists are not [crazy]!  Aside, from their agenda to kill infidels or do the work of ISIS, they function perfectly normally in society just like anyone else, er, up until something triggers their homicidal rage.

Based on past terror attacks, the offenders have been clergymen, a psychologist, a medical doctor/s, military people, war-refugees, a county worker, etc., but the one common thread was, they were all Muslims, passion driven by their own religious indoctrination.  If that makes them crazy people, then point taken.

Speaking of crazy, the leftist side of today’s politics says, they (Muslims) are just part of the great American melting pot. Further, that they have always been part of the diversity that made us great, president Obama told us so, remember? Apparently Muslims arrived around the time of the Mayflower and they helped found this nation.  What a bunch of BS!  Maybe in some parallel dimension where liberals come from, but not in this world where we live.

Liberals who promote this ridiculous revisionist history are the crazy ones, but not Muslim radicals who are only doing what Muslim radicals always do, spread hate, division and terror for a political objective…and that is perfectly logical from their perspective.

50 years ago in America you hardly ever saw a mosque and acts of terrorism were just about as rare. But, since north Africa and the middle east started blowing itself up, we’ve seen this mass exodus of Muslim refugees coming to our country for safe haven. Once here they formed sub-cultures, built mosques and began doing what they did in their former country. They were not assimilating, instead their mission was to fundamentally alter our culture to their ways. Not surprising the terrorism that ruined their former country is now here too! It’s also in England, France, Germany, Holland, Sweden and anywhere masses of Muslim immigrants are found. And the liberals dare to tell us, when it comes to occasional acts of terrorism or rioting, “Well gee, there’s just nothing that can be done about it, deal with it.” It’s just our changing world, so y-o-u just go shrug your shoulders and prepare to acclimate to the new America filled with jihadis. Unless you are a killer of the Timothy McVeigh type, then son you are going to die, no endless reprieves or delays for you!

Supporters of anti-immigration right-wing movement PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West) take part in in demonstration rally, in reaction to mass assaults on women on New Year’s Eve, in Cologne, Germany, January 9, 2016. Wolfgang Rattay / Reuters

If you challenge the notion that the radical version of the Muslim religion is wholly incompatible with our democracy, that the friction raised between our freedoms and their religion are the basis for their terrorist motives… then you’re the problem! You’re a bigot, a racist, a xenophobe, you’re stupid and you are what is wrong with America! Your outrageously ignorant voice needs a good beat-down by ANTIFA until you see the light.

Here’s a huge reality check: Bringing in hoards of irreversibly indoctrinated people who absolutely do not embrace our unique cultural ideals and who question our, motives, history, government, and freedoms and seek to impose their religious values on us…. does not make us stronger! Diversity by itself has never made any country stronger, but unity of purpose does. Where’s our unity when we need it? You’ve heard it before, but borders, language and culture are what a nation is built on, weaken any one of these fundamental things and you weaken the country, fatally, and this is us.

Now lets get back to what we CAN do to fix things. Promoting radical Islam (and its bi-product terrorism) through ultra-liberal immigration policies is purely an option.  We simply don’t have any compelling reason to expose ourselves to that culture and all it’s risks.

Right now we still have a vote and therefore a choice. However, as the nations demographics change the power of our vote is diluted. Some day, if this nation stays on its current trajectory, importing radical Islam will not be an option. When that day comes we will have forever lost our choice along with our vote. One need only look at life in the middle east to see what happens when governments fall to Islamic theocracies aka kleptocracies. That’s where we’re heading and Manhattan is just another red flag warning.

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15 Responses to Terrorist Attack in Manhattan, eh, so what?

  1. Peggy says:

    I agree with Trump. Moving here from other countries should be a privilege not a right.

    Trump calls for end to diversity visa program after NYC attack:

    “President Trump said Wednesday he will ask Congress to end an immigrant visa program that he said the New York City terror suspect used to enter the U.S.

    Speaking during a Cabinet meeting, Trump called the suspect an “animal” and said he should have not been allowed into the country.

    “I am today starting the process of terminating the diversity lottery program,” the president said at the White House, calling on lawmakers to act “as soon as possible.”

    But Trump decried U.S. immigration laws as a “joke” and a “laughingstock” that leaves the country vulnerable to terrorist infiltration.

    “We are so politically correct, we are afraid to do anything,” Trump said.

    He claimed the suspected attacker was responsible for the entry of 23 other immigrants, including several family members, through the practice of “chain migration.”

    “We have a lot of good bills in there that are being stopped by Democrats because they’re being obstructionists,” the president said. “And honestly they don’t want to do what’s right for our country. We need strength. We need resolve. We have to stop it.”


    • Tina says:

      I agree with Trump too, Peggy. Not only is it a privilege (instead of a right) to come here but it is imperative that we choose carefully bringing in only those who want to assimilate and who have something to contribute. It used to be that an immigrant was required to have a sponsor that would help them to learn the language, assimilate, and find work. Every nation should do the same.

      Aside from our own national interests is the incentive for other poorer nations to take care of their own. When they can depend on America to handle their criminals and needy they don’t have to give those problems much thought…they don’t have an incentive to model their governments in ways that make better sense.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Say what you want about ol Donald, but he sure tells it like it is! I love it, “Trump decried U.S. immigration laws as a “joke” and a “laughingstock” that leaves the country vulnerable to terrorist infiltration.” For all his faults he is brutally honest and I find this so refreshing from the two faced politicians that have treated the public like a mushroom farm for years.

      • Peggy says:

        Again one of the reasons Trump won was he’s not afraid to do what Dems have always done. They scream gun control minutes after a shooting, but when Trump says we need to change our immigration laws after a terrorist attack he’s accused of going political too fast.

        Most voters are smarter than Dems believe and understand what they’re trying to do. Hypocrisy and double standards in our faces from morning until night.

        I wonder how Schumer’s reelection will fair being that he’s from New York and one of the authors of the diversity visa bill that allowed in this terrorist that killed and injured people from his own city? Will he support the new bill to do away with diversity visas or will he lead the dems to vote against it?

  2. J. Soden says:

    Stacy Dash found this and posted it on Twitter today. Pretty accurate!

    Timeline Media Response
    Hour 1-2 “Nobody must jump to any conclusions about who is responsible or if it is even a terrorist attack”
    Hour 3-4 “Perpetrators could be right-wing extremists”
    Hour 3-6 “Attackers probably disaffected marginalized youths” “discrimination, poverty, unemployment, leads to radicalization,” “nothing to do with Islam”
    Hour 7-24 “No obvious motive for attack,” “Lone wolf”, “No connections to terrorist groups.” “Probably mental health problems,” Find photo of a Muslim victim (If none available, a photo of a Muslim looking shocked will suffice) and use only this
    Day 2 AM “Muslims fear backlash after attack”
    Day 2 PM “Right-wing racists exploit attack with violence against Muslims” (after veiled woman claims some body gave her a nasty stare)
    Day 3 AM “This was attack against Islam; Muslims are real victims” or “Attacker/s extremists who hijacked a religion of peace.”
    Day 3 PM “Attacker had long-term psychiatric problems”
    Day 4 Make up a story about a Muslim “hero” who saved lives during the attack.
    Day 5 “United response to attack proves success of diversity and multi-culturalism. It is the right-wing racists we must destroy.”

    Sounds like it came right outta the Leftie Presstitute Playbook!

    • Tina says:

      It has to be the “Leftie Presstitute Playbook” since we’re only at day 2.

      But once again President Trump Is out in front of the parade messaging about our immigration policy and sending these guys to Gitmo and using the military court.

      Saw Rudy Jasser on Fox this morning taking, once again, about the religion’s responsibility to reform the religion and rid themselves of extremist ideas. He noted that as of today it’s been 500 years since the Christian religion made reforms and he also noted that in nearly 1500 years Islam has yet to do so. The wheels are in motion but can they win the argument? It’s hard to imagine in my lifetime.

      Meanwhile, it’s important to call these terrorists what they are…militant Islamist terrorists. It is imperative to take a tough, unbending stance in the face of their violent intent. They hold an extreme minority opinion, complete dominance, and refuse to join or even tolerate a “diverse” world. They are attempting to make their rules THE rules. The only response to that is THEY LOSE.

      Talk radio made an immediate call noting this was a likely terrorist in the mold of others in Europe tied to ISIS that mowed down people in the street.

      The deniers are playing a stupid game of indulgence. Can anyone name a time in history when indulging a violent aggressor resulted in hugs and kisses all around?

    • Post Scripts says:

      Wow….wow…wow… that is so incredibly right on and hilarious. The best humor has a lot of truth in it and this is it! Thanks, a great find JS.

  3. Tina says:

    abc7 in NY reports the terrorist had planned to continue on to the Brooklyn Bridge to hit even more people but was halted when he ran into a bus. A little more information is now available. Plus, he had a ridiculous request in the hospital:

    While in the hospital after his capture, he asked to fly an ISIS flag in his hospital room and said “he felt good about what he had done.” …

    … Law enforcement officials also obtained a search warrant to go through the phones and they found:

    — On cellphone 1, 90 videos and 3,800 images of ISIS-related propaganda, many showing ISIS fighters killing people and instructions on bomb making

    — On cellphone 2, they found Internet searches for the Home Depot in Passaic (done on October 4), a search for “Halloween in nyc” (on October 15) and a search for Home Depot truck rentals (on October 18).

    Prosecutors announced federal terrorism charges against Saipov late Wednesday, which means he can get the death penalty if convicted — even though New York state has no death penalty.

  4. Tina says:

    Daily Mail is reporting that President Trump informed the press that Sayfullo Saipov, who came to the US on a “diversity visa” brought another 23 people into the country as their “contact” person. He said we must “bring a stop” to chain migration. I absolutely agree.

    And, given the anti-white sentiment that has become so prevalent on the left, I’m quite comfortable in saying the intention of the left regarding immigration has been to permanently alter our culture and destroy the principles of our founding.

    Did any of you happen to see the lefty twit WH journalist” ask the slavery question?

    “Does this administration believe that slavery is wrong?”

    I guess she believes this will win her points in lefty circles. The rest of us see her as incredibly stupid and childish. The WH correspondence pool is supposed to be the cream of the crop. If this is all the left has to offer they are in big trouble…clowns.

  5. RHT447 says:

    No comment needed.

    “The overriding foreign policy message of Obama’s first term was that the war on terror had been badly botched by his predecessor but was now in his capable hands and therefore being swiftly brought to a favorable close. The overriding imperative of his second term was to make a deal with the Iranian government. In a manner of speaking, Barack Obama wanted what al Qaeda already had: a mutually beneficial partnership with Tehran. Revealing to the American people the truth about Osama bin Laden’s cozy working relationship with the Iranian government might have fatally undermined that diplomatic quest, just as the ongoing vitality of al Qaeda, amply testified to in the bin Laden documents, would have contradicted Obama’s proud claims in 2012 that al Qaeda was “on the run.” So Obama, with the eager cooperation of some in the intelligence community, bottled up the bin Laden documents and ran out the clock.”


    • Peggy says:

      Another huge lie committed by the award winning liar of the year recipient. Remember these? “GM is alive and Osama bin Laden is dead.” and “The analogy we use around here sometimes, and I think is accurate, is if a J.V. team puts on Lakers uniforms, that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant,”

      That “JV team” turned out to be Olympic gold medal winners that are sweeping across Europe and are in the US already because of the allowances by the previous administration.

      Another one of Obama’s whopper lies is his administration would be the most transparent ever. Hiding almost a half million unclassified documents just to help him win in 2012, which would have proved ISIS and other terrorist groups were not only a JV team, but were a real threat to our nation’s security.

      The DNC is imploding and deservedly so. It and those involved in it’s leadership from Obama on down are so corrupt they are unable to tell the truth to it’s own supporters. Yesterday a Bernie Sanders a top campaign worker was on Fox and she was livid at what the DNC and Hillary did. I project the backlash from those supporters, that filled rallies as big as Trump’s, will be the end of the DNC as we know it. And they may even have ground for a class action lawsuit against the DNC and Hillary for the money they donated for Bernie that ended up under the control of Hillary and in her pocket instead, with her secret agreement with Ms. Debbie WS not disclosed to the steering committee. Additional evidence those Bernie supporters will have is the videos of all of the Senators and House Reps. saying the election was rigged by the DNC.

      Last is the continues lies by the media. Not one minute of Brazil’s disclosures was covered on the main stream media, CBS, NBC and ABC. It’s a good thing most millennials now get their news on the internet where they at least can check if it’s fake or real. But, lying by omission is just another lie that hasn’t been uncovered yet. The truth will usually eventually come out. Obama, his administration and the DNC legacy will be a shameful mark for all of history.

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