What If… History

by Jack

My last comment to J.S. got me thinking about how different the world might be today without the United States.  The following is a little exploring of that “what if” question. 

The map below depicts what North America looked like in the 1600’s, before the first European immigrants arrived to set up colonies.   Now lets say some catastrophe happened and that first wave of settlers never arrived.   No Pilgrims, no French fur traders, etc.,  lets say it just stays as is for the next 200 years.

The America we know today would be a mix of many tribal societies using many languages.  No reason to think it would be peaceful either, since many tribes were constantly warring against each other, taking slaves, committing genocide and even cannibalism.

There’s also no reason to think that if left alone to their own devices that North American Indians would have progressed suddenly to meet the challenges coming from global exploration.    So, without our earliest ancestors coming here to create a new nation, how long do you think this tribal nation of the 1600’s would have lasted against other world powers?

How long would they have kept their status quo and would they have been better off today or just extinct?   Remember, this is a land of fabulously rich resources defended only by tribes that had not yet reached the technology level of the bronze age.

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8 Responses to What If… History

  1. J Soden says:

    Interesting to ponder! We are lucky to be living in this time – even with all of the professional victims.
    Savor each day and don’t let the Chicken Littles bring you down!

    • Post Scripts says:

      JS, the chicken littles will never get us, we’re on to them! lol

      • Pie Guevara says:

        “Chicken Littles” should be a Chik-fil-A basket side order.

        • J Soden says:

          Would need a LOT of secret sauce to make them palatable . . . . . . .

        • Harold says:

          Pie, consider this about that comment “Chicken Littles” should be a Chik-fil-A basket side order.”

          If they were and made up of “liberalism”, they would be so filled with Crap that a recall would take place.

          And J’s right, but there isn’t enough secret sauce to make anything comprised of that palatable.

          But Liberal Californian’s keep on eating it up don’t they.

          I wonder if there’s enough TP to deal with the end results.

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