Trump, Partisan Politics and Shallow Thinkers

by Jack

You know there has to be something seriously wrong with the two party system when the voters turn to a novice candidate with no political or military experience and somehow he wins the presidency.

That’s very telling of some major dysfunctions within the Democrat and Republican Party’s, I think the voters had been disappointed too many times. Now the trust was gone and to make it worse neither side had a good message and we know how long campaign promises last. The stage was set for an outsider like Trump and that was his edge over the traditional candidates. Had it not been for the consistent inability of both parties to deliver what the voters wanted, Trump would not have had a chance.

There was no traditional grace period before the hatemongers took to the streets to do their worst. The hate went over the top crazy from Trump’s first day in office. This is completely unprecedented in our history. And it get even more bizarre when you consider Trump is turning around the economy. He’s ripping thru red tape via a host of reforms and he has put more money back in the pockets of the average American than any of the last 4 presidents. That should be good news, even for the left.

Trump’s presidency got off to a bad start with the so-called Russian connection and a year long investigation. That one failed to turn up a shred of evidence. So instead of closing it, it has morphed into investigating a couple of hacks close to Trump who failed to give full disclosures or failed to file the proper paperwork. But, still there’s no evidence that Trump did anything remotely wrong. Now enters this tawdry affair with Stormy Daniels, a cheap hustler who slept with Trump over 11 years ago. She did it for the money 11 years ago and she’s doing it the money now. The democrats and their allies are all too happy to resort to tabloid stories if it will hurt Trump. Nobody is defending Trump, we all know that affair makes him a sleaze too; however, we can take some consolation that at least he was not in politics back then. Trump is a billionaire and a decade ago he had a hit TV show. A lot of tramps wanted to get next him, is anyone surprised? On the other side, it’s not like JFK, LBJ or Clinton had set the standard for high moral conduct while in office. Yet, here we have this pathological hate for Trump and a blatant double standard.

What this agenda of hate tells me is, the political message of the left has failed! Voter’s are not buying what the left is selling. Since they can’t make a valid political argument that voters can accept, they are desperately trying low, personal attacks to do what mere politics cannot. This is a leftist culture movement. They have embarked on a campaign of warping information and news facts. They are bent on scandalizing and degrading. I say this is a cultural effort because we see this happening in Hollywood, late night TV shows, in the news media, in colleges across America and wherever the left is strong and there is an opportunity to exploit and stir up more hate. This is really troubling.

America is to some extent suffering from our own excess. We’ve been number one in the world for a long time and we’ve become lazy and eager to latch on to the quick fixes without doing our due diligence. The entire State of CA is a great example for that! Having too much can be every bit as debilitating as having too little. Our excesses has led us to socialist style entitlements, wealth squandering, greed and corruption, especially in Washington. This is the great swamp that Trump was talking about draining. It’s the establishment, a huge political machine and it exactly what the voters rebelled against when they voted for Trump.

We are in the age of luxury, leisure time and excesses. As Prof. Victor Davis Hanson put’s it, these are the banes of society.   He went on to say that when these ills are  coupled to the information age with cell phones and computers, well, bad information can spread like wild fire.  We’re missing the usual deliberation and contemplation as seen in older societies.

This is dangerous, we’ve seen what happened in Ferguson, MO.   This incident exploded into a national news story of murder by cop with a completely false narrative.  And once out there and despite the facts, the false story still lives.

This kind of impulsive action sets the stage for dangerous overreactions. The trouble makers in Ferguson didn’t want to take the time to listen to the real story – the whole story. They had their own agenda.   Next, just look at the legislation that slips by!  People aren’t paying attention, they’re not reading!  It’s because we just want the summary, the short form, the headlines and this means we tend to make poor decisions.  Impulse over reason is never good for any side of any argument.   This plays right into the hands of the far left, looking for diversion and division.

Our educational system is failing us too, because they are not teaching students to be inductive, to use historical analysis and to have a wide body of knowledge and opinions to draw from to make well reasoned, thoughtful decisions. The left has found it easy to take these young minds and manipulated them until we have them graduating as political tools, filled with arrogance and ignorance, a deadly combination. We’re not training them to be leaders, we’re training them to be yellers and protestors completely indifferent to the other side’s point of view. We see that to often with these kids rallying for gun control following the Florida school shooting. They are young, operating without the customary historical reference points or even caring about them or the views of others. Sadly, we have the adults jumping on their bandwagon for their own agendas. This is scary folks and I don’t like where we are headed.

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26 Responses to Trump, Partisan Politics and Shallow Thinkers

  1. Libby says:

    “Nobody is defending Trump, we all know that affair makes him a sleaze too; however, we can take some consolation that at least he was not in politics back then.”

    There’s some interesting morality. Adulterous tom-catting around is immoral only in politicians? All us ladies are just thrilled (though hardly surprised) to hear that.

    So let’s never mind the sleaze (entertaining though it is) and talk about this budget Trump signed, in contradiction of everything he said during the campaign, which proposes to spend a trillion dollars by September … September ! … on $1500 toilet seats (inflation, don’t ya know).

    Does it make any sense to blame your list of usual suspects, but make excuses for Trump? The Donald has ALWAYS been an attention-seeking, vacillating, wildly ignorant, schmuck. And, I’m sorry, but a person has to be a few bricks shy of a load to think that a man so totally lacking in principles, character, and intellect would be able to hold his own in Washington … let alone get anything productive done.

    Your RINOs have cut their own taxes, subsidized their defense stock revenue, and, seemingly, now propose to sit back and watch The Donald take the fall for it.

    But let me see if I can get you to recognize something. They are not “Republicans in Name Only.” They are Republicans. It’s you: white, wage-earning, wildly resentful crackers who don’t belong to the club, and never will. Get that through your thick skulls, and maybe you can do yourselves some political good.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Libby, now you know I didn’t say that tom-catting around is immoral only for politicians. Let’s be fair here, ok? All I said was we could take some “consolation” in the fact he did it long before he was in office. That’s completely different than what you just characterized. Don’t twist the facts here cause you will get called on it every time. lol

      • Pie Guevara says:

        That is the left for you, Jack. Always misleading, always twisting, always lying, always making stuff up. Libby is a paradigm. So is Chris. They live in a fantasy world of self-righteous hated of people with whom they disagree.

        That is their “club.”

        We get it Libby. We get it Chris. You hate Jack and Tina. You hate Trump. You hate anyone who disagrees with you and your sick ideology. You will do and say the most ridiculous, most absurd, most twisted and malicious things to express your hate.

        This is what passes for “argument” by the left. It has been for as long as I have been paying any attention to the left (beginning in high school). Every single person on the left that I have ever known (with the possible exception of the late Christopher Hitchens) has been a lying lunatic jive-ass with a messiah complex.

        • Libby says:

          Oh, Pie … grow some stones. Disagreement is hate … only to wussies.

          And Jack, you did say that. What on earth difference does the date and time of immorality make to the fact of immorality? Are you trying to assert that Trump was a sleazebag and now he isn’t? You’re gonna have a tough time making a case for that, I’m afraid. The weight of evidence on the other side of that proposition is considerable.

          • Pie Guevara says:

            Oh, Libby, drop dead. You poison everything you touch and use this forum to piss on people you hate. Get a life.

          • Tina says:

            “And Jack, you did say that.”

            Cherry picking like that makes for fake commentary, Libs.

            Before Jack expressed his opinion that we can take “consolation” in the fact that Trump didn’t do it while in the WH he wrote, and I quote, “…we all know that affair makes him a sleaze…”

            Get over it girl, you just chose not to get what Jack was communicating. Then you doubled down and added more insult.

            Downright willful, and for what?

      • Harold says:

        Libby’s responses to others is very much indicative of her own intolerance toward understanding and accepting the current mood of the voter.

        America is in a much more positive position throughout the world. America also is benefiting those that want a better life through a positive political system of “service to the people”, not self-indulgent elitist lifelong politicians.

        When Tina, Pie, Jack or Peggy have the need to reply back to any bitter and snarky twisting of their words by Libby, her comments reveal she clearly is an Icon of a Progressive Liberal party of socialistic decay and misinformation. Her words add nothing to the discussion.

        Those words are only meant to hurt, clearly she is resentful of Trump’s leadership that builds on self-reliance and threatens those slothfully dependent on government entitlements. In his very short term in office President Trump has awaken voters for the need fixing the current stale elitist political thinking of both parties. If nothing more we owe him a debt of gratitude for taking on those associated within an elitist institution of politicians.

        America needs more of Trumps out of the box action to recover from established and enshrined political hubris. California, is a prime example of how government can destroy a State and it’s people.
        Trump, with all his quirks, has shown us you can either feed from the prosperity of self-reliance, or dine at the trough of governmental entitlement slop. A trough designed for brainwashed domesticated voters.

        • Tina says:

          “If nothing more we owe him a debt of gratitude for taking on those associated within an elitist institution of politicians.”

          Here, here!

          And apparently he has inspired a few Californians. Orange county is rebelling against Brown on immigration. At least one of the “R” candidates for governor, John Cox, has a fearless approach to calling out the left. He’s run a few very clever ads. He’s a business man, John Cox, who focuses on the state of our economy and the insane immigration policies of the Moonbeam administration. I’m not holding my breath for a republican win but stranger things have happened recently…like the election of DJT.

          • Peggy says:

            More good news.

            More California Towns Look to Opt Out of State’s Sanctuary Law:

            Some cities have already acted to support federal laws and others are exploring to. Trump’s bravery and willingness to stand up to bullies, the democrat party, is spreading across the country.

            Sanctuaries? No. Norcal counties pledge ICE cooperation:

            “The California backlash to President Donald Trump’s immigration policy ends somewhere north of Sacramento – and two deep-red county boards have voted to make their views perfectly clear: Tehama and Siskiyou County are not a “sanctuary.”

            Tehama’s board of supervisors narrowly passed a resolution earlier this month that may be the first of its kind in California. Up on the Oregon border, Siskiyou quickly followed its lead with a resolution approved Tuesday. And the county between them, Shasta, is likely to consider the same.

            These counties didn’t just buck the California trend of standing up to Trump by declaring local sanctuary status – or even revoke that status as Florida’s Miami-Dade County did earlier this month.

            They went out of the way to formally vote they were never sanctuaries to begin with.”

        • Libby says:

          “America is in a much more positive position throughout the world.”

          In your head, Harold, not the world. I really don’t think that having Spanky McSmallHands flailing pointlessly around in the oval office, while the rest of the world moves on without us, is anything to be especially pleased about.

          If, in consequence of the perceived, dueling, chaos and inertia (not to mention fiscal irresponsibility) manifested by the current administration, the world decides Brazilian bonds are a better bet … we is toast.

          • Harold says:

            If anything is “Just in My head”, and I may be deplorable for saying this , but let me take part of your above cranky berating of Trump out of context for my reply:

            “I really don’t think”

            On that part of your bitter retort ,we agree…… and I am not alone in that opinion.

          • Peggy says:

            Hear hear Harold!!

  2. Pie Guevara says:

    When asked about Hollywood stars’ loose morals and wife cheating Richard Widmark 0nce said, “My wife is my best friend. Why would anyone cheat on their best friend?”

  3. Tina says:

    “wealth squandering”…I like it!

    It perfectly describes what our governments, both federal and state, have been doing for at least some eighty years. So much could have been done except for the wealth that’s been squandered by professional politicians and community organizers.

    What Trump did was not considered immoral or sleazy just a few years ago by most people on the left, in fact it was considered hip within the circles Trump traveled…New York liberal and Hollywood liberal. The sexual revolution and birth control put an end to caution. (It’s actually had a place of acceptance in even the smallest of communities in America and in lives both liberal and conservative).

    But suddenly America elected a conservative male that will put the breaks on many of the more radical progressive feminist sacred issues…abortion being the most sacred. So he must be shamed out of office.

    There’s a problem with their attack. The people aren’t buying it…not even after the sad and pathetic parade of #me too-ers came forward to tell their tales of harassment and abuse (too willing…to opportunistic…too late to be righteous).

    Marjorie Williams might have said it best here in a piece titled, “How Bill Clinton neutered the feminist movement” (Vanity Fair) (caution x-rated content):

    10 Manhattan “supergals” – including writers Katie Roiphe, Erica Jong, Nancy Friday and Francine Prose, designer Nicole Miller, former Saturday Night Live contributor Patricia Marx, and “retired dominatrix and writer” Susan Shellogg – were invited to drink wine and analyse the scandal.

    The resulting exchange, published by in the New York Observer’s 9 February issue, was galactically strange. The women agreed that they liked Clinton better for having had a titillating affair; after all, he’s kind of a hunk. Jong, for one, wants a president who is “alive from the waist down,” and Marx declared him “cute and getting cuter all the time.” They pronounced Starr (in Friday’s words) “a big sissy”, and speculated about whether Lewinsky had swxx-ed the President’s xxxx. “Oh,” squealed Jong, “imagine swxx-ing the Presidential xxx.”

    It was the most embarrassing thing I had read in a long time. But then I opened the next week’s New Yorker, which contained a swooning “Fax from Washington” written by Tina Brown herself, describing the 5 February White House dinner for British Prime Minister Tony Blair. The subtext was that the Clinton scandal had marvellously improved the President’s aura: it made him deem so … hot “Now see your President, tall and absurdly debonair, as he dances with a radiant blonde, his wife… Amid the cliches about his charm, his glamour is undersung… Forget the dog-in-the-manger, down-in- the-mouth neo-puritanism of the op-ed tumbrel drivers, and see him instead as his guests do: a man in a dinner jacket with more heat than any star in the room.”

    This is precisely the sort of retro whipped cream that feminists are supposed to be able to see through; once upon a time, they construed it as their job to help the rest of us do the same. But these days, feminists – the famous feminists, that is; the mainstream feminists; the ones who are called up by newspaper reporters and TV stations – are an established part of the country’s elites: the media elite in New York, the political elite in Washington. And this is one of the major reasons they have failed to hold Clinton’s feet to the fire. …

    The left today can’t claim that what Trump did 10 or 11 years ago is immoral or sleazy, not with a straight face. But they want it both ways. For instance, they’re not complementary about “straight arrow” men like Mike Pence, in fact they make fun of Pence’s devotion to his wife.

    This is about politics, not morality. The Women’s March made that quite clear.

    We who support the president are clear that it’s about politics (and impeachment) and we’re saying, Not a chance!”

    And….Sorry liberals but you don’t have a candidate with qualifications (personal or public) that make them more qualified or worthy than Trump…certainly not your last candidate nor the few you’ve tentatively fielded for 2020 so far. (And certainly not Creepy Uncle Joe)

    “white, wage-earning, wildly resentful crackers ”

    Let me guess, Libby. This is you being inclusive? No that can’t be it.

    It’s you being tolerant, right? No, no…

    Got it! It’s you, Libby, being your usual snobby, bigoted, nasty self.

    Who would want to be a member of the club you describe anyway…it includes all of your comrades you know. (I notice you didn’t squabble about PP spending in the bill.)

      • Tina says:

        Libby for heavens sake! It’s just like CNN to try to get out in front of the story and spin it negatively.

        CNN must realize that tax returns have not yet been filed so whatever borrowing we’ve had to do has nothing to do with the tax cuts.

        Our spending and debt problems do not originate with Trump in any case. This is a decades old problem that happens because Congress always spends more than it takes in…always.

        Most of the debt derives from unsustainable social programs (SS and MC mainly) that Congress has been unwilling to reform.

        Democrats are four square against reigning in debt and Republicans fear the political consequences after proposing it and being labeled granny killers. Nothing of the sort is true but that doesn’t stop the politics and CNN can’t be counted on to seek out the truth being as they are a left wing political arm.

        Democrats pretend they can deny adequate funding to the military, spend more on social programs, and fix the problem. But after eight years of Obama, and the doubling of the debt, we know that’s an outrageous fabrication.

        Let’s wait to take a measure of revenues to the treasury after tax returns have been delivered and taxes due paid.

        As for the state we are in regarding debt, I agree….ugh! Social problems might just be the end of our republic.

    • Pie Guevara says:

      Re “Got it! It’s you, Libby, being your usual snobby, bigoted, nasty self.”

      Libby and Chris both really do excel in that department. And they are thoughtless morons to boot. Stupid and vile, a winning combination!

    • Peggy says:

      Just saying.

      Bill Clinton paid Paula Jones $850k.
      If Trump paid Stormy Daniels $130k,
      It just proves once again who the best negotiator is.

  4. Pie Guevara says:

    Re “You know there has to be something seriously wrong with the two party system when the voters turn to a novice candidate with no political or military experience and somehow he wins the presidency.”

    As much as I dislike Trump (what he tweets, says and his past behavior, not what he has done) and though Obama was a complete, unmitigated disaster, it is my understanding that what the founding fathers had in mind were that patriotic farmer-statesmen serve for a few years and then go back home to tend to business. I like this idea and prefer it to professional politicians.

    After the Clinton’s and the Bush family, and a whole lot of dynastic legislators, I’ll take a few farmers any day over the swamp elite.

  5. Pie Guevara says:

    Off Topic: Oh, good lord, here we go again …

    The Left’s Doomed Crusade to Erase Gender Differences by Ben Shapiro

    Science may still be divided over whether gender differences are rooted in biology or culture

    This is a bald faced lie. The science isn’t “divided.” The vast majority of scientists and psychologists who specialize in this field say that culture can play a role but that biology is by far the major factor in determining gender identity and behavior.

    Again the social-engineering Nazis of the lunatic, gender identity bending activist left have to make stuff up to push an idiotic agenda.

    According to the Times, prior to the teachers’ intervention: “The boys were clamorous and physical. They shouted and hit. The girls held up their arms and whimpered to be picked up. The group of 1- and 2-year-olds had, in other words, split along traditional gender lines.

    The teachers, however, had been trained for just such a crisis. They “cleared the room of cars and dolls. They put the boys in charge of the play kitchen. They made the girls practice shouting ‘No!’”

    I love to cook and find dolls quite charming, but when in kindergarten I had no interest in playing with dolls, playing “kitchen” or playing “tea time” unless there was a girl I particularly liked doing just that.

    David French chimes in —
    It’s Right and Necessary to Let Boys Be Boys

  6. Pie Guevara says:


    Sociologist Claims Veganism Is Connected to ‘White Masculinity’ by Katherine Timph

    Mycek believes that men offering any kind of factual reasoning behind their choice to eat a vegan diet is an example of “white masculinity” — which is a bad thing, because it “bolsters the gender binary, maintaining the idea that men and women are distinctly different,” which “is not just about maintaining difference between genders but ultimately [retaining] a gender hierarchy and structures of power and inequality.”

    I love the left.

    OK, I’m done.

  7. Peggy says:

    Our governor race should be really interesting being Gavin Newsom will be dealing with his sexual affair scandal with the wife of his campaign manager’s wife. I do believe we’re about to see a full court press on double standards and hypocrisy.

    San Francisco Mayor Admits He Had Affair With Aide’s Wife:

    “SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 1 — In a fast-unfolding scandal with all the sex and betrayal of a tawdry novel, Mayor Gavin Newsom admitted Thursday that he had an affair with his campaign manager’s wife.

    Corey Cook, a political science professor at the University of San Francisco, said both Mr. Newsom’s affair and Mr. Ragone’s actions online might make some voters question the mayor’s judgment. “Part of the appeal of this administration is that they were young and active,” he said. “But there was a concern about their maturity level.”

    But even some of Mr. Newsom’s political rivals said the affair was not likely to be a fatal blow to his re-election plans.

    “His ratings are so high he could fall and still have a comfortable cushion,” said Tom Ammiano, a member of the Board of Supervisors who ran against Mr. Newsom in 2003.”

    California gubernatorial front-runner addresses past scandal:

    “SAN FRANCISCO — Gavin Newsom, the front-runner in California’s governor’s race, said Monday that he “learned an enormous amount” from his past admission of sexual transgressions while mayor of San Francisco more than a decade ago, saying, “I applaud women for coming forward” as part of the #MeToo movement.”

    Looks like Newsom has learned if you’re a Democrat past affairs won’t stop your political career and may even promote it, just like Bill’s, Jack’s, and LBJ’s.

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