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BLM Has Put Nation on Course for Bigger Trouble Ahead

by Jack Simply put, there were too many highly emotional protests ongoing today from coast to coast.  Marxist BLM is thought to be behind the violence.  Violence turned to serious injury near L.A. when an angry woman drove into an … Continue reading

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Louisville – What Law Did the Police Break?

by Jack If you stroll down the main street of Louisville today, you might get the idea a hurricane was coming.   The Mayor has just declared a state of emergency, windows are boarded up with sheets of plywood and barricades … Continue reading

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Leaked Video Exposes George Floyd’s Death As Tragedy, But Not Malicious

posted by Jack WHAT’S GOING to HAPPEN if the JURY says NOT GUILTY?  CAN BLM HANDLE the TRUTH?  CAN the BLACK COMMUNITY HANDLE the TRUTH?  Sports journalist Jason Whitlock responded to the leak of body camera footage from the death … Continue reading

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Black Lives Matters Makes an Offer few Businesses Can Refuse

Posted by Jack From the Washington Sentinel – A Black Lives Matter group has begun threatening local businesses in Louisville, Kentucky, and telling them if they don’t give protection money, their shops will be looted.  Just like the Mafia, these BLM … Continue reading

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How I see It….Minneapolis Part 2

by Jack 2012 – The Black Lives Matters organization got its start because of the Trayvon Martin incident in Florida.  The cops had nothing to do with the death, but they were quickly labeled the bad guys by BLM and … Continue reading

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Defund the Police!

by Jack The Minneapolis city council thinks it would be wise to defund their police department in the wake of the George Floyd death.  The gang of four on the Chico city council think’s so too. Hmmm, lets see, should … Continue reading

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Trump, Partisan Politics and Shallow Thinkers

by Jack You know there has to be something seriously wrong with the two party system when the voters turn to a novice candidate with no political or military experience and somehow he wins the presidency. That’s very telling of … Continue reading

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The Email

by Jack Email from a friend: To call the quagmire in our government a swamp does a disservice to swamps. What we have is a cesspit of venomous vipers that are willing to take down the presidency and the country … Continue reading

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Speaking Bluntly About the Murders of Police

by Jack The problem of cop shooters deserves our full attention because we can’t let this injustice continue, the risks are too great. When Joseph Wambaugh wrote about the “Thin Blue Line” being our last line of defense, he wasn’t … Continue reading

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George Noory – America’s Dumbest Talk Show Host Does It Again

by Jack Speaking about Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy and his stand-off with the government Noory said, “…this would be the BLM and of course this is the Bureau of Labor Management.” Hey George this is the Bureau of Land Management! … Continue reading

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