Nancy Spanks Another Brat in Congress

by Jack

It didn’t take long for freshman Congresswoman Ilha Omar-D, shown at left to show her true colors, which are not red, white and blue.  She tweeted that members of Congress and by inference those in her own party, are being paid off with “Jewish money” to support Israel.

When the House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, found out what was said, she went ballistic.  She said Omar’s use of anti-Semitic tropes and unsupportable accusations are deeply offensive!  An angry Pelosi called on the first term Congresswoman to apologize immediately.

The House Foreign Affairs chairman and House Judiciary chairman echoed Speaker Pelosi’s condemnation of Omar’s remarks, saying she (Omar) has failed the first test of leadership.  They referred to her comments as, shocking, hurtful and intolerable.

However shocking it was to democrats, it came as no surprise to most of us who know this is not the first time a Muslim politician has made harsh anti-Semitic remarks.  What is shocking to us is how the democrats could elect her to Congress?

Ilha Omar is one of two Muslim females to serve in Congress.   At this rate she may also be the last.




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19 Responses to Nancy Spanks Another Brat in Congress

    • Chris says:

      The “double standard” is that when people on the left say racist things we don’t unify behind them; we make them apologize immediately. Meanwhile Steve King has been a white nationalist for years without any major Republicans speaking out, and the president just tweeted that Latin Americans are going to ruin our country. Pull the log out of your eye.

  1. Chris says:

    Good for Pelosi. This is not Omar’s first anti-Semitic comment and I doubt it will be her last. As you allude to, her comments are harmful to Jews and Muslims alike, both of whom deserve better representation than this.

  2. Chris says:

    Now if only Republicans would be as outspoken about the president’s bigoted comments about Latin Americans as Democrats have been about a freshman congresswoman’s anti-Semitism.

    • More Common Sense says:

      Why is this racist?

      An influx of 42 Million of any race would be a disaster! It is the quantity he is talking about. It is the quantity that is the subject of the sentence. If you remove the quantity from the statement it is not a disaster. If you remove the source, “Latin America” from the statement it is still a disaster but it doesn’t state where the illegal immigrants would be coming from. Clearly the focus of the statement is the quantity and the fact that he stated “Latin Americas” is to clarify the source and the border they are crossing.

      If he said “42 Million Canadians” it would still be a disaster but it would not be true. We are not at risk of having 42 Million Canadians coming across the border if there are open borders. But, we are at risk of having 42 Million people crossing the border from Latin America. Why? Because Latin America is a mess run by corrupt governments. That’s the problem we need to address but that is not the subject of this discussion.

      I have to say one more thing. The left (including Chris) loves to use the terms “racism” and “racist” to describe policies and people they don’t agree with. This is either a disingenuous tactic to smear political opponents and to try to recruit other people to hate the policies and people involved OR, they really believe the polices are racism and the people are racist. If it is the first it is an example of how Machiavellian, and despicable, and dishonest the left can be. If it is the latter it demonstrates the racism of the LEFT! How could a WHITE man be concerned about the negative effects of dealing with 42 million illegal immigrants. Since he is WHITE the reason for the concern MUST be based in racism.

      Chris, you twisted Trump’s words to make a non-racist statement a racist statement. Do you have difficulty parsing an English sentence? I doubt it. I believe you know exactly what you are doing. You are taking the fact that he indicated the direction the illegal immigration would come from to spin the statement to make it look like Trump is a racist. You are following a established tactic of the left. If you CAN twist an opponent’s statement so it looks like racism, and that can be used against the person who made the statement because of THEIR race, then go ahead and denounce their statement as racism. That’s what you did Chris, and that isn’t even implied racism, it is blatant racism!

      So…. Chris, you are a racist! How does that make you feel?

      • Peggy says:

        MCS, nailed it!

        I’m waiting for the Left to declare Cesar Chavez a racist, since he fought to stop illegals/”Wetbacks” ( his word, not mine) from crossing our border with Mexico.

        I’ll bet Chris has never watched this video of Chavez talking about the “Illegals/Wetbacks,” I’ve posted many times before. And the Dems have done their best to rewrite our history so voters will never know the truth, so they’ll have a future pool to keep them in power.

        Cesar Chavez Used The Term “Wetbacks” and “Illegals” to Describe Migrant Workers from Mexico:

        • Chris says:

          Peggy, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. “Wetbacks” is a racial slur no matter who says it. You know this, which is why you do not use the term yourself in these pages.

          • Peggy says:

            My point Chris is Chavez was also against illegals crossing our border to take jobs from American farmworkers. Did that make him a racist?

            You also used to say using the word “illigal/s” wasn’t allowed because it was a racist and politically incorrect word. It appears to being used more these days to distinguish between those here legally and those who broke our laws and crossed our border illegally.

            Whether it’s Chavez and others during his time calling a group of people Wetbacks or people of today calling the same group of people Illegals my question still stands. Are Cesar Chavez and the thousands of farmworkers racist for not wanting a group of people coming to America and doing everything they could to stop them?

            If not, why? Does it have to do with the color of their skin, or that one man has orange hair?

            Also, it’s obvious you still haven’t watched the video of Cesar Chavez speaking about his efforts to protect the lives and livelihoods of his farmworkers. If you had you’d never have made your ridiculous statement about his use of the term Wetbacks. You wouldn’t be able to deny what you saw and the truth laid out before you.

            Noticed also, as a teacher you said nothing about the rewriting of our history. I’d think you’d want your students to know the truth and not fill their minds with more lies. Look it up and pass it along before it’s completely erased and gone forever.

      • Chris says:

        More Common Sense:

        “But, we are at risk of having 42 Million people crossing the border from Latin America.”

        No, we are not, and the Gallup poll did not find that we were.

        The poll asked Latin Americans “Would you move to the United States if you could?” That question has little to do with open borders, unless you think Latin Americans have no other circumstances in their lives that would prevent them from packing up and moving to another country other than that country’s laws. But thinking that would reveal a lack of thinking about Latin Americans as people, and thinking of them only as part of a potential invading horde, as the president does.

        In Trump’s mild defense, the Gallup CEO completely misrepresented his own company’s poll in his editorial about the subject, jumping to the same false conclusion as Trump and yourself. But Trump has spent every day since his initial campaign announcement fearmongering about Latin Americans coming to the US, falsely attribution a connection to crime and unemployment to Latin American immigrants. He’s declaring an “emergency” over the issue even though immigration is way down and border arrests are up. This makes no sense, and if you think it earns him the benefit of the doubt that he did not mean anything about the quality of Latin Americans as people in that tweet, you have to ignore every bit of context regarding his treatment towards that people since 2015. I refuse to do that. The benefit of the doubt is gone. The tweet was part of a long pattern of spreading false accusations toward a minority group. Anyone who refuses to see that is ignoring reality.

        I also notice you keep referring to the 42 million Latin Americans who would move here (which don’t exist) if we had open borders (which have no chance of existing any time soon) as “illegal immigrants.” Do you not know what “open borders” means? If we had open borders and they all chose to come here, by definition they would not be “illegal immigrants,” they would be legal immigrants. That you don’t realize this seems to indicate that you’re using the term “illegal immigrants” not because you’re concerned about the law, but because of racial bias you may not even be aware of.

        So your comment fails to understand the wording of the poll in question, human behavior, the context of Trump’s words, and basic comprehension of words. A disappointment from someone who prides himself on “common sense.”

  3. Peggy says:

    Pelosi should remove her from any committee/s she’s on too. If she doesn’t, Steve King should be reinstated to his.

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