California Poll Says No Problem. . .

California Polls 2018:

The latest telephone poll taken by the California Governor’s office, asked whether people who live in California think illegal immigration is a serious problem:

29% of respondents answered: “Yes, it is a serious problem.”

71% of respondents answered: “No, es una problema seriosa.”

So no problem, usted comprende’muchachos?

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12 Responses to California Poll Says No Problem. . .

  1. Libby says:

    And if the question had been, more specifically: do you dislike Americans of Hispanic descent? … the results would have been identical.

    So what it is … is that 70 percent of the California population thinks that 30 percent of said population are racist, irrational, and unkind.

    • Post Scripts says:

      It was a joke for our times and it was funny, c’mon! And no Libs, why would you even raise that absurd question? Playing the race card is beneath you. I have two girls of Hispanic decent. So, my family is of 3 races American Indian, Hispanic, and European.

      PS Unlike Ms. Pocahontas… my DNA proves it.

      • Libby says:

        Uh-huh … again.

        The day you retell that joke in Tagalog, Polish and/or Gaelic, I’ll let you off the hook.

        • Tina says:

          Libby, don’t be such an a**!

          Until the lefts agenda to divide the nation came along, with it’s politically correct language and race and class baiting, Americans told jokes like that about everybody and we all laughed together no matter who we were…YOU KNOW THAT!

          Comedians today say it’s impossible to make jokes because people are too sensitive and “offended” by everything.

          Most of the illegals in this country are of Hispanic decent…it’s a freakin fact…that’s why the joke is in Spanish rather than “Gaelic”…YOU ALSO KNOW THAT!

          Lighten up!

  2. Peggy says:

    Every member of congress got a letter from 380 sheriffs.

    380 sheriffs in 40 states demand Congress build Trump’s wall, end illegal immigration:

    “Sheriffs from around the country sent a letter to all Members of Congress outlining the need for congressional action on securing America’s border.

    • Tina says:

      Peggy I imagine governors, other than Brown, have let Congress and the President know they support his policies and the lawtoo.

      Three of the illegal convicts that the mayor of Oakland warned (so they could escape ICE) have been rearrested for spousal abuse and robbery. In addition to the crimes this is a ridiculous waste of time and resource that could be better spent elsewhere!

      In 2016 the LA Times wrote that “two-thirds of California voters believe that illegal immigration is a “major problem” in the state with “62% of voters” saying they believed illegal immigration is a “major problem” and 23% of those calling it “a crisis.” Only “36% said the issue was a small problem or not a problem at all.”

      Some of those who think its a problem are Hispanic.

      The Hill reported in April of last year:

      The Pew Research Institute estimates that as of 2014, there are at least 11.2 million illegal immigrants residing in the U.S. This population comprises approximately 3.5 percent of our country’s population.

      Of these, by far the largest ethnic population, 52 percent are Hispanics comprised of Mexicans, Central Americans and Cubans.

      Six states: California, Texas, Illinois, Florida, New York and New Jersey account for 59 percent of all illegal immigrants residing in the U.S. … 50 percent of all federal crimes were committed near our border with Mexico.

      Of the 61,529 criminal cases filed by federal prosecutors; 40 percent or 24,746 were in court districts along the southern borders of California, Arizona and Texas. … The Southern California District with nearly 4,900 cases… The U.S. Department of Justice documents that in 2014…12,000 criminal cases filed by prosecutors were for violent crimes…over 22 percent or 13,300 cases were for drug related felonies.

      That same year, the U.S. Sentencing Commission found that 75 percent of all criminal defendants who were convicted and sentenced for federal drug offenses were illegal immigrants. … In California alone, over 2,400 illegal immigrants out of a total prison population of 130,000 are imprisoned in the state’s prison system for the crime of homicide.

      Liberals don’t respect our laws, the Constitution, or the will of the people. This is why they always make a lot of noise to make it seem like they are in the majority. They are not…clearly!

      • Peggy says:

        “In 2016 the LA Times wrote that “two-thirds of California voters believe that illegal immigration is a “major problem” in the state with “62% of voters” saying they believed illegal immigration is a “major problem” and 23% of those calling it “a crisis.” Only “36% said the issue was a small problem or not a problem at all.”

        Hate sounding like a broken record, but Cesar Chavez back in the 1960s was fighting illegal farm workers crossing our southern border and taking jobs from American farm workers. He understood the harm the illegals were doing with the cheap labor pay undercutting the jobs and living for native workers.

        His hunger strike of 100 days brought Bobby Kennedy to his bedside and with BK’s support was able to form the UFW union. Chavez was in LA when BK was assassinated.

        The Democrat party has done a 180 since the 60s. They’ve thrown Chavez and everything he fought, and some died for, under the bus. Chavez took armies of men to the Rio Grand and stopped “Wetbacks” (his word, not mine) from crossing the river. Today’s Dems want votes for themselves and not what’s best for our people and country. If it takes illegals voting to keep them in power so be it. The ends justify the means.

        Dems inability to see the whole picture is displayed with the number of homeless and jobless living on our streets because they can’t find a good paying job or place to live with millions of illegals occupying both.

        Who can afford $4,000 rent on a two bedroom appt or bungalow? No one without cramming two or three families in. Saw a LA reporter interview a man living in an RV with three other guys who all had jobs, but couldn’t afford an appt. down there.

        LA has 58,000 homeless, SF about 10,000 and 2,000 here in Chico and every small town across the state. The LA homeless camps are being compared to worse than living conditions in third world countries. It even had a hepatitis A outbreak recently.

        California’s have a choice of either waking up, like the Orange County residents who are fighting back against Sacramento or do nothing and let the whole state end up like LA. Eventually even those still living up the road in Malibu will get fed up with paying the tax bill and follow those who have already moved out.

  3. Peggy says:

    Here is a reminder on what our Butte county supervisors did and didn’t do last year on the sanctuary city/county issue.

    Need to find out where the city council and county supervisor candidates stand on this issue for the upcoming elections.

    Non-sanctuary resolution dies at county meeting:

    “Supervisors vote only to oppose state legislation”

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