Illegal Immigrant Convicted of Murder Deported

by Jack

An illegal alien from El Salvador and an MS 13 member, who twice pulled a knife on female joggers before attacking Chandra Levy and stabbed her to death is now a free man.

The defendant pleaded guilty to attacking two women at knifepoint in the same park where Levy’s body was found and was sentenced to 10 years in prison for each count.  Then he was convicted of murdering Levy.

Prosecutors also said the scratches that Guandique had on his face at the time of Levy’s murder was also evidence that he was guilty of the crime and that his cell mate said he admitted to the murder.  The defense based their motion on a new trial on a witness they claimed was not credible, Guandique’s one-time cellmate Armando Morales.  Morales testified that Guandique said he was responsible for Levy’s death.  Because there was no physical evidence linking Guandique to the murder, his testimony was crucial, but the court discounted it and released the killer who then deported back to his homeland.

Ingmar Guandique-Blanco, a documented MS-13 gang member, was transferred to the proper law enforcement authorities upon his arrival in El Salvador.  This illegal alien effectively got away with murder.


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12 Responses to Illegal Immigrant Convicted of Murder Deported

  1. Libby says:

    Shame. Why are you not ashamed? You don’t really believe in the rule of law, at all, do you?

    You know what jail informant testimony is worth … diddly-squat. The state had no evidence to tie him to the crime. Jack … that’s called innocent … under the law.

    Fortunately, there still exists a sufficient quantity of citizens willing to uphold this concept in the face of a passel of frightened bigots. There are not now, nor will there ever be, any MS-13 gang members under your bed, Jack.

  2. Pie Guevara says:

    Get this. Lippy defends a known MS-13 gang member/murderer and calls Post Scripts bigots. This truly is a perfect world populated by perfect asses. Keep up the good work Lippy. Damn, you are a blessing, dear heart.

    Who is hiding under Kathryn Steinle’s or Mollie Tibbetts’ bed? Lippy and her gang.

    • Libby says:

      So what makes Kathryn or Mollie more deserving of your interest than the “nearly three women are murdered every day in the U.S. by current or former romantic partners” according to the 2017 Violence Policy Center report called “When Men Murder Women”.

      You get your knickers in a twist over violent brown men? Dude, men are men … brutes, all of ya.

      • Post Scripts says:

        But Libby, if we can save just one life… isn’t it worth it?

        • Libby says:

          No. First … it’s nonsense. “We are going to keep all the brown men out of the country because they might kill somebody.” Is this what you propose?

          Then what do we do with all the white men who might kill somebody?

          Using racial bigotry to justify the “saving of a life” is, to my mind, unacceptable.

          • Tina says:

            ” “We are going to keep all the brown men out of the country because they might kill somebody.” Is this what you propose?”

            This is your screwed up attitude talking, Libby. this thinking is wrong but it sure does get your panties in a bunch, causing your mouth to spew “racist!”

          • Pie Guevara says:

            This is not about “brown men”. But of course, no one expects you to get that Lippy. Besides, Look at the perp walk photo. Hardly “brown” if that were actually this issue, which it is NOT.

            (Well, except to ridiculous, risible, pathetic, insane left-wing extremist morons like Lippy.)

      • Pie Guevara says:

        Hmmm, evidently I am the brute here, for grieving innocent life brutally murdered by illegal aliens. And, because I am a man, I am a brute. Lippy, thank you. It was not until now that I realized just how very deeply troubled you are. Which begs the question, what did your father do to you? Or was it a brother? An uncle? Or did your mother have a hand in it?

      • Tina says:

        The story is relevant because of the fierce debate (and media spin) over immigration reform, the wall, and enforcement of our nation’s laws. It’s relevant because you lefties want to spin the argument and make it a race issue. It’s relevant because it demonstrates that the criminal element, which you prefer to coddle in your sanctuary cities, is a real problem and poses a real danger to society.

        Nobody claimed that other crimes aren’t equally important or troubling…they just don’t have a national political connection at present.

        Local law enforcement has enough on it’s hands dealing with citizen crime. Ridding communities of MS 13 and traffickers would certainly lesson their load, including local budgets and the burdens of the prison system.

        But you lefties won’t discuss these serious issues…curious, until we realize that illegal entry and anchor babies represent future votes in Democrat minds. Power and control and fundamentally transforming our state and nation is all your party leadership really care about…they make sure your media gets the nudge. All of the alphabets use the exact same talking points…it’s hilarious!

        Each anchor baby represents 7-9 family members that can be brought to the US on average. Your purpose is absolute control and permanent Democrat Party Rule.


      • Tina says:

        “…more deserving of your interest than the “nearly three women are murdered every day in the U.S. by current or former romantic partners”

        What makes you leap to such extremes? Who said anything about this story being “more deserving” besides you?


        Current events…political issues…when they intersect we talk about it. Easy!

        “…men are men … brutes, all of ya.”

        My observation is the violence has gotten worse since feminists decided men were scum.

        Treat anyone like they are scum and they are bound to turn on you.

        Lack of respect and the failure to acknowledge the differences between the sexes and the important roles men play in our lives, the contributions they make, has contributed greatly to the conditions we now find ourselves.

        Congrats Libby…this is what society, fashioned by radical feminism begets…ain’tcha proud!

  3. Tina says:

    Katie Pavlich is reporting at Townhall that Rivera’s lawyer lied to the judge in court yesterday telling the judge that his client was in the country legally and he had been unfairly targeted by President Trump.

    This client entered the country illegally, used fake documents to deceive his boss and avoid detection in the national verification program. Now he’s accused of stalking and murdering this young woman and his lawyer is lying for him and adding political spin!

    But phoniness and lying aren’t part of the lefts playbook, eh Libby.

    We’ll probably find out his lawyer is also in the country illegally.

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