Update: Vote Harvesting

Posted by Tina

Monica Showalter at The American Thinker, citing Steve Miller of Real Clear Investigations, “Bienvenidos a Mexico: California’s ballot-harvesting, sure enough, is borrowed from Mexico”

The practice has its roots in Latin America, said K.B. Forbes, a political consultant and Hispanic activist who has served as an elections observer in Sonora, Mexico. “In the Latin culture, they have colonias, which is ‘little colony,’ literally,” he said. “In these, they sometimes have the equivalent of a precinct boss, and that’s how people move up. The [politiqueras] deliver the vote and when the candidate moves in, the theory is that they get a good post inside the government.”

California is on it’s way to third world status. Third world nations are made up of the very wealthy elite and the very poor with almost no middle class. The elite ruling class is corrupt, insensitive to the plight of the people, and quick to shut down any attempt to overturn or even question the ruling class. (Sound familiar?)

Showalter: “As I mentioned earlier, Mexico has been called “a perfect dicatorship” by none other than Nobel Prize-winning literary lion Mario Vargas Llosa, owing to the continuous power of the Mexican Partido Revolucionario Institucional (or PRI), which, up until a decade or two ago, had a hammerlock monopoly on Mexican politics, winning every single election in what was then a one-party state. ”

Those who come to this country and bring the values of their country of origin have not assimilated. Politicians here who pander to them for their votes apparently haven’t either.

…yep California is well on the way.

Build that Wall!!

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3 Responses to Update: Vote Harvesting

  1. Chris says:

    Monica Showalter at The American Thinker, citing Steve Miller of Real Clear Investigations,

    Why on earth would you listen to such people?

    Never mind. I already know.

    • Tina says:

      Yes…because you’re a ridiculous partisan a$$ who arrogantly thinks only people who agree with you have smarts. Really dumb, Chris. It leads to very narrow understanding.

      Please take your own advice and “never mind” asking that question again.

      • Chris says:


        You can’t cite overt partisan outlets, then call someone else partisan for pointing that out.

        Well, you can–you have for years–but you shouldn’t.

        I listen to plenty of people who disagree with me politically. I retweet David French, Jonah Goldberg, Rich Lowry, Allahpundit, Max Boot, and Tom Nichols frequently. Your problem is that your small, insular movement–Trumpism–has un-personed these rational conservatives because they weren’t willing to jump on board with Trump’s grift. The rational right and the rational left disagree about plenty, but we agree that Trump is a hateful idiot, because there is no rational counter-argument to that. Outlets like the American Thinker and Real Clear Politics are not just partisan, they are deranged conspiracy theorist sites, which is why they support a deranged conspiracy theorist as president.

        It should be abundantly clear that the partisan hack here is you.

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