House Voted 364-58 Against Pursuing Impeachment

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Texas Democratic Rep. Al Green brought an impeachment bill before the House today to disastrous result. Nancy Pelosi and Stenny Hoyer basically told their colleagues to stand down because there was too much the House had to do right now. It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the fact that Democrats are looking pretty bad themselves right now, from the hypocrisy of the harassment and abuse scandals to the deceptive and corrupt practices tainting the IRS, FBI and Justice, to the partisan enablers in the media…as they say, the optics look bad! Really, really, bad!!

Democrats were talking (screaming) about the impeachment of Trump even before he was inaugurated, demonstrating that hatred and resentment over the loss of what they thought was a certainty, the election of Hillary Clinton as the first woman president, are the motivations behind the impeachment idea. And hate they do. So much so that they invented a scandal (Russian collusion with Trump) to build public hatred and resentment building to public fury that would fuel impeachment and removal from office.

But in the process even more partisan democrat corruption has been revealed…the latest:

…Andrew Weissmann, Mueller’s right-hand man, revealed his membership in the anti-Trump resistance in an email to Sally Yates, then the lead resister. It also happens that Peter Strzok, then a member Mueller’s team, revealed his anti-Trump animus in email exchanges with his lover Lisa Page. Page was also a member of Mueller’s team and likely shared Strzok’s view of Trump.

Weissmann and Strzok are surely the tip of the iceberg. In a town where many conservatives consider Trump hateful and/or corrupt, we can be certain that anti-Trump bias runs deep among Mueller’s Clinton and Obama supporting staffers.

A biased criminal investigation of anyone is unacceptable. A biased criminal investigation of the U.S. president is intolerable.

Sessions recused himself to avoid any accusations of bias. What about the members of Muellers team that are obviously biased, perhaps including Mueller himself? Paul Mirengoff has an idea:

I concur with a friend who says that Rod Rosenstein should direct Mueller to fire everyone on his staff who has made a political contribution or otherwise could be reasonably thought to be a partisan. If Mueller refuses, as he certainly would, Rosenstein should fire Mueller.

Since Rosenstein is also somewhat compromised this might be a smart move on his part:

Rosenstein isn’t completely removed from the case. In fact, department rules call for him to continue to play a role in overseeing Mueller and to review significant moves he might make, like interviewing witnesses or convening a grand jury.

That arrangement is troubling to some lawyers and ethics experts who say it puts Rosenstein in the awkward and arguably conflicted position of overseeing an investigation where he could be an important witness.

Breitbart cited an ABC story in June:

According to ABC, “sources” stated that Rosenstein, the number two man at the Department of Justice, “has privately acknowledged to colleagues that he may have to recuse himself from the matter.”

The DOJ, however, insisted the deputy attorney general’s stance on recusal remains the same. “As the Deputy Attorney General has said numerous times, if there comes a point when he needs to recuse, he will.

Hmmm…doesn’t that sound like he’s saying, “If I’m caught, I’ll recuse?”

It was also in June that Jonathon Turley, a respected liberal lawyer, wrote the following:

The investigation of a sitting American president however must itself be beyond question as to any bias or influence.

Read more on the partisan connections here, here, here, and here.

Meanwhile, the American people continue to win thanks to the efforts of Trump, his excellent administration, and very soon, I believe, even the slow moving Republican Congress.

Democrats should drop their hateful impeachment campaign. Their energies would be better spent cleaning up corruption in their party.

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3 Responses to House Voted 364-58 Against Pursuing Impeachment

  1. Tina says:

    Related must read: The Hill, “GOP lawmakers cite new allegations of political bias in FBI”

  2. J. Soden says:

    Caught Tucker Carlson last night (Wednesday). He was trying to make the point that it’s become fashionable to be against “sexual predators” yet the women who accused Bubba are still ignored to a Demwit strategist but she kept dancing around, making excuses and trying to accuse same of TheDonald.
    Leopards – and lying Demwits – never change their spots!

    Best photo EVER – the look on Bubba’s face when TheDonald brought those ladies into a $hrilLIARy presidential debate audience! Priceless!!

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