Sac Bee: John Cox Has a Shot at Governor

Posted by Tina

The Sacramento Bee featured a story this morning giving Republican candidate for governor, John Cox, a thumbs up chance at winning the race in this hard wired navy blue state. The reasons won’t surprise or shock anyone that lives outside the utopian coastal blue band…the Newsom/Cox race looks a lot like Hillary/Trump. Everyone expects Newsom will be a shoe-in…they thought a Hillary victory was certain too:

Cox could win because he offers voters a genuine choice for once.

Look, if you happen to live on the coast and you have a six-figure-income job in tech or banking or law, odds are life is sweet and Newsom is your candidate. But if you live anywhere else, you might have noticed all that glitters is not gold in this progressive utopia of ours.

The world’s fifth-largest economy is also one of the most impoverished. Homelessness is rampant and homeownership is increasingly out of reach for lower- and middle-income Californians. Despite a constitutional provision requiring at least 40 percent of the general fund be devoted to K-12 education, California’s students – especially blacks and Latinos – continue to lag in reading and math according to state and federal measures. Property crime is on the rise. Violent crime is following suit, especially in the state’s interior.

Republicans didn’t do that. Progressive policies did. The essential question of this election is: Will Californians ratify the status quo, or will they vote for some change?

Note I didn’t write “fundamental change” or “radical change.” A governor is not a king. A Republican governor in a Democratic state has to know his limitations. He can’t do everything.

Exactly right. Look at the trouble Trump has had with his Republican led Congress!!

On the other hand, should the impossible happen, Cox would have the will of the people behind him (As Trump does )and that could eventually translate to, if not a Republican legislature at least a more balanced, less radical left-wing legislature. This would mean that Californians have finally come to their senses…it might even mean more Californians will choose to stay in California rather than bail.

I have no expectations and I will be promoting Cox!

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9 Responses to Sac Bee: John Cox Has a Shot at Governor

  1. Ted says:

    Mrs. Tina, last month I put a lot of important information about George Noory’s upcoming trip to this area in the comments and now it looks like it’s all gone. Can you tell me what happened to the information and when you will put if back? Thank you.

  2. Libby says:

    So who’s he? … is my first response. From Wiki:

    In a 2010 article about Noory published in The Atlantic, Timothy Lavin wrote: “Noory can be an uneven broadcaster. Sometimes he seems to not pay full attention to his guests, offers strangely obvious commentary, or—and this has alienated some fans—lets clearly delusional or pseudoscientific assertions slide by without challenge. But he listens, with heroic patience, to all of his callers.”

    Ted, you wouldn’t be one of those callers, would you? Big Giggle.

    Everybody can check out his website, but is Vancouver, BC, in the area?

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