Illegal Aliens March Thru Mexico to US Border

by Jack

This is purportedly the 5th such mass invasion of the United States in as many years. A well organized caravan of over 1200 would-be migrants moves through Mexico destined for the US border. A majority of them are from Honduras and one wonders how they made it past Mexico’s strict border control? Mexico’s president said in effect that it’s not his job to enforce US immigration laws, that’s our problem, so the march continues. Obviously, Mexico is using the migrants to make a point. They want to test the limits of Trump’s resolve to control the border as they thumb their nose at American law.

According to a news report, “A group of about 1,200 people – most of them Hondurans – are walking through Mexico, seeking asylum or refugee status.

For many migrants, Mexico is the last stop. Later this week, buses will take people to a migrant rights symposium in central Puebla – southeast of Mexico City. After the symposium, some migrants could continue onto Mexico’s capital to make an asylum claim, Irineo Mujica, director of Pueblo Sin Fronteras (Town Without Borders), the activist group behind the event, says.

The symposium is the last scheduled stop, according to organizers.” Of course not all protesters are seeking to migrate to the USA, organizers say only about 10-15% may actually try to cross into the US.

President Trump has continued to warn that the caravan of people should be stopped before entering the U.S. However, Mexico shows no signs of attempting to stop them and enforce their own immigration laws.

The marchers are seeking asylum or refugee status in the US and are being coached on what to say to our border patrol officers by Pueblo Sin Fronteras organizers. However, there is no provision for economic refugee status, only political. In the later the refugee must show there is a credible threat to their safety if they are returned to their homeland.

WHERE IS THIS GOING? Illegal immigration has been a constant threat to US sovereignty for decades and it’s only gotten worse, especially in California. Uncontrolled illegal immigrations undermines the cornerstones of what defines a nation, which is borders, language and culture. This is why our founders have established thoughtful laws and policies for limited immigration for the sole purpose of maintaining our great melting pot, while avoid isolated sub-cultures. No nation on earth is going to give away their right to a secure border or change their demographics to the extent that their own indigenes culture is overshadowed as we’ve seen happening in California.

The systematic importation of illegal aliens by a variety of Hispanic only groups, into CA, has likely forever changed the way this State is governed. Thanks in no small measure to the change in demographics we now have regular special interest legislation via the La Raza style agenda. The rapid change in demographics has caused CA to declare sanctuary status to avoid cooperation with federal immigration authorities. This is a dangerous trend and it’s in-Constitutional. CA taxpayer money is already being diverted to promoted and defend the illegal nature a sanctuary state and that has caused some CA cities and counties to rebel against the state agenda. The state is becoming more fractionalized and dysfunctional because of power grabbing agendas by the leftists in Sacramento.

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7 Responses to Illegal Aliens March Thru Mexico to US Border

  1. Tina says:

    The coordinator of this group showed the true colors of the groups backers after they were parked in an enclosed soccer field in Mexico:

    “We are scared, just like you,” Irineo Mujica, the head coordinator of the migrant caravan, told the assembled group through a megaphone Tuesday morning. “Now President Donald Trump has said that he wants to hit us with nuclear bombs.”

    What a s#*@@y thing to say. Sounds just like the radical progressive agitator promoters (BLM, et al) in America.

    Trump said no such thing, of course. He did reiterate America’s right to control immigration and entry and vowed to send the national guard to the border if necessary. He also has warned Mexico not to act as facilitator or they will put at risk negotiations on the new NAFTA.

    • Libby says:

      “Trump said no such thing, of course. He did reiterate America’s right to control immigration and entry and vowed to send the national guard to the border if necessary.”

      Yes, he’s threatened to murder them all with plain old military firearms … and that’s hardly anything. Tina, there are times when a little hyperbole is understandable. And … if Trump had not eviscerated our Department of State, maybe we could work something with the government of Honduras whereby all these people would not feel they have to leave? … but that’s much to sophisticated a thought for Spanky.

  2. Post Scripts says:

    The scary part is this is typical of the level gullibility one can expect from these poor, under educated folks and we’ve got millions just like them already here, some of them in Congress, but they are not poor. Of course I feel sorry for most of them, they’re just looking for a better life, but they are used as pawns in an underhanded game devised by the Democrats and their allies South of the border. Nobody, except the power brokers, wins in this game.

    • Peggy says:

      The US needs to stop being these failed countries welfare system. These poor people are coming here to escape the socialists’ leaders greed leaving them to starve and live in abject poverty.

      Forcing these leaders to take care of their own people won’t be easy but it has to be done. We need to stop enabling this behavior just like a parent does with a problem child or drug abuser. Tough love is hard, but it’s necessary when situations are out of control.

      Trump is up to the job of administering a tough love approach, but is the rest of the country and other countries?

  3. Libby says:

    “Illegal immigration has been a constant threat to US sovereignty for decades and it’s only gotten worse, especially in California.”

    Do you really believe that? I’m not sure what’s to be done with anybody who really believes that … Zyprexa, maybe?

    “Nobody, except the power brokers, wins in this game.”

    There’s a book you might be interested in: “Strangers in Their Own Land”, Arlie Russell Hochschild, which tells many ghastly stories, including one about Bobby Jindal, some foreign oil company (which pays no property taxes in an impoverished [and now polluted] Louisiana county and hires only visa’d Philippinos to work in their plant), and the schmuckley locals who let this be done to them, over, and over and over again.

  4. Peggy says:

    Liberal law professor Jonathan Turley presents another insightful article.

    When will the media accept that Trump is not a criminal target?:

    “In terminal medical cases, doctors often deal with patients who move through “stages” that begin with denial. These so-called Kübler-Ross stages can be a long road toward acceptance. A weird form of Kübler-Ross seems to have taken hold of the media. Rather than refusing to accept indicators of impending death, many journalists and analysts seem incapable of accepting signs that the Trump presidency could survive.

    That painful process was more evident Tuesday night when the Washington Post reported that special counsel Robert Mueller told the White House last month that Trump was not considered a “target” but only a “subject” of the investigation. After a year of being assured that “bombshell” developments and “smoking gun” evidence was sealing the criminal case against Trump, the dissonance was too great for many who refuse to accept the obvious meaning of this disclosure.”


    • J. Soden says:

      With Mueller’s fishing expedition, believing anything he says went out the window long ago. TheDonald wo9uld be wise not to have a sit-down with any Mueller’s fisherpeople.

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