NATO Chief Thanks President Trump

Posted by Tina

His words were blunt. But he spoke the truth and in doing so, challenged the other members of NATO to hold up their end of the bargain.

He was criticized for his crude style, called unpresidential and accused of destroying relationships with our European allies.

The Washington Times reports today:

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has come through on one of President Trump’s major demands, that members other than the U.S. dramatically boost their defense spending to relieve the burden Washington faces propping up the military alliance.

Speaking in Washington on Friday Mr. Stoltenberg assured the U.S. that America’s leading military allies across Europe and Canada have spent an additional $41 billion on defense over the past year.

“As you know, President Trump has been outspoken on this issue,” Mr. Stoltenberg said during a keynote address at the Heritage Foundation think tank. “And I have thanked him for his leadership on defense spending.”

The President told the truth…pulled no punches. His bold actions had the desired effect. Leaders feel better and are better when they do the right thing.

The President’s style is exactly what’s needed today in many instances. Some are rising to the challenges he’s put forth and then thanking him. In this case our European allies are better prepared to defend themselves and their allies, as agreed.

A good thing all around.

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3 Responses to NATO Chief Thanks President Trump

  1. Tina says:

    Thanking the President…must see video of Trump speech before the election…enhanced with images…that shows he understood exactly what we were facing and what it would take to stop it…quite prescient Mr P…thank you.

    Video at Conservative Treehouse…thank you Sundance!

    Also posted a CTH, a tweet by David Plough, “It is not enough to beat Trump. He must be destroyed thoroughly. His kind must not rise again”

    Sounds bigoted, intolerant, and tyrannical, no?

    • Peggy says:

      Chilling. God give him and us strength to rid this land of the corrupt individuals trying to destroy us.

    • Peggy says:

      Obama administration was corrupt, more and more evidence reveals daily
      His loyalties were to his power and authority:

      “Mr. Obama used the agencies, and the awesome power of the federal government, against his political enemies. He used the power of the state against those he didn’t like. This was full-on banana republic dictator kind of stuff.

      The negligence at Veterans’ Affairs, the “stimulus bill” that was simply a redistribution to unions (those “shovel ready projects” weren’t so shovel ready after all), the sale of uranium to the Russians, the lies about Benghazi, the Clinton email scandal that was not prosecuted, the appeasement of the Iranians — even sending billions in cash in the middle of the night and bragging about how they lied to the American press and public, the use of financial penalties to fund leftist causes, the use of the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) to take property from Americans, on, and on, and on. I literally could go on forever.

      However, the coup-de-grace is what we are now learning about the 2016 election and the criminal spying on the Trump campaign.

      The president of the United States was set up. Mr. Trump is exactly right. The weaponization of our intelligence and security services has damaged their reputation for generations, and the rule of law, to which this great nation is so committed, has been irreparably damaged as well.”

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