Only Liberals Could Fake Outrage Over Enforcing the Law

by Jack

The latest episode of 100% fake outrage comes from liberals like Rachael Maddow, Dianne Feinstein, Maxine Waters (shown right), Elizabeth Warren, Alcee Hastings, etc. They rant, rave and cry for the cameras! They declare how it is so awful, so unconscionable, that children are being separated from parents by our border patrol officers and Donald Trump is to blame! Alcee Hastings said we are behaving like Nazi Germany. Really?

The outrage seem almost believable until you step back and see their pattern of past faux-rage. Eh, I guess if you practice anything enough you’re bound to get pretty good at it, right? Oh, and speaking of Congressman Alcee Hastings-D, Fl., did you know his long time girlfriend is drawing $168k a year salary uh, “working” for the Congressman? We paid her nearly $2.4 million in salary since 2000. Hastings also employs his girlfriend’s daughter and the wife of a former staffer who was previously convicted of money laundering. But, I digress.

Fake Outrage Example: Headline – “Peter Fonda Calls for Surrounding ICE Agents’ Homes, Their Children’s Schools in Protest.”   Actor says Barron Trump should be ‘ripped’ from mother’s arms, put in a cage ‘with pedophiles.  ‘ Actor Peter Fonda on Wednesday called on his Twitter followers to target Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in large-scale protests by surrounding their homes and children’s schools.”   Pretty nasty, eh?

So when did this so-called horrible concept of separating children from their parents actually start? First clue, it did not start with the border patrol Hmmmm… lets see, I bet it was when an adult was arrested for breaking the law? That goes back further than I care to guess. So, they were put in jail to await trial and separated from their kids until they were released…imagine that.

Clearly, the idea that parent/s who break the law are never separated from their kids flies in the face of reality! This is the way it works in America… when people commit a crime, they are arrested, tried, and if found guilty, convicted. Then, if they are parents, they are separated from their kids due into their incarceration. That realty does not play out well among the liberals who are determined to use this for political advantage. Of course logic says we should blame the law breakers – but, in the bizaro-world of liberals and their crazy politics, nothing is ever that straight forward, is it? Look at Peter Fonda’s comments above – amazing.

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials estimate that around 1,500 people are arrested each day for illegally crossing the border. Many of them with children – what are we supposed to do with that number? Don’t hear any ideas coming from the libs, do you? Nah, and we wouldn’t even have a border if the rabid left had their way.

The Trump Administration has a zero-tolerance policy that says, first time illegal border crossing offenders will be charged with a crime. Because their children are not charged with a crime, they are not permitted to be jailed together. Logical, right? And why is Trump trying to get tough with illegal border crossings?   According to the latest stats in the last 4 months of 2017 families trying to enter the US illegally is up 160%.

Again, what are we supposed to do about that? We don’t hear much coming from either party, only our president, who has vowed to take on this monumental problem. The vile, personal insults and threats this man has suffered for trying to protect his country are beyond anything any president has been forced to endure.

Before I close, you should probably know that under a 1997 court decision known as the Flores settlement, children who come to the US alone are required to be released to their parents, an adult relative, or other caretaker. If those options are all exhausted, then the government must find the “least restrictive” setting for the child “without unnecessary delay”. The case initially applied to unaccompanied child arrivals, but a 2016 court decision expanded it to include children brought with their parents.

However, the average voter is not likely to know much about this issue. They only hear the daily rantings of liberals and how we’re behaving like a bunch of mean old Nazi’s because of Trump. Right now 66% of voters support the dems and their fake outrage. The gutless GOP is running for cover! We’re screwed.

I gotta work in one more parting thought… a lot of the kids, not sure how many, but a fairly large number caught at the border were being brought in by sex traffickers.  You don’t hear much about that part, but thank God they were caught and taken from the clutches of these evil people.  Aanother portion were mere sent by themselves to cross the border to try to make it to a relative’s house, with no thought of the dangers these kids face!  Parents like that should be jailed.

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3 Responses to Only Liberals Could Fake Outrage Over Enforcing the Law

  1. Libby says:

    Oh, you should not have brought this up.

    At this point, we actually have to be grateful to that Vermin-In-Chief for bringing the situation front and center. That vile excuse for a human being tries to use these kids as political leverage and winds up blowing the lid off of some nasty, nasty stuff that’s been going on for over 20 years.


    • Tina says:

      We didn’t bring it up, Libby. Your screaming party leadership did and they are the ones using kids for political fodder, like so much dirt to be scraped from their hypocritical shoes!

      They have contributed nothing, except “resistance” to the process. When offered more than twice the number of Dreamers in exchange for wall funding they said, No!” just like little children because they didn’t want Trump to have the wall win and because they wanted the issue for this years elections.


      Why? Is it the dysfunction of the bureaucracy that appalls you or the fact that you thought you could blame it on Trump?

      By the way, of of the certifying boards for Shiloh is the California Department of Education (CDE)

      Your party is scum. I say that because of the hypocrisy, the legal double standards, the games, the intimidation tactics, the lies, the refusal to respect and work together with the other party in Congress, the sour grapes attitudes, the militant subversive agitators, the refusal to admit to the bad consequences that flow from your policies or to fix them, and plans and ideas that fly in the face of our Constitution and the principles we hold dear…freedom, the rule of law, and equal justice under the law.

      Go fix your pathetic radical game playing party, Libby. It would go a long way toward actually solving big problems in this country.

  2. Harold says:

    Today’s Liberals have so much to say, and put in little or no effort to resolve it. Other than phony propaganda. The phony picture of a crying child in a cage is typical for a ideology like Liberals can get, and then along comes Hanoi Janes brother Peter, (who like Samaha Bee ate and removed their post) Lots misplaced anger, and for what purpose? the new direction along with a more positive attitude throughout this country finally helps everyone.

    Then they criticize those who actually put the effort in to resolve lingering issues, because it exposes their lack of achieving anything worth while for the American public. No effort, no ideas, no clue could be their new mantra, shame on them!

    Hypocrite’s is too polite a word for the Liberal pig sty mentally of their leadership, and the stench permeates through out their base.

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