F4 Phantom Painting – Jack Lee Art #41

Painting by Jack Lee.  Acrylic on canvas.  “Loaded for Bear”.  All comments welcome.

This was a difficult plane to work on and no joy to fly either.  It had a real bad stall spin and its twin engines left a black smoke trail.  But, until the F15 came along it was the best we had during Vietnam war.   Missiles didn’t work well during a dog fight, but later versions came equipped with a 20 mm cannon – that helped. The cockpit is not well designed either (see below). Not user friendly.

Update:  Every painting I entered at the Silver Dollar Fair won. (Yea)  I was told that I almost took best of show, but first in class is great.


McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom Specifications

Wingspan: 38 ft. 4-7/8 in.

Length: 63 ft.

Height: 16 ft. 6 in.

Empty Weight: 29,535 lbs

Gross Weight: 61,651 lbs

Top Speed: 1,485 mph

Service Ceiling: 62,650 ft.

Range: 1,885 miles

Engine/Thrust: Two General Electric J79s/17,900 lbs each

Crew: 2

Armament: One M61A1 20-mm cannon; various combinations of AIM-7 Sparrow and AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles

Ordnance: Up to 12,980 lbs of ordnance on four wing pylons


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5 Responses to F4 Phantom Painting – Jack Lee Art #41

  1. Joe says:

    Every painting won? Wow, you sure have become a bigwig painter. But this was something I predicted long ago.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Thanks Joe! When you do something that you enjoy it makes the learning curve go by much faster. Art is 80% optical illusion and that’s a tough one for me to learn, they’re like trade secrets in the art world. But, thanks to YouTube and a lot of trial and error, I’m slowly getting there.

  2. Pie Guevara says:

    Another beauty.

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