Another Email Scam – Watch out

posted by Jack

I could make a career out of just reporting all the newest scams, seems like they pop up several times a day.  This is a phishing scam.

“The email message claims recipients’ AT&T Mail version is outdated and has expired, is a phishing scam being used to target AT&T customers. The phishing email message, which also claims that if the recipients do not update their information, their accounts will be permanently closed, is being sent by cyber criminals to trick AT&T customers into clicking on the link in it. The link in the email message goes to a fake AT&T website that will ask visitors to sign-in. Once visitors attempt to sign into the fake website with their AT&T credentials, the information will be sent to the cybercriminals behind the phishing scam.”

These scammers should all burn in Hell.

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  1. J Soden says:

    And still another scam: is a great place to find out what shenanigans you should watch out for on the Internet. And another good place for issues on your computer is

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