Illegal Entry: Poetic Justice Served Up!

Posted by Tina

A wonderful article in The American Thinker will make anyone who believed that the state of Arizona got a raw deal when it tried to implement a tough immigration bill that aligned with federal law and the Obama administration sued. The left made it a huge “race” issue and many countries to our south, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador, joined in condemning the sate of Arizona. They even joined with Mexico in filing a Friend of the Court brief in support of the suit.

My how circumstances can change things:

right now, those are the very nations pulling up the drawbridge to illegals as their own countries get inundated by vast human waves of Venezuelans flooding over their borders without papers.

Ecuador has announced that anyone entering its country is going to need a passport. No more entries without papers, given that 500,000 of them have already gotten in. “This is going to skyrocket,” said one Ecuadoran official. After that, Peru, which just recently saw 5,000 Venezuelan border crossings without papers in one day, announced the same bid to enforce borders. It follows from Colombia tightening its passport requirements, and both Colombia and Brazil just plain sealing their borders to make the human waves stop. Chile, too, tightened entry rules after it got flooded. The latest news is that Brazil is now deploying troops to fight the migrants.

Comically, Colombia, which has pretty much let all comers in and expected them to fan out across the continent, says it is upset about Peru’s and Ecuador’s new passport requirements, because, well, they now get to keep the million or so people who had been ready to move onward. (More than 2 million Venezuelans have fled socialism, most running to the first place they could find, which was Colombia, but they have also overrun Brazil). It probably doesn’t help that a Colombian judge recently ruled that the incomers were fully entitled to the benefits of Colombia’s vast health care system without having paid anything in. The U.S. has just dispatched a hospital ship to the Colombian coast to help pick up the pieces, given that Colombia is otherwise a good American ally.

While I pity the plight of these sick Venezuelan refugees from socialism and fully support the U.S. mercy mission, there is also the main issue of why these countries don’t want to be overrun. Like the illegals who rolled into Arizona that Colombia and the others had such tough words for, quite a few of these people are criminals who have wrought havoc on the countries they invaded. It’s gotten so bad that in one Brazilian town, the locals literally ran them all out of town.

Which was exactly what happened in Arizona.

Socialism seems to work when there’s a strong healthy nation nearby to pick up the broken pieces and provide extra services and law enforcement…at least until that nation/s becomes Venezuela.

Imagine how different life would be for people in every nation in this hemisphere if they would drop socialism, adopt capitalism and accountability, and put a little effort into support of individuals pursuing happiness for themselves and their families!

For now I’ll settle for this dose of poetic justice which is well deserved.

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17 Responses to Illegal Entry: Poetic Justice Served Up!

  1. Pie Guevara says:

    When the left (here and abroad) has no reasonable argument they always go to their fall back position of false charges of racism. A couple of contributors (and some former contributors) to the comments section in these pages.

    South America has always been a mess. Like Mexico and Central American countries they have always been ruled by various self serving authoritarian political elites whether they call themselves socialist or not.

    Despite the flaws of cronyism, insider trading, robber barons and a shameful history of colonial exploitation (all of which have been reigned in by legislation here and abroad), Capitalism and a free market trade (as much as there has ever been a truly “free market”) have brought the most benefit to the most people everywhere it is allowed to flourish.

    Socialism on the other hand (which is not much different from fascism) has a long history of unprecedented mass murder and failed economies.

    I believe these are the facts, just the fact’s ma’am.

  2. Pie Guevara says:

    *Sigh* Should have read —

    A couple of contributors (and some former contributors) to the comments section in these pages serve as testimony to the pervasiveness of that habit of the left.

  3. Libby says:

    “Socialism seems to work when there’s a strong healthy nation nearby to pick up the broken pieces ….”

    I’m sorry, but you just cannot be allowed to get away with this simple-minded stuff. There is a big old difference between socialism enacted and administered by three co-equal branches of a representative government, and socialism enacted and administered by a dictator. Hugo managed to re-write their constitution so that other Venezuelan branches of government are just for show. Hugo then made many other very bad decisions, had the power to enforce them unilaterally, and made a big old mess. Nikki is doing no better.

    So it’s really more a problem of unrestrained power, be it capitalist or socialist: of the right or of the left.

    Take our own situation. For many, many years, our spineless legislative branch has been abdicating the power to do unpopular things to the executive branch. I mean, shouldn’t tariffs, which can be deadly to economic growth, be voted on?

    Apparently not. But, if the consequences put the Repugs out of the White House for the next millenium, will I complain?

    • Tina says:

      “I’m sorry, but you just cannot be allowed to get away with this simple-minded stuff. ”

      Simple minded? We have quite a bit of history to draw from to demonstrate the validity of the points being made.

      “So it’s really more a problem of unrestrained power”

      Hugo, as with any dictator, began by selling the people on socialism. Hugo did not promise freedom, equal justice, and individual pursuit of happiness. He promised government control so the outcome would be the same for everyone…Marxism. I don’t know of any socialist nation that has done any differently, including this nation whose socialists have pressed pretty hard to fundamentally transform our republic.

      “So it’s really more a problem of unrestrained power”

      Which is why the founders should be greatly appreciated for their brilliance in forming our government. And it’s why we on the right have been pushing back against the left’s judicial lawmaking since the seventies.

      “…shouldn’t tariffs, which can be deadly to economic growth, be voted on?”

      Jay Cost at National Review addresses this point very nicely with history that goes all the way back to the founding. It’s quite interesting, including the following about FDR:

      FDR brought with him to office the old Democratic favoritism toward free trade, but also decidedly Wilsonian views on the relations between president and Congress. He encouraged Congress to transfer authority on trade matters (as well as most regulatory matters!) to him. This time, the legislature agreed. It was as if Congress threw up its hands in exasperation and said to the president, “We cannot handle our authority responsibly. Please take it off our hands, for we will screw things up and lose reelection.”

      Democrats and Republicans are people, subject to the same flaws. We’ve all pretty much given up on Congress…approval numbers in the teens. The aforementioned dysfunction is part of it. Divisions within the Rep party currently prevent legislation from moving forward. Democrats just say no, period, but some of the radical left elements on the left don’t support American ideals at all and have gained enough power to move your party to extremes. This element prefers the ideas of Marx and look to nations like Cuba (and Venezuela) as examples and have for many decades

      Norman Mailer proclaimed Fidel Castro “the first and greatest hero to appear in the world since the Second World War.”

      Oliver Stone called Castro “one of the earth’s wisest people, one of the people we should consult.”

      Michael Moore, held up Castro’s health care system as the preeminent example. (yeah, of socialist government control of the industry- Healthcare in Cuba is a three-teared system; one for foreigners who pay in cash, the second is for the elites in Cuban government, and the third for everybody else, if they can access it)

      Andrea Mitchell, MSNBC, after Castro’s death : “(Castro) gave his people better health care and education.”

      A recent Gallup Pole finding:

      47% of Democrats view capitalism positively, down from 56% in 2016 – 57% of Democrats now view socialism positively, little changed from 2010 – Republicans very positive about capitalism; 16% positive on socialism

      Much of the problem in America is due to the shift of your party to another form of governance. It isn’t that they’ve moved left of center from American ideals…it’s that they’ve embraced the ideals of another form of government.

      ” But, if the consequences put the Repugs out of the White House for the next millenium…”

      Counting your chickens a bit early. The latest on tariffs and trade deals is that we are making good progress…very close with Mexico and China. The left media decries Trumps trade war but the truth is other countries have been waging trade wars with the US for some time. Trump will negotiate better deals. It will naturally look scary to the faint of heart but other nations will soon be forced to do what is in their own best interest…an extended trade war isn’t, and America won;t be taken advantage of anymore.

      • Pie Guevara says:

        Tina drowns Lippy with facts.

        • Libby says:

          I don’t know. The central point of my post was that we’re in a state much too similar to Venezuela’s … and she ignores it … goes all partisan … just like always.

          • Tina says:

            Libby I greatly appreciated your non-snarky comment. I can see from your perspective how you would think the way you do.

            I disagree my response was partisan. I countered your points with information and sound arguments.

            “The central point of my post was that we’re in a state much too similar to Venezuela’s”

            Could have fooled me.

            Your first sentence, “I’m sorry, but you just cannot be allowed to get away with this simple-minded stuff. There is a big old difference between socialism enacted and administered by three co-equal branches of a representative government, and socialism enacted and administered by a dictator,” indicated a defense of socialism in America…not to mention it began with an insult (simple minded).

            If you think we’re “in a state much too similar to Venezuela,” you’re going to have to explain the similarities, other than the fact that your party is hell bent on taking control of industry and production.

      • Libby says:

        “The latest on tariffs and trade deals is that we are making good progress ….”

        Progress to what exactly? All I know is that Joann’s Fabrics wants me to sign a petition, so it can’t be going all that well.

        Joann’s argument is that this is a tax on stuff imported to the US that citizens assemble into something else, like those TV assemblers in South Carolina who have already been threatened with layoffs.

        We’re calling the tariffs a “Made in America” tax. Catchy.

        • Tina says:

          The goal is NO tariffs. The goal is free trade. We may not be able to accomplish no tariffs but we can get a better balance.

          The goal is also better trade deals.

          Yes, there will be some pains as negotiations continue but it should be temporary.

          That “Made in America Tax” is catchy…slogans don’t create better trade deals or no/lower tariffs.

          One example of the extreme imbalance: Canada imposes a 275% tariff on our dairy farmers. That’s ridiculous.

          In 2017 we had $817 billion dollars in trade deficits. That’s a lot of jobs and a lot of hidden tax for American consumers.

          The EU had a trade surplus of $151 billion with the US.

          India’s tariff on Harley Davidson motorcycles is 100%!

          The pain we will experience isn’t nearly as great as what we suffered for eight years under Obama with the willful destruction of so many businesses and industries….healthcare, energy, manufacturing…farming!

          At least with Trump the goal is a better deal for everybody and his people are working on the negotiations in earnest. This isn’t just about a lot of feel good words and promises.

  4. Harold says:

    As long as Mexico and countries south of them expect these illegal migrants (Migrant is a liberal PC, BS term) to pass thru their country to the US there was no issue was there. But as soon as Trump permitted Customs and ICE to act in the manner to which they were purposed, it caused a back up of people that were not of Mexican nationality as well as countries south of Mexico.

    So I would say Poetic justice is being served, and it is about time.

    Recently we had ICE stop and detain a illegal, on a outstanding warrant as a suspect for murder. He and his illegal wife were on their way to deliver their 5th baby in 12 years on our soil. Compare that number of 5 to the average American family of 1.75 births. At that rate California for example will have a larger anchor baby population than that of a natural citizens to deal with, that is if they continue to encourage illegal residency due to Statewide sanctuary .

    Back to the woman having to drive herself to the hospital without her criminally accused husband, A C-section is generally a scheduled delivery with the doctor, not a sudden labor like a natural birth, so they should have been no real urgency to get to the hospital, nor has any been mentioned. But were the facts of the planned birth announced by the bias media, nope! instead we read ICE takes man into custody and then lets his pregnant wife drive herself to hospital for child delivery.

    While that was true, the liberal media made it seem like ICE didn’t care , nor have concern for the woman, but that was just a spin the fake news applied to degrade ICE.

    But I am sure the Liberals eat up the negative spin like stray cats and a bowl of crème.

    • Peggy says:

      Also not reported by the liberal media is that both the man and wife have been here illegally for 12 years, all of their children were born here at taxpayers expense AND he was picked up by ICE because Mexico requested his return for the murder changes.

      • Libby says:

        Nor is it much reported that the vast majority of illegals work hard, pay taxes, and raise good citizens … because that’s not news … that’s just life.

        • J. Soden says:

          Doesn’t alter the fact that those “good citizens” are here ILLEGALLY and that they chose to break our laws.

          • Post Scripts says:

            So the liberal logic is, borders and immigration laws really don’t mean anything. You can immigrate here at your convenience, skip the annoying background check, skip the loyalty oath, skip the history lessons about why you should embrace democracy, skip why the Bill of Rights was important, why you should be a good citizen skip past the communicable disease control, literacy tests and mental health checks, as long as you intend on working hard. Then according to liberals among us, welcome to this country and you’re ready to vote! You can use all the safety nets this country has to offer. Oops, I think I just misspoke, I said according to “liberal logic”…but, that’s an oxymoron. Sorry.

          • Libby says:

            J … you get their employers jailed … and I’ll shut up.

            But if these illustrious citizens get to hire illegals, the illegals get to live a peaceful, prosperous lives in our country.

        • Peggy says:

          Hey, if Cesar Chavez, JFK and Bobby Kennedy were against Illegals (“Wetbacks” Chavez’s word not time.) coming here to take jobs from farm workers so am I!

          Illegals from anywhere taking any type of jobs is illegal. Everyone who comes here legally is welcome. Those who don’t need to go back. Period.

          Quit being a bleeding heart liberal and deal with the facts.

          Cesar Chavez: Anti-Immigration to His Union Core:

          “Cesar Chavez believed ferociously in the border of the United States — because that border protected his union. So ferociously did he hold this view that the New York Times ran a story detailing an accusation that the union Chavez founded, the United Farm Workers, set up a 100 mile “wet line” to keep “wetbacks” and “illegals” — yes, all of those are Chavez’s words — out of the United States. So let’s go back in the time machine to the period when Chavez was rocketing to fame.

          Cesar Chavez was deeply opposed to illegal immigration. But the question here is why.

          The fact is that just as Americans along the southern border today want it sealed to protect their private property or the safety of their families, Cesar Chavez wanted desperately to protect his union from illegal border crossings by Mexican “strikebreakers.” At core, Chavez was demanding — like property owners along the border today — that the sovereignty of the United States be respected. Those who remember Chavez recall him vividly as a committed Chicano activist who neither minced words nor shied away from acting on his beliefs. And in doing so, he put himself firmly on record against illegal immigration.”

          Chavez explains the need for boycotts: Video

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