Military Denies Secret Missile Launch

by Jack

On the day of President Trump’s historic meeting with North Korean dictator, Kim Jung Un, the U.S. Navy, for reasons not yet disclosed, decided to do a missile launch from the USS Ohio, a guided-missile submarines (SSGN), informed sources believe.

The missile launch was followed by an  immediate denial by the military.  The launch took place in broad daylight off the coast of Washington state, near Whidbey Island and it was captured on camera.

A missile launch for whatever reasons at this time could be considered highly provocative and in bad judgement because it could threaten the peace talks in Singapore.  So, is this the reason for the denial coming from the Pentagon?  One can only wonder, but it’s clearly a missile and there are no fixed launch sites in the area.  Add to the fact that there were no missile capable surface craft reported in the area and this is in the patrol area of the USS Ohio armed with up to 154 missiles.

Reasonable deductions can be made that the U.S. Navy was the responsible, so why the denial?  Was it a screw up in timing?



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2 Responses to Military Denies Secret Missile Launch

  1. Libby says:

    Where do you get this dreck?

    “So, is this the reason for the denial coming from the Pentagon?”

    There has been no denial. There has been no official comment on this report, of dubious veracity, at all. The only sources I can find are either local … or … of the rabid right.

    “One can only wonder, but it’s clearly a missile and there are no fixed launch sites in the area.”

    No, it is not “clearly” anything. A missile launch is suspected because there is a Naval Air Station at Whidbey Island nearby.

    Jack, your “informed sources” are nothing more than “excitable boys”. And the way you pounce on these “reports” does not bode well for the future of the republic. I mean, you of the Cartoonish Sect of the GOP will believe ANYTHING!

    • Harold Gielow says:

      It clearly looks like a missile. The alternative explanations being floated seem far fetched if the weather camera shots are authentic, which no one seems to be challenging.

      The USS Ohio is assigned to Subgroup 9 at Kitsap. The USS Michigan, another SSGN, is also assigned there.

      The USS Ohio blue crew, commanded by Captain Andrew J Kimsey III was the operational crew at the time, gold crew commanded by Captain Jerry Miranda was in training.

      The Navy has been accelerating the Sea Dragon program, believed to be a sub launchable SM-6.

      There was a significant breech of this programs data prior to June 10 by China reported.

      It appears something launched a missile. As there are no land based missile launch facilities in the area, a sea launch has been suspected.

      No surface platforms capable of such a launch have been reported to have been in the area.

      Now, from statements of fact to far right conjecture.

      Qanon, states it was an unplanned, unauthorized launch. I am not indicating I buy the Qanon phenomenon, but it is another data point, as is the Hawaii missile alert preceeding this event.

      Where was the USS Ohio on June 10?
      Have there been any unusual personnel changes on that ship since June 10?
      Has this ship been outfitted with the Sea Dragon system?
      If a missile, where did it go?
      If it was shot down, by what from where with what system?

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