News Busters Recalls Slobbering Media Bias

Posted by Tina

It never hurts to recall just how slavishly fawning the media was about our former president, Barack Obama. News Busters looked back today in an article titled, “This Week in Media Bias History: Obama Kills a Fly, Media Go Crazy!”

What can’t Barack Obama do? That’s something gushing, liberal journalists wondered for eight years. On June 16, 2009, John Harwood and David Shuster were amazed that the then-President killed a fly. Harwood narrated: “He swatted his hand and he said, ‘I got the sucker.'”

Harwood went on…“He threw it onto the ground. It was a, you know, Dirty Harry “make my day’ momment.”

MSNBC anchor David Shuster: “Amazing…an amazing interview…It never fails – great weather, rainbows, incredible speeches, and three-point basket. A fly and he nails it. Unbelievable. Unbelievable.

(“Unbelievable,” is right!)

It would be perfectly fine with me if they were equal opportunity gushers, but they’re not! They make a darling of the Democrat president and a demon of the Republican president and that is why their approval ratings are at historical lows and they are losing market share.

See video of the historic event here.

More gushing in an article featuring another Obama fly swatting event, here.

Rich Noyes is featured in the News Busters article. You can follow him on Twitter if you have the time. His account is (apparently) dedicated to “This Day in Media Bias History.”

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  1. Libby says:

    I don’t know why you can’t lighten up a little. You’d be happier if you could. Or maybe you just lack perspective. Now, for all of Barry’s reasoned and articulate self-possession in public, rumor has it that he is very, uh, competitive. Gov. Higginlooper tells a very funny story about having his clock cleaned during an informal little pool tournament. So when this a fellow like our former prezzy goes all testosterone-ridden at a fly … it’s pretty funny, I think, and is bound to be commented upon.

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