Build the Wall?

Posted by Jack

Posted for your consideration.  I have not vetted all the facts discussed in video, but I know a few are absolutely correct.  So use your own due diligence.

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4 Responses to Build the Wall?

  1. Libby says:

    We already have over 700 miles of wall, since 2006, routinely traversed by Republicans to golf. Well, it was, for ten years, but now … so sad:

    Is it going to be all that effective in the other direction? No.

    You need to take a pill.

  2. Chris says:

    The idea that Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens could provide a “best argument” for anything is, frankly, embarrassing.

    But let’s look past the garbage people and focus on the garbage arguments:

    Some facts, an illegal immigrant in the state of Arizona is twice as likely to commit a crime versus a natural born citizen

    But this is not a fact. This is a lie taken from a study conducted by discredited researcher John Lott, Jr.* The Cato Institute rebutted this result here and showed why it is based on Lott’s misrepresentation of data:

    90% of all heroin and fentanyl come across the Southern Border

    Yes…through legal ports of entry, meaning a wall would not stop this. The same is true of human trafficking.

    He mentions the cost to the taxpayers, but most studies show that the economic benefits outweigh the costs.

    The “fairness” argument does not address the question of whether a wall will actually be effective in keeping illegal immigrants out, or the fact that most illegal immigrants overstay their visas.

    The sovereignty argument only makes sense if you think we have never had sovereignty in our entire history.

    The argument about a wall separating good ideas from bad ideas is incoherent and incomprehensible. Walls do not keep out ideas; that is ridiculous, and not even deserving of a rebuttal.

    If this is the “best argument” for the wall, then there are no good arguments.

  3. Chris says:

    This is somehow a more convincing argument for a wall than the one made in that video:

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