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Chicago Shootings Improve

by Jack 29 May, 2019 – Good news everyone, only 34 people were shot over the weekend in Chicago, police said.     The year to date stats look even better.  Shot and wounded 724, shot and killed 179, total … Continue reading

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How PoDunk PD Solved a Murder and Thoughts on Immigration

How PoDunk PD Solved a Murder and Thoughts on Immigration…. by Jack “Podunk PD” was an intentionally derogatory term one of our liberal posters recently used to describe the law enforcement agency that finally broke the murder of college student … Continue reading

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Traveling the World on Bicycles – Tajikistan is Beautiful this Time of Year

by Jack NYT -  “Asked why they had quit their office jobs and set off on a biking journey around the world, the young American couple offered a simple explanation: They had grown tired of the meetings and teleconferences, of … Continue reading

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Mexico – Great Place to be Murdered

by Jack Soaring levels of drug-related violence made 2017 Mexico’s most murderous year on record, according to government statistics released Sunday. There were 25,339 homicides in Mexico last year, a 23% jump from 2016 and the highest number since at … Continue reading

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Fun Facts About North Korea’s Leader

by Jack According to the best information available, North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un has used his presidential orders to murder about 340 people within the top levels of his government. While some of the terrifying methods of execution have never been … Continue reading

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The Strange Case of Otto Warmbier

by Jack I’ve long thought that American tourists who go sightseeing in dangerous places, especially like North Korea, they should be put on notice by our State Dept. not expect any expensive or heroic rescue efforts if things go wrong. … Continue reading

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Is This the Guy Who Killed James Foley?

Posted by Jack By Staff writer | Al Arabiya News Sunday, 24 August 2014 A former British rapper who abandoned music to join the lines of ISIS is now being investigated by UK authorities following the execution of American journalist … Continue reading

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Sending US Soldiers to African Nations

by Jack    This map (click on it to enlarge) details recent armed conflicts, ranging from rioting to civil war.    Pretty disgusting isn’t it?     What is it with Africa anyway, why is there so much violence?  It  seems wherever there is a … Continue reading

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About the Islamo-facist Geo-political/religious Movement

 A reminder of the facts:  Not all Muslims are terrorists, not even close, but 99% of all terrorists are Muslims and that’s what is important.   Nuff said.  Want a detailed list of the constributions radicalized Muslims have made in the USA?  Click here.   … Continue reading

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