Mass Overdose in Chico

by Jack

Drug overdose at Chico home leaves one dead and a dozen hospitalized; authorities suspect fentanyl.  E-R News.

The people involved were aged 19-30.  6 wound up getting CPR simultaneously at the ER at Enloe hospital, hope they had Obamacare.

It would be a great injustice if other patients, were delayed help because all the medical personnel were tied up doing CPR on these overdosed people. (photo above shows overdosed transient in tripod position seen often with respiratory distress)

Many people in this little community are shocked such a thing could happen in little Chico.  However, I’m not and I have close to zero sympathy for people who [willing] do drugs and overdose.  My libertarian side says, every adult should have the free choice to do drugs, but just don’t ask society to pay or subsidize it in any way when they get into trouble.  That should be 100% on them, this is called personal responsibility and accountability.

It makes me depressed to think of how medical resources and money are allocated to the [deliberate] drug addicts.  So many of them fry their brains, then they wind up homeless or institutionalized as a drag on society for the rest of their unproductive lives.

China’s solution is simple.  They turn them into organ donors for the state.  Fortunately, for our addicts and burnouts they live in America and we are willing to spend billions for their care and treatment, apparently for no good reason.   We’ve got plenty of these types confined in local Chico care homes at the cost of around $7000 a month…your tax dollars at work.

PS I hope nobody will write in telling us how doctors got XYZ hooked on pain meds, this isn’t what we’re talking about.  We’re just talking about lawbreakers who deliberately use illegal drugs.






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14 Responses to Mass Overdose in Chico

  1. Libby says:

    “It would be a great injustice if other patients, were delayed help because all the medical personnel were tied up doing CPR on these overdosed people.”

    Really? How so?

    “China’s solution is simple. They turn them into organ donors for the state.”

    Ah !! I see now. Well, you know what to do. The post office takes passport applications 5 days a week. The visa from the Chinese government may take longer. And then you will not longer be bothered by all this humanitarian horsepucky.

  2. Libby says:

    P. S. Did you know that China is the chief source of black market fentanyl?

    Of course, the issue has been muddied by Guess Who and his Twitter Fetish. I mean, if he says it … it must be bull, right? But it seems that, up to know, the Chinese have not been real fussy about who they sell the stuff to.

  3. Libby says:

    “It makes me depressed to think of how medical resources and money are allocated to the [deliberate] drug addicts.”

    … and your ignorance of the science of addiction depresses the hell out of me. There is no “deliberate” to it. You take refuge in this “blame the victim” thing … incessantly. You are wrong.

  4. J. Soden says:

    Jack, you’re 100% correct. If those cretins want to do drugs even after all of the info about how dangerous it is, they should bear the fruit of their choices.

    “Course, I expect that I’ll be attacked by Lippy or Chris for being heartless, uncaring, homophobia, and being a racist, but that won’t bother me ’cause I consider the source.

    Actions have consequences.

    • Harold says:

      I am on board with both J and Jack.

      As to Libby reply, “There is no “deliberate” to it” that sounds a lot like a positive quote from a “Drug Recovery’ sales pitch.

      Libby’s representation that drug dependence is predetermined and a disease, should be challenged by the obvious. Most street level addition begins with an addicts own choice to experiment with drugs. For whatever the reason it was their choice. Once the effects of their decision to use drugs takes hold and the dependence factor begins, then the burden often shifts to government to fund their recovery from addiction.

      I will however acknowledge that some addictions are a result of doctors over prescribing pain killing medications. That need to relieve pain by the patient could be the motivating factor that leads to dependency. However that is not the point of Jack’s post or J’s reply.

  5. Libby says:

    Off topic, but irresistible … it’s another “Ahhhh, America” moment:

    I don’t know how the republic has lasted as long as it has … I really don’t.

  6. Cherokee Jack says:

    Jack; Like you, I have a libertarian leaning that says people should be able to do whatever they wish with their own bodies, as long as taxpayer money isn’t used to clean up their messes. But, life and our present society won’t let us have our way.

    Along with the opioids, I believe some different problems, maybe not as serious, connected with legalized pot, are beginning to show up more often.
    We’re all familiar with the fast food cashier who can’t make change if the computer is down. We usually give the credit for that to our modern progressive educational system. Lately, I’ve been having similar experiences with employees a little higher on the technical ladder. I’ve been seeing problems with delivery truck drivers, technical equipment salesmen, and technical equipment installers. Without getting too specific, I’m seeing them unable to solve simple logistical problems and not able to complete their jobs satisfactorily.
    I’m not saying they’re coming to work stoned, but the one thing pot advocates don’t mention is that with prolonged recreational use, memory and coherent thought is still numbed down long after the high is gone. I believe drug testing is required now for critical services like commercial pilots and surgeons, but there are a lot of service related jobs without testing that we deal with regularly. We don’t want to infringe on their civil rights, so I guess we just need to learn to expect less for our money.
    In some cases of numbed minds, like comments from Libby, we just have to plan on expecting minor irrational interruptions.

  7. Libby says:

    Hey, you’re in the news:

    So what would a libertarian do about this, do you think? Incessantly wash those hands?

    • Pie Guevara says:

      As a libertarian at heart, I suggest you have your mouth washed out with soap Lippy. Just when I think you could not possibly be more of a noxious ass, you prove me wrong with another misplaced, beyond stupid insult. Feel better now, troll? Getting the attention you crave?

  8. Libby says:

    Why do you thank him? He spouts a lot of prejudiced ignorance in support of your own … and this makes you feel vindicated?

    You are all ignoramuses together. And as long as you insist upon staying that way … we make no progress.

    You just be glad you live in a country that looks after selfish, willful, doofuses … and not CJ’s libertarian paradise … otherwise you’d have to deal with the dead and dying druggies on your lawn … your own selves.

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