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by Jack

Does character in politics matter that much to today’s often abused and disappointed voter? Polling says yes, the democratic party has fallen in popularity to a 25 year low. Barely 37% of Americans hold a favorable view of democrats. But, that’s a good thing, right? Dems are going to have to do some introspection into their agenda if they are to be relevant in the next big election.

Up next, it turns out that the crazy guy shooting into a Texas church had prior anger issues so severe that it could have disqualified him from owning a firearm. Unfortunately, while he was being kicked out of the Air Force for said issues, somebody didn’t file the correct paperwork. Should this technical oversight be cause to launch another assault on our 2nd amendment right? Democrats say yes! Any excuse to pass more gun control laws works for them… or does it? See above poll.

Grant Duwe, a criminologist and author of “Mass Murder in the United States: A History,” says 4 of America’s most severe shooting in terms of victims killed and wounded has occurred in the last 5 years. However, the average for total shootings remains relatively unchanged.

Criminologist, Adam Lankford, noted that two of the nation’s deadliest shootings had happened within the last 35 days. The motives varied widely, but there is growing evidence to suggest that “these shooters do influence each other.” Could it be that we are unwittingly creating violent role models for the mentally ill to copy?

In the past decades we have seen brief multiple post office shootings, then we had school shootings, then workplace shootings, then lone wolf-radical Islamic shooters/bombers, then trucks and cars used to mow down people by Islamic terrorists and now the attack on a crazed gunman’s in-laws while attending church. That’s a pretty clear link in my book and I have long thought so, but if its true, what do we do about it, without trampling on the free press or other rights? Should the media do some self-regulating and perhaps agree not to print to the name of the shooter, thus taking away some of the motivation for his crime? I don’t know, I’m just throwing it out here as food for thought.

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7 Responses to Headline News Today

  1. J. Soden says:

    Was reading a post the other day that addressed “Church Defense.” Evidently there was a class somewhere about how to survive a church attack. Couple of the lessons on the post were
    Don’t sit in the rear, since those will be the first targets.
    Sit in the middle or to the front, which will give you time to either duck or return fire.
    Always know where the “EXITs” is/are.

    Never really thought about it, but it makes sense. And given that there have been so any attacks at their places of worship, the post continued that the class had been given by those of the Jewish faith.

    Unfortunately, when I went to look for the post to publish here, I was unable to find it again. But ultimately YOU are responsible for your own safety, and being aware of what is going on around you may make you a survivor rather than a victim.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Like most old retired cops (and most new ones) when I go into any building to eat, worship, have coffee, etc., I survey my environment 360. If seated, I will try to take a seat with my back to a wall, or as far away from the point of entry as possible. At the same time, I note my points of escape or cover. It’s just automatic behavior and it has been my whole life. Its done is mere seconds, but it places my situational awareness way ahead of the next guy’s. I haven’t carried a firearm for much of the last decade, but the news every day is compelling me to start being more vigilant. For instance the bike path I ride on had a mugging a month ago. Yesterday there was a stabbing on the bike path under the freeway on Lindo channel. Yeah, it was a transient that did it after the lady turned down a request for money. Suspect described as a white female, 45-50, dirty curly blond hair, about 5-5 with a medium build. The victim was a lone female, but why she was walking alone in a dangerous area, under the freeway, where homeless camp was a politically incorrect question to ask, so who knows why? But, I’ll call this one contributory negligence.

      PS When walking into small store or liquor store do you look through the windows first to see what’s going on before you waltz inside? Might be a good idea. I did that 40 years ago and it saved me and I’ve done it ever since, but without incident. Still a good practice, and it takes so little time.

      • J. Soden says:

        And as an ex travel agent surviving 21+ years of airfare wars, that situational awareness works on airplanes, too.
        Identify the exits, then look around at your fellow passengers with an eye to seeing which man or woman might be a problem should an emergency arise.
        Some might call that profiling, but better to ID them in advance in case swift action is needed . . . . .

  2. Peggy says:

    If you didn’t see Trump’s speech in South Korea yesterday it’s worth watching. It’s brilliant, powerful and heartfelt.


  3. Harold says:

    “Should the media do some self-regulating and perhaps agree not to print to the name of the shooter,”

    • Peggy says:

      Some of the media have stopped using his name, but still put his picture up. I’d prefer they stopped doing both and just refer to him as the demented monster that he is.

  4. Tina says:

    I doubt the press will ever stop revealing the name or even a picture of the accused. But informing the pubic and engaging in hour by hour breathless sensationalizing and politicizing are two different things. This is where self regulation could really make a difference.

    I have noticed some (FOX on TV) are doing more stories on the victims and heroes and giving less time to the perp.

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