Why I Love Kamala Harris and You Should Too

By Pie Guevara

A tip of the hat to Joe who posted this video in a comment. I thought it deserved front page status.

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8 Responses to Why I Love Kamala Harris and You Should Too

  1. Joe says:

    The lesson there is don’t ever sleep with Willie Brown…

  2. Joe says:

    And before Chris and Libby call me a racist let’s ask them if they would vote for this man for President. I would. Would they?


    • Joe says:

      And he got death threats from the liberals…but guess who got suspended from Fakebook…


    • Chris says:

      Voting for a black racist doesn’t make you not a racist, Joe.

      “I don’t know if this lady is Chinese, Japanese or crazy-nese,” Williams said. “Something is wrong with this woman and I can’t believe they would hire her.”

      Watters appeared to laugh off the statement and continued the conversation.

      Soon after, Williams said, “There is something wrong with them fortune cookies that Ling Ling’s eating.” This time, Watters, while laughing, said, “Terrence, I think you now have gotten yourself in trouble,” and cut the segment off.


      I’m also unsure why you would brag about wanting to vote for an unqualified grifter who has never held political office just because he tells you what you want to hear (again). You think that makes you superior to Libby and I? Why?

      • Joe says:

        “I’m also unsure why you would brag about wanting to vote for an unqualified grifter…”

        Hey, why do you think I would brag about voting for Hillary Clinton?

        “You think that makes you superior to Libby and I?”

        It’s “Libby and me.” And you teach children English? Scary. Gotta love those gooberment schools.

        And if you listened to the video I posted you would know the man is a comic and not a racist.

        • Chris says:

          The notion that “unqualified grifter” applies to Clinton, who worked in politics all her life, and not to Trump, our first President with zero government or military experience, is just nuts.

          Also stupid is your implication that a comic cannot be racist. There was nothing funny about the racist rant I quoted here—even Jesse Watters knew it was too far for Fox News, which is saying something. Williams never apologized for it. (I also went back and watched the video you linked to—Jesus, that’s how he talks? And you think he’s smart?! Well, you do like Donald, so incoherent rambling about subjects one does not understand must have its appeal.


          Trump on the campaign trail: “I love WikiLeaks!”

          Trump this week: “I know nothing about WikiLeaks. It’s not my thing.”


          How you don’t fall over with embarrassment is anyone’s guess.

  3. Joe says:

    And this is just beyond the pale.

    How can this not make your blood boil?

    But if you are not all for this then I’m sure Chris and Libby will call you a racist or xenophobe.

    NY Dems Reject Tuition Aid For Gold Star Kids After Doling Out millions For Illegal Students

  4. J Soden says:

    Back last year sometime, I remember reading a quote from Kramala when she was asked about the possibility of running for prez. Looked for it since then but couldn’t find it, but it was definitely telling. Seems she was planning on following the Barack Obumble come-from-nowhere plan to reach the white house. Like Obumble, she went from a state office to the Senate and now her next goal is the white house.
    She’s an Obumble in a skirt, and we need one of these like we need a case of hemorrhagic fever!

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