Jack Lee Art – P38 Lightening

This is my depiction of a P38 Lightening as flown in WWII.   This is acrylic on canvas, 16X20.   It’s supposed to look like polished aluminum refecting the blue sky, but it did not come very well in the photograph.  The painting looks ok.  It’s done to scale.  I outlined a photograph then put that sketch on canvas.  Then I rechecked dimensions and painted in all the details and colors.   Was a little tedious working on such a small scale to get the details right – this one took about 2o hours of painting to complete.   A colored pencil version might have been better … maybe next time?

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    To our enemies, aka “The Fork-tailed Devil”. Here is some WWII film. At the 6:30 mark, you will see the “Droop Snoop” version. It was a field modification that not many know about.

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