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UPDATE:  A Red Flag Warning begins at 10 p.m. tonight.   A Red Flag Warning means warm temperatures, very low humidity’s and stronger winds are expected to combine to produce an increased risk of fire danger.  

We thought that fires that consumed cities were a thing of the past, like the Chicago fire or the great San Francisco fire, those things couldn’t happen now.   We were wrong.   In just the past 12 months and from just 3 fires, the Napa, Carr and now Camp, we’ve suffered the loss of over 17,000 homes and 800 commercial buildings.  Financial losses run into the tens of billions.

Because the Camp fire is still ongoing, the death toll can’t be certain.  But, as of now these 3 fires claimed 43 confirmed dead, 9 from the Camp fire and it’s likely the latter number will rise in the coming days.  These 3 conflagrations have consumed a staggering half million acres.  That is approaching the size of Rhode Island.

The common denominators in all 3 fires, gusting winds, dry, forested or heavily vegetated land close to concentrated urban dwellings.  In all three fires, the first 24 hours were the most devastating in terms of lives lost.

The Camp fire now has the dubious distinction of being the worst in California’s history and it’s only 20% contained.

Higher winds are predicted for Monday.



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  1. Harold says:

    Latest news article is indicating PG&E transmission line may be involved.

    If so, what are going to be the consequences to a major utility, they have to stay in business, but what of their administrators? Should those people who are directly involved be found guilty of negligence, what could/would the courts do.

    If so , then could this set a needed precedence for all who serve the public to be more attentive to public safety , would the Bureau of land management (BLM)also be dragged into this for their mismanagement of fuel build up on land they control?.
    Along with restrictions from the EPA (The Environmental Protection Agency is an independent agency of the United States federal government for environmental protection)

    And if, BIG if could it eventually also fall in the laps of “State elected” who are supported by lobbyist of any companies found guilty of neglect through the courts.

    However, plausible or not Trumps latest remarks have a basis for thought, what has California elected been doing with the millions of dollars sent to the State for management of high danger fire areas such as those line thru areas of unmanageable fire fuel. They need to held accountable for public safety as well, after all that should be the prime objective of any elected.

    Also if any of this is proven true, then I’ll be the first to admit I was incorrect for thinking Homeless encampments to be the cause. My thinking was shadowed by events caused by encampment fires out of control or to close to major fuel supply with no concern for endangering others. I.E. like fires used next to a lumber yard in Chico

    There is so much we don’t know yet…………

    • Tina says:

      The president cited better management of the forest. Duh! Unreasonable regulations prevent many of the things that could better preserve wildlife and human habitats…and life!!! The President is correct.

      “All things in moderation,” recognized for centuries, must be applied to forest management. Example We don’t need to clear cut (extreme) or let the forest run wild (extreme). We can seek balance. It makes sense to clear away dead/dying trees and brush, FUEL, particularly around areas where humans live (moderation). The idea is to conserve through good management.

      Maybe it’s time for PG&E and the phone company to consider underground power lines in forested areas. Yes it would be expensive, populations in these areas are small. But when you consider the cost of rebuilding just this infrastructure after fires caused by failing systems, the potential for liability costs, and the savings that would accumulate over time from an underground system, it makes sense to pay the price up front.

  2. Harold says:

    With a little research, it is beginning to look like PG&E transmission lines failure may have started the “Camp Fire”. I even read where security guards have been assigned to the possible ignition zone to prevent PG&E from entering , and my thought was to prevent them from possibly altering the cause.

    But even so, who will be on the hook for compensation to those who lost their homes and family members who perished in the fire that leveled a community.

    Well it appears it will not be PG&E, thanks to the Liberal influence at Sacramento, and Governor Jerry Brown. After last years blazes where PG&E was found at fault, legislators quickly passed a bill and Gov. Brown signed it so fast that PG&E utility users bills were quickly jacked up to cover the negligence and destruction by PG&E . This was one of the fastest “CYA” I have seen in recent times, by lobbyist for the Utility and aided by the Liberals in power.

    Here are a couple of links to review, there is more out there, but this will give you a basic idea of how a one sided State legislature gets things done.

    California voters, especially those not affected by this BS bill that only serves Brown and company, and protects PG&E may not understand what they have done to themselves until the bills increase from the So. California fires (if caused by DWP utility), And it will protect them from future destruction due to deferred matintance to failing utility infrastructure, but why should PG&E or any utility care, now you, the utility customer get to pay the bill with a added surcharge, after all Brown and Company has held utilities harmless, and even more recently Brown stated in a news release that you need to get use to folks “This is the New Normal”

    Trump may be fighting in a swamp, but California is quickly going into a cesspool of Liberalism.

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