Traveling the World on Bicycles – Tajikistan is Beautiful this Time of Year

by Jack

NYT -  “Asked why they had quit their office jobs and set off on a biking journey around the world, the young American couple offered a simple explanation: They had grown tired of the meetings and teleconferences, of the time sheets and password changes.

There’s magic out there, in this great big beautiful world,” wrote Jay Austin who, along with his partner, Lauren Geoghegan, gave his two weeks’ notice last year before shipping his bicycle to Africa.”  They were going to travel around the globe on their bicycles, soaking up all the joy, peace and love they could!     

Jay, a college grad from Georgetown, had previously lived in a 146 s.f. tiny house that he built by himself, before embarking on his epic travel.  He was able to save up a lot money from his government job for his travels and then he quit.  Things were going really well for the peace loving couple, despite the many flat tires and sore muscles from all that biking.

But, then came a fateful day when they would be slaughtered by terrorists.  Who knew?  We have terrorists in Muslim countries that hate Americans enough to kill them on sight? 

They were traveling on a very scenic mountain road in southwestern Tajikistan.   They were accompanied by several other similarly idealistic tourists from Norway and Sweden.   It was there, on July 29, that a car loaded with local Muslims noticed their smiling faces singing songs as they peddled away.  The angry men inside the car were unknown to Jay and the others, but these guys had recently pledged to kill infidels for ISIS!   It’s just one of those things that folks like Jay could have seen coming.  

Anyway, the car stopped.  Then it made an abrupt U-turn and sped back towards the unsuspecting bicyclists, all riding in single file.  As the car suddenly swerved into them the bikers were frozen in disbelief, apparently unable to dive out of the way in time.   The car  smashed head on into them, one after the other, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, killing 4, including our American couple! 

The same Muslim terrorists later released a grainy cell phone video showing their heroic dirty deed done for ISIS. They have not been charged with a crime and probably never will be. Why?  Because they live Tajikistan!   Muslims make up a little over 98.4% of the population.  So what do you think will happen?  My guess is nothing..

In Tajikistan the terrorists don’t believe in tiny houses designed to save the planet, but they do believe in killing infidels for ISIS. Too bad that little detail wasn’t mentioned in their travel brochure.  If it had been, they might have fallen back on a Plan B, like petting polar bears in the arctic or playing tag with great whites off the coast of Australia, who knows, but it would be infinitely better than bicycling, unarmed, through Tajikistan. 

In Jay last blog entry, he wrote,, “By and large, humans are kind, self-interested sometimes, myopic sometimes but kind, generous and wonderful and kind. No greater revelation has come from our journey than this”.  And that my friends is,as they say, “famous last words.”   

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10 Responses to Traveling the World on Bicycles – Tajikistan is Beautiful this Time of Year

  1. Libby says:

    ” So what do you think will happen? My guess is nothing.”

    … cause you have a bad attitude. So go ahead, dig a hole … and pull the hole in after you. You were very selective about your pasting from the NYT article. That lovely couple lived their lives … and died … by entirely admirable principles And then there is this:–members-hit-by-wave-arrests/29283941.html

    We will NOT take up with the brutals, Jack. You can … if you want to. But we, and the citizens of Tajikistan, will not.

    • Tina says:

      It’s possible for any lovely couple to live their lives “by entirely admirable principles” without having their heads tucked squarely up their bums. For some reason you think this couple is above criticism for their egregiously stupid choice to travel in a very dangerous country when there are many many choices that would not put their lives in such horrendous danger.

      Next you’ll be recommending that toddlers go play in the streets for the very special experience it might bring.

      Please explain how Jack’s post indicates he has “taken up” with “brutals.”

      You say you will not “take up” with the “brutals” but you apparently will invite them to kill you…and you think you’ve taken the high road?

      Think again.

    • Joe says:

      Libby, instead of attacking Jack why don’t you volunteer to clean up your socialist paradise? Go down to ‘crisco and shovel sh*t.

      San Francisco creates ‘Poop Patrol’ to clean up city’s feces-ridden sidewalks

  2. Post Scripts says:

    Thank you Tina, that was beautifully said. If I didn’t care about innocent people being slaughtered by the warped fanatics, this NYT article would have gotten a pass from me. But, it pains me to hear about anyone, especially American people who will walk right into a buzz saw because they are oblivious. In this case that would be a terrorist country where they become useful fools for the terrorist cause. I hate these monsters grabbing headlines because some of our liberals are too naïve and they paid the ultimate price. Libby doesn’t understand me at all. She completely goes off the wrong direction and assumes so many wrong things all the time, but you hold her accountable – thank you.

    • RHT447 says:

      ” Libby doesn’t understand me at all.”

      I beg to differ. She understands everything on this blog perfectly. She does. Not. Care. Her ignorance is willful. Like all the whacked out left, she only has two choices. Face the Knight of Mirrors, or double down (again).

      What happened to that young couple on their bicycle trip breaks my heart. It also makes me angry. Angry because it was so preventable. The signs of danger were there for them to see. But they chose not to because is didn’t match their preferred rose colored view of the world. Their ignorance was also willful, and fatal. What a waste.

    • Tina says:

      My pleasure, Jack.

      I’m sure your many experiences in the military and law enforcement bring context to this story that many of us do not have. But your experience as a father adds an even deeper context that anyone with kids shares.

      It hits me as a parent but it also hits me in terms of the ignorance and naivete that inadequate education and the the PC culture has created in young people…it positively galls me that young people have been so poorly served!

      Did you read that Hungary has removed gender studies from all state funded universities? They say that the courses are “based on ideology rather than science” and “the degrees were of no use to students looking for work.”

      “There is no economic rationale for studies such as these,” he said, as the degree does not “furnish students with skills that can be readily and directly converted on the labour market.” He added that the programs aren’t sustainable and “take away valuable resources from other programs, deteriorating the economic stability of universities.”

      How sensible!

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