Part 2 A Dutch Perspective of CA

by Jack

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Take a look at Oakland and San Francisco shown below.  Any words jumping out?

Oh, and just think, none of this…NONE…. existed until the liberals seized control over California.  Not long ago we were first in everything that made a great society, now we are only first in bums, druggies, filth and crime.  I can hardly wait to see what CA will look like in another few years.  Thank you liberals!


The poop patrol has plenty of work in Oakland and San Francisco, but where’s the hazmat suit?




Free needles for addicts had an unintended consequence, now they’re everywhere, on the sidewalks, around schools, on the park lawn, etc.   Better watch your step!









They got rights to camp  – read it, it says so!



















Formerly this vacant lot of was filled with trash.  Then came the tiny houses!   See what a big improvement they made?  We plan on having lots of tiny houses in Chico too!












And once again, you need to watch your step, butt for an entirely different reason than above….


Ah, welcome to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair…. to conceal the smell and bring your own toilet paper.






Thank Gawd, here comes the bathroom attendant!  He’s a very important person these days.  He’s making about $35 an hour too!










I bet the Gateway Plaza loves having these folks enhancing their property.













Hope y’all enjoyed your visit,  come back and see us again y’hear?

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5 Responses to Part 2 A Dutch Perspective of CA

  1. Post Scripts says:

    Pie Guevara replies: Progressive heaven! So much for your short lived humanitarianism, Jack, you bigoted racist.

  2. J Soden says:

    San Fransewer was warned about what would happen years ago when they started their “needle exchange.” But as usual with the Libbies – they didn’t listen.

    I cannot imagine EVER visiting SF again for any reason, and will make an majoreffort to avoid Taxifornia even when driving!

  3. Chris says:

    This is interesting:

    For years, social scientists have known that conservatives tend to be more easily grossed out. President Trump, a well-known germaphobe who once advocated for banning the handshake, is perhaps a prime example. There’s also evidence that the areas of the brain that process and express fear are more active in conservative voters, which might make them more likely to quickly turn away from something that could make them sick.

    CAR-T blood cancer cell therapy
    Research has also shown that self-identified conservative thinkers may be more hostile to what social scientists call “outgroups”: people (or animals) that don’t come from the places they do or think like them. That trait may be tied to the tendency to get disgusted more easily — if you’re more likely to turn away from a foreign pathogen, you’re probably also more likely to be averse to unfamiliar groups.

    “Conservatives, in their tendencies toward closure, order, and stability should expend empathy toward smaller, more well-defined, and less permeable social circles,” Psychologists Adam Waytz, Jesse Graham, and their colleagues wrote in the 2016 book “Social Psychology of Political Polarization.”

    “Liberals, in their tendencies toward openness, tolerance for ambiguity, and desire for change, should seek larger, less well-defined, and more permeable social circles,” they said.

  4. Libby says:

    Did you have fun collecting the pictures? Most of ’em are Oakland, ya know.
    I can’t find anything on your shelter proposal, so I was reading up on the latest in the city:

    This one’s got a great photo of the soon-to-be-afflicted neighborhood. It’s a splendid town. 1900 to 360 … willing to put their money where their hearts are. We win.

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