The Judge Denied Her View

Posted by Tina

A huge verbal fight broke out between Woopi Goldberg and Judge Jeanine Pirro when the judge accepted an invitation to join the ladies on The View to discuss her new book. I’ve seen the excerpts from the show…the judge was denied the space to breath much less express her opinion…or talk about her book! Woopi finally kicked Judge Piro off the show using the gutter language that often peppers her speech. What an unfortunate moment in television. The anger, the intolerance and the sheer ignorance on display was horrid.

Whoopi wasn’t interested in the views of her guest or the subject of her book. Whoopi immediately demanded that the judge defend her support of Trump based on Whoopie’s own biases, anger and hatred:

…Whoopi Goldberg told Judge Jeanine Pirro in a rage on “The View” that she never saw anyone [like Trump] “whip up such hate” or “be so dismissive” or who “whips up people to beat other people.” She kicked her off the show and told her to get the F out of the building….

Where was Woopi when candidate Obama called the opposition voter “the enemy” and suggested his followers should “argue with them” and “get in their face?”

Where was Whoopi when the Obama Justice Department inserted itself into a three month old case in Florida for the sole purpose of stirring up anger and hate? Is she aware of the multiple cases of young black men invoking Trayvon Martin’s name as their motivation for randomly attacking whites? Is she aware of the misinformation in the case, spread with the cooperation of the left media, that was used to stir up anger and hate?

Where was she a few months later when Obama and Holder showed up in Ferguson for the same exact purpose? The two didn’t make these MOVES to bring calm but to stir up the Democrat party’s social justice activist machine. Where was Whoopi when cops across the country were assassinated by angry blacks that were told lies about the case before all of the facts were known? Where was Whoppi when the false slogan, “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” gave young blacks permission to turn to rioting and burning buildings. The Justice Department never did try the “offending” officer in Ferguson…they just made his life, and the lives of cops all over America, a living hell.

After five Dallas police officers were shot in cold blood by black supremacist Micah Xavier Johnson, Obama attended a memorial service where he “lectured Americans, defended Black Lives Matter, bashed police, and pontificated about how racist Americans and American institutions are, particularly the police.” After portraying Dallas cops and white Americans generally as racist, Obama invited BLM members to the White House for a talk.

Does Whoopi ever think about the number of black kids that have been poorly served in Democrat run cities and under Democrat policies. If not why not? And why does her anger not find focus in the failures of her chosen party?

Whoopi, and many others like her feed on their anger and resentment. They have shown not a single inclination to discover…to investigate…to explore ideas, facts, or old belief systems.

Whoppi is not a dumb woman but she sure has a huge set of dumb assumptions and beliefs and is it any wonder? She’s absolutely unwilling to entertain thoughts that aren’t her own or don’t conform with what she thinks she knows to be true. Whoopie has to be right…none should challenge her.

The number of actual racist in America is really quite small…and they come in every color. But you’d never get that if you listened to the divisive accusations and hype of left activists. It could be Woopi is one of them. If not a racist she is at least a bigot.

Bigotry and racism are both driven by ignorance. Whoopi is certainly within her rights to behave as she wishes on her show, even if she looks like a fool. But did her behavior advance the notions of tolerance and respect for others or does it serve to divide and whip up hatred and division?

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3 Responses to The Judge Denied Her View

  1. J. Soden says:

    Whoopi is the big loser here as her ugly prejudices were on display for all to see.

    And as for Judge Jeanine –
    Here Come Da Judge!

  2. Tina says:

    That’s right, her book is selling like hotcakes! And Whoopi did herself no favors.

    Oh, and thanks J, for the correct spelling of Whoopi…I made corrections.

  3. Pie Guevara says:

    No, she’s dumb.

    You don’t have to be too bright to make a good living doing what she does. Any moron and do that, which explains why the entertainment industry is packed full of extreme left wing morons. Granted, morons with some sort of talent, but morons still the same.

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