Chicago Shootings

by Jack

Chicago – Over the weekend 74 people were shot, some it would the second or third time.  11 of the 74 were fatal.   None were killed by police.  Nope, not one.  Surprised?  Since the police were criticized by the Mayor and civil rights leaders for being too aggressive with stop and frisk, Chicago’s homicide rate has soared.  But, the silver lining here is the complaints from gang members over police searches has plummeted. Isn’t that a nice trade off?

After this week’s murders, no protests marches are planned.  I haven’t heard of any BLM speakers rushing to Chicago to gripe.  Even Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton can’t find a reason to make an appearance.  Guess, there’s no money in it for them?

However, in another part of Chicago  there may be a few impromptu and unofficial wakes held in quiet neighborhood pubs just outside the infamous battle zone known as Southside Chicago.   There patrons will be raising a glass or two to peacefully and silently mark the passing of a few more notorious street thugs.  But, also knowing that sadly there was  collateral damage.  It’s the latter that anybody really cares about, even in the projects. Nobody wants to see the innocent hurt.  As for the rest… pffft good riddance!

THE PROJECTS:  I remember the Chicago Projects very well.  I’ve been in them and I was glad I carried a gun…legally.  The projects began as this liberal utopian idea that would solve the housing problem and lift people, especially black people, out of poverty and the slums and into clean, safe housing.

Hundreds of millions of dollars were spent over several decades to construct ultra modern high rise apartment buildings.  The apartments were quickly filled and within weeks they had their first homicide.

A year later and you would not recognize the apartment buildings as virtually new.  Hundreds of murders, mostly by gangs, would soon follow.  The projects were trashed, doors and wall kicked in, windows were broken, fixtures stolen, street lights shot out, fires started and walls spay painted with gang signs.  The Projects became a virtual fortress for gangs, it was a disaster.  Even the police had to patrol in large groups, it was that dangerous!   But, the liberals had their way!  With all that money – all they did was create the worst slum in America.

The Chicago Housing Authority created the Chicago Housing Authority Police Department (CHAPD) which was formed in 1989 and was dissolved in 1999, because the projects were out of control.

I know of no place in all of Chicago where low-to-no-cost housing was a great success.  They all became a waste of taxpayers money and slums.  The projects of Chicago had to be the worst social engineering ever done in the entire USA.  It is a cesspool for crime and it will remain so until the last building is torn down and the land turned back into vacant lots.   So much for the brilliant ideas from Chicago’s liberal politicians.

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2 Responses to Chicago Shootings

  1. J Soden says:

    Given the corruption in our present-day DOJ that began in the Obumble admin, it’s fitting that Chicago with all its gun violence be the location of the Obumble library.
    A two-holder outhouse on property owned by Tony Rezko would do just as well….

  2. Tina says:

    Sept 2008 – Lee Cary at The American Thinker, “Obama and South Chicago Slum Developers,” cited, “Grim proving ground for Obama’s housing policy” by Binyamin Appelbaum of the Boston Globe.

    As Trump has said many times to minorities faithful to Democrats…what do you have to lose (by trying the opposition)?

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