Live Rounds Fired Through Window at GOP Headquarters Florida

Posted by Tina

Thankfully no one was injured or killed when an unknown criminal shot the windows out at a Volusia County Florida GOP headquarters today.

This isn’t the first instance of “gun-violence” vandalism at GOP offices.

In North Carolina a headquarters was firebombed and spray painted with a swastika and the word Nazi. (How embarrassing-these lefties haven’t a clue about Nazism)

In Iowa, the Johnson County GOP office was vandalized with vulgar signs and (excuse the vulgarity) used tampons were left at in front. (Feminists, no doubt)

In Wyoming a GOP office was set on fire.

House Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy’s office had a boulder thrown through the window.

In Mesa Arizona a rock was thrown through a GOP office window (vulgarity…the rock had f*** Trump written on it.

Antifa smashed the windows, spray painted, and left a threatening message, “Tonight we put the Republican Party on notice,” at the Metropolitan
Republican Club in Manhatten.

A truck with a Trump 2020 sticker on it outside a bar overnight and it was set on fire.

In Illinois a GOP office was vandalized with “RAPE” graffiti during the Kavanaugh confirmation.

Someone used a sledgehammer to bash in the windows at the GOP headquarters in Fayette County, KY, the third time in two years. Nazi scum and Die Nazi were featured prominently in the scum attack.

In Nebraska GOP office windows were smashed and “Abolish ICE was spray painted.

Smug, dishonest NBC journalist John Harwood declared today that Republicans are “simply worse” than Democrats when it comes to “behavior” and “respect for facts and reason and honesty.”

It takes willful blindness to think such a thing much less actually say it on TV. This man’s journalistic credentials probably crystallized years ago…now they are shattered.

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  1. Libby says:

    “State Rep. Tom Leek, an Ormond Beach Republican whose name graced a sign beneath the window that was damaged, reacted strongly Monday against the political environment in which the vandalism occurred.”

    “The state of our political discourse in America is an embarrassment to all parties and those involved in the political process,” Leek said in a statement. “Neither Democrats nor Republicans own the high ground on this issue. Sooner or later, both parties are going to have to stop suffering idiots within their own party, and cast them out on their own.”


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