Who Said That? What Will Happen Next?

Posted by Tina

A politician was walking in a poor neighborhood…remarks were captured on video…

“What the hell? We should just take all this sh*t down,” … clearly overwhelmed by the scene. … “Whoa, you can smell the rats.”… “Whew, Jesus. Oh, my God, you can smell the dead animals…”

Who would say such boorish things? I mean people are calling this person out for being offensive and out of touch!

Probably some right winger…could even be Trump, right?

Well it could be Trump. He tells it like it is. He doesn’t mince words but shoots from the gut. His detractors just hate it. They call him all kinds of hateful names…ah, well.

But in this instance, the person caught saying insensitive things is Mayor Catherine Pugh (Dem) of Baltimore, Maryland.


I say good for her! It’s ridiculous to pretend conditions are anything other that what they are.

Question is, what will she do about it?

Will she have the courage to “tear it down” as she suggested should happen? Will she work with the President and take steps to attract good jobs to the community, enrich the citizens lives, and expand the tax base? Will she adopt a “no broken windows” policy in the neighborhood and support the police force…and ICE? Will she work wit Ben Carson to improve living conditions? Will she stand up to the teachers union and work with Betsey Vos to create better schools for young people? Will she encourage attendance in vocational schools?

Or will she fold like a lounge chair, apologize profusely, and make the same empty promises of free stuff? What will she do for the people counting on her to run their city well?

I say, go with your gut and let your detractors whine, gripe, and protest as you get things done!

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3 Responses to Who Said That? What Will Happen Next?

  1. J. Soden says:

    It’s not a coincidence that the cities (and at least one state) that have become cesspools have had many years of Demwits being in charge.

  2. RHT447 says:

    Sorta off topic, but definitely in the spirit (some ‘passionate’ language)—

    “I had an interesting experience that I may have related on my blog before. I received a threatening letter from the CA city where I lived, demanding that I buy a business license RETROACTIVELY for four years. I pulled on a tie, a sport coat, and drove to city hall with my offensive and threatening letter.

    To shorten the saga, I said, failure to buy a city business license is a misdemeanor and the statute of limitations in California for misdemeanors is one year. You don’t have current information because the state doesn’t provide it to you for at least 18 months, so it’s completely unenforceable. I demand that you cite me for the misdemeanor, provide me with a court date and (I pulled out a pad of paper and wrote) this is my list for discovery from the city. Get started on it now, if you please.


    Where’s my summons? I want it before I leave because I’m going to embarrass you sorry, worthless, sons-of-b1tches.


    I demand my day in court. You aren’t getting one cent from me. Besides, I have NO business in the city. All of my business takes place OUTSIDE of the United States.

    You have a bank account (Chase) in the City.

    Cling to that notion when you are called as a witness. (on a second piece of paper I wrote ‘subpoena list’ and put the clerk’s name on it) I want you as MY witness.

    The city declined to prosecute and put me on a list wherein I wouldn’t be hassled in the future.

    The scumbags were running a scam, threatening people to extract tax money when they KNEW that it was unenforceable and outside of the rule of law. I didn’t have a store front. I had a home in their city where I received e-mail and phone calls. Welcome to California.”

    From here—


  3. Peggy says:

    Also, sorta off topic. Be sure to read to the end. LOL

    Calling deficit a ‘fiasco,’ Sac City teachers union proposes slashing district staff’s pay:

    “A proposal written by the Sacramento City Teachers Association in response to the Sacramento City Unified School District’s unprecedented budget disapproval for 2018-19 labels the situation a “fiasco,” recommends deep cuts to the district’s administrative staff and calls for the resignation of three district board members from their budget committee positions.

    SCTA was one of several labor unions that met with Sacramento City Unified and county Board of Education officials Thursday afternoon, as the teachers association formally proposed changes it says would save at least $16.5 million annually, as seen in a written copy received by The Bee on Friday.”


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